Budget 2014: Who is being hit hardest

The winnders and losers from today's Budget.

Now that George Osborne has finished giving his budget speech, we can look at the distributional analysis which doesn’t come out until the chancellor has finished speaking.

The DA includes all the effects of the government’s policies – up to and including the 2014 Budget – on a cumulative basis and turns them into a single graph.

As the graph demonstrates, the poor are being hit harder by the cumulative changes apart from all except the very richest – largely due to cuts to public services and welfare. This is not a measure simply of today’s Budget, but includes all announcements including the Budget.

We’re all in it together?

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2 Responses to “Budget 2014: Who is being hit hardest”

  1. JC

    Your graph shows the richest being hit hardest, with the “Squeezed Middle” benefiting most. Isn’t that what was wanted?

  2. treborc1

    The disabled are waiting the new heating we all go into this large room and then the gas is turned on. Even labour are backing that one.

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