158,300 disabled people wrongly judged fit for work by Atos

Thousands of disabled people have been wrongly judged fit for work by Atos since August 2010.

Thousands of disabled people have been wrongly judged fit for work by Atos since August 2010, a freedom of information request (FOI) has revealed.

Atos judged 158,300 disabled people fit to work between August 2010 and June 2013 – only for the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to reverse the decisions.

The figures come on top of an estimated 100,000 claimants who had their Atos assessments overturned after appeals.

Anyone claiming Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) now has to undergo a Work Capability Assessment (WCA). French firm Atos healthcare provides a recommendation of the claimant’s eligibility for ESA.


1. Data is rounded to nearest 10.

2. Figures include initial and repeat assessments for ESA new claims and exclude clerical decisions, clerical cases, and Incapacity Benefits Reassessment cases.

3. FFW= Fit for Work, WRAG = Work Related Activity Group, SG = Support Group.

Commenting on the figures, Labour’s shadow work and pensions minister Kate Green said disabled people were being “badly let down by Atos which is why Labour has called on the government to sack them with immediate effect”.

“But it is also clear that problems with the Work Capability Assessment go much deeper. We need fundamental reform of the assessment process so that disabled people have confidence that the system is fair and to ensure they receive the help they need to enter work when they can,” she added.

It is being reported today that the government is on the brink of terminating Atos’s contract with the DWP to provide ‘fitness for work’ tests.

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3 Responses to “158,300 disabled people wrongly judged fit for work by Atos”

  1. Gareth Millward

    Labour wants Atos sacked eh? Better to ask who hired them in the first place and set up this ridiculous system. They have a lot to atone for too.

  2. drydamol1


    Is Cameron getting his due deserts whilst still in office
    unlike the smiling assassin Blair .41 Bishops are writing to him regarding his
    stance on Austerity Measures causing Poverty whilst Cameron Defends them by pontificating
    about them giving People Hope .

    Cameron and Blair show they both have the same lack of
    morality concerning their ‘quatuor ‘ with Brooks and Murdoch .

    It was published in the Media and shown on the News
    Brooks attending Downing Street each morning at 10 am for her Briefing from
    Blair .Private Meetings with Blair Associates
    were more frequently held than Cabinet Meetings ,so where were those
    still in the Labour Party today when this practice was going on .

    Since Libya now has a Government and not Gaddafi’s sole
    rule Cameron promised Blair he would repress incriminating evidence that Blair
    and Straw gave up Gaddafi non supporters here for Business Deals .Cameron in
    return was to have Blair’s backing within Political Circles to be the next PM .

    As we know Cameron is no Friend of the UK by his
    Draconian Reforms Welfare ,Employment ,NHS ,Post Office all of which Blair
    instigated .The Media are Briefed by Downing Street on different issues so what
    gets reported is the same Spin we read .Media not controlled Politics not Dirty


  3. Cole

    And ya boo to you…

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