The Farage factor, rather than right wing policy, is winning UKIP votes

The assumption that UKIP is gaining in popularity because of its policies on immigration and Europe has been undermined by new polling.

The assumption that UKIP is gaining in popularity because of its policies on immigration and Europe has been undermined by recent Lord Ashcroft polling.

The research shows that, rather than hard-line policies on immigration and Europe attracting voters, it actually has more to do with the Farage factor.

Lord Ashcroft’s poll findings show that, out of those willing to consider voting for the right-wing Eurosceptic party, only 7 per cent saw the statement “UKIP is the best party on defending Britons interests in Europe” as the most important factor when deciding whether to vote for the party.

Voters instead attached more importance to the phrase “UKIP’s heart is in the right place” (19 per cent saw this as most important), and “UKIP is on the side of people like me” (18 per cent most important).

These findings contradict, at least in part, the idea that UKIP’s rising popularity is a cue for the three major parties to tack to the right.

It does, however, perhaps illustrate one thing Nigel Farage: acting more like a normal human being and less like an automaton. The three main party leaders could perhaps learn from this.

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20 Responses to “The Farage factor, rather than right wing policy, is winning UKIP votes”

  1. Daley Gleephart

    What’s disturbing is that it is a poll of Labour voters. How anyone, let alone Labour supporters, can be impressed by a Bertie Wooster type layabout with an abysmal track record at the EU is worrying.

  2. Wotcha

    It may not be valid to draw that conclusion about “the Farage factor”. It could be that many voters believe that one of the “mainstream” parties may be “the best party on defending Britons interests in Europe”, but would nevertheless support UKIP as they just want “out”, rather than their interests to be defended.

  3. bob

    “UKIP is the best party on defending Britons interests in Europe
    If that was the question in the poll it was a rigged question,
    UKIP has no interest in defending us in Europe, UKIP wants us out of Europe
    as do the majority of people, Farage is liked because he plain speaks only the truth,
    not duplicitous lies, double meanings and deceit,

  4. Two Bob

    Its the immigration stupid.

  5. RPrior

    Wishful thinking. The UKIP stands aloof for the thinking Consertative voter. Just look at a few of their policy priorities:-

    ● Cut excessive councillors’ allowances and expenses,

    ● Slash excessive pay deals for senior council staff.

    ● Limit the number of high paid council employees.

    ● Cut the councils’ advertising and self promotion budgets.

    ● Build partnerships to reduce costs.

    ● Abolish non essential and politically correct positions & red tape.

    ● Leave the EU and save £53 Million every day.

    ● Drop the EU Landfill Directive.

    ● Control immigration and ease the burden on local services.

    ● Close unnecessary central government departments & quangos.

    ● End wasteful EU and UK subsidies to ‘renewable energy scams’ such as wind turbines and solar farms.

    ● Require all visitors to exhibit adequate health insurance at port of entry.

    ● Make it easier for schools to sack bad teachers.

    ● Reduce bureaucracy in the education system.

    ● Sell unused state owned property and assets.

    ● Tax foreign lorries using British roads.

    ● Oppose EU directives adding artificial and detrimental costs.

    The UKIP manifesto is the sole reason that I would vote for them – Farage may be charismatic compared to Cameron, Clegg and Milliband – but that is NO reason to get my vote.

  6. emptyend

    There is no doubt that UKIP are attractive because, basically, they don’t treat the electorate as idiots.
    Contrast the LibDems – who come over all Liberal (guilty until proven innocent etc) on 99% of issues – until it comes to Lord Rennard, where they seem to apply the reverse.
    Or Miliband – railing against the banks for the umpteenth time in the mistaken belief that it is popular to keep kicking one of the few British success stories in the nuts and trying to bleed it dry to fund every hare-brained idea he can think of….whilst simultaneously trying to stop it competing on a level playing field for its staff so that the taxpayer has a fighting chance of recouping his/her money.
    Or Cameron – who is happy to blow this way or that in an attempt to curry favour on any issue.

    No – UKIP and Farage are polling well because they are the sensible choice with sensible policies – and are run by straight-talking people. Thats why I’m voting for them next time.

  7. jabberwocky12

    The Farage factor
    a most impressive politician,in most respects
    he is gaining support all over the place for many reasons
    mainly i suspect for his plain speaking ..and solid policies and ideas
    he does not mask his speeches in the usual cloud of smoke and mirrors adopted by other politicians..i believe what you see and hear is what your going to get …in the most part.
    he seems never to engage in the …typical house of commons banter ..and if he WAS a member of parliament i suspect he would be like a breath of fresh air…and verbally beat the hell out of them …without notes.

  8. Garth Banks

    Which idiot is the Bertie Wooster type, I am confused as it may relate to a whole host of politicians?

  9. Daley Gleephart

    The answer is in the headline above the article.

  10. Cole

    ‘Straight talking’? I’d say lazy, greedy and hypocritical. UKIP claim to be against the EU, but their MEPs happily pocket a salary of £80,000 a year but rarely turn up to work. They’ve claimed £800,000 in expenses since the last election, and some of them, eg Farage, have their relatives on the payroll. All paid for by we taxpayers, as you’d expect.

  11. Cole

    Farage and mates are certainly good at getting money out of the EU – for themselves.

  12. jabberwocky12

    yes ya right they are all the same in that respect ..he is just a bit less bad than the others

  13. bob

    be honest and tell me you would not do the same if you was in their shoes,
    they were legitimately elected and are legally paid and are the only people campaigning to get their jobs made redundant.

  14. averagebritain

    This Briton, love him or hate him, has done more to address Britain’s mood and predicament than any, in Westminster. I shall follow him, for Britain’s sake.

  15. neilcraig

    I would not underestimate the importance of policy, after all that is how people actually make up their minds if they like what a party stands for. Ringing declarations of principle (“Britain can do better than that”, “British jobs for British workers”) only take you so far if there is no beef.

    However you are right that UKIP have established an underlying theme that people see they actually mean what they say & intend to do what they promise, while the contempt in which almost everybody holds the LabConDem cartel is irrefutable.

    This is an incredibly difficult thing for the approved parties to match. Certainly it would take at least a decade of them telling the truth and demonstrating principles to fool even a minority.
    Probably easier just to stick with the current programme of having the state owned broadcasters & state regulated media continuing to lie & smear and to censor Britain’s 3rd party from the airwaves.

  16. robertcp

    UKIP have replaced the Lib Dems as the protest party. Right-wing anti-Europeanism is as irrelevant to protest voters as liberal pro-Europeanism was before 2010. From a left point of view, it is important for Labour to be a social democratic party rather than a neo-liberal/conservative clique, which it appeared to be for much of the early 2000s.
    It is also true that Farage is seen a somebody who says what he thinks. A bit like Kenneth Clarke, Charles Kennedy, Boris Johnson, Ken Livingstone, Vince Cable and Tony Benn.

  17. gravytrain

    So true, the best thing for all, is to get out of that cess pool, as a tax payer I am tired of getting ripped by these people… who do we vote to get us out?

  18. gravytrain

    See “averagebritain” above…. this labour voter thinks he has hit the nail on the head. UKIP represents us Brits.

  19. gravytrain

    Well Bob I think we got Cole on our side, he will be voting to stop the EU dishing out our 53Mill to cronies in the EU. The only way for that to happen to vote out.

  20. Cole

    Shame the Kippers are too idle to turn up to work very often, though they are paid £80k a year, plus expenses. Farage even has his German wife on the payroll.

    Apparently Ukip has claimed £800,000 since the last election. A nice racket. They’d be seriously out of picket if we quit the EU.

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