Is George Galloway really the authentic voice of all Muslims everywhere?

There are several problems with Galloway's entry into the debate surrounding Maajid Nawaz.

The recent debate over Maajid Nawaz’s tweet depicting Jesus and Mohammed is a hot one. The right to be offended versus respect for the sensitivities of certain communities is as old as time itself, and wading into it requires careful consideration of the facts and pause for reflection.

These are things you don’t get with George Galloway.

The leader of the Respect Party has slurred Nawaz, calling him “rancid” and promising to invite applications for Respect candidates in the area of Hampstead and Kilburn – where Nawaz is standing for the Liberal Democrats.

The problem here is not that Galloway has (hamfistedly) entered the debate; nor that Respect will stand a candidate. The problem is the reason he has given for doing so.

“No Muslim”, Galloway added, “will ever vote for the Liberal Democrats anywhere ever unless they ditch the provocateur Maajid Nawaz”

Now, we’ve been in this extraordinary position before. This is not the first time Galloway has appointed himself as the authentic voice for all Muslims everywhere.

Many will remember the personal letter he sent around households, addressing voters of the Muslim faith and Pakistani heritage in Bradford West in 2012, in which he said: “I, George Galloway, do not drink alcohol and never have. Ask yourself if you believe the other candidate in this election can say that truthfully.”

In a concluding phrase, that led to the later revelation that Galloway had actually converted from Catholicism to Islam, he said: “God KNOWS who is a Muslim. And he KNOWS who is not. Instinctively, so do you”.

There are two glaring problems with Galloway’s recent entry into the debate around Nawaz. Firstly that while appointing himself Muslim spokesperson No.1 he is sidelining pro-free speech Islamic voices and implying that Islam shares a single voice on all issues; and second that he has extraordinary access to future voting trends of Muslims countrywide.

With the first, Galloway’s motives are clearly just deluded. Depictions of the Prophet Mohammed may well be the subject of some contention; but the wider implication of Galloway’s intervention are that: a) Muslims can never support free speech, and b) they must be treated with kid gloves.

The former is untrue, the latter has Galloway patronising the very people who he supposedly represents.

The burden of proof is really upon Galloway to prove that no Muslim will ever vote a Liberal Democrat again (there are far better reasons than tweets) – and I would suggest he has no proof to say this. But another thought should have entered Galloway’s head.

Supposing he is correct, and no Muslim supports, in principle, the right to be offended in a society that is free: is this not something worthy of challenge? After all, what Nawaz tweeted was not simply a depiction of Jesus and Mo, but an affront to establishment attempts to treat Muslim people with kid gloves, reduce them to non-thinking children, and regulate like a parent what they can and can’t hear.

Is any of that the sort of society you wish to live in?

Free speech is something worth defending, and is afforded defense in the British legal system. For any doubt on Islamic law and the laws of any given land, Professor Shaheen Ali of Warwick University once pointed out that: “Britain affords a legal system to all its habitants and is therefore congruent with Islam and social justice”.

There is an immediate problem with Galloway pretending to be the voice of Islam – itself patronising and insensitive. Here is a man who supports Syrian President Assad, who makes a point of killing Muslims in his own country, and who denies that gays and lesbians in Iran, some of whom will be Muslim, are persecuted.

But the real problem is that Galloway fails to challenge erroneous views on freedom and human rights that he believes are universal among his supporters. That’s cowardice.

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48 Responses to “Is George Galloway really the authentic voice of all Muslims everywhere?”

  1. Terry Tibbs.


  2. Andy Hicks

    Of course he doesn’t represent all Muslims, no one does or could be expected to.

  3. Mork

    He’s a camel-fucking cunt.

  4. Dave Roberts

    Galloway and Respect are finished but the damage they have done lives after them. The real problems are in Mosques in this country which are supported by self hating white liberals which host hate preachers and are defended by what Lenin called ” useful idiots”. In his case western leftists who supported the mass murdering machine of the Soviet Union.

    The only good thing to come out of the whole thing has been the implosion of the far left. Their association with extreme Islam in Respect has set them back a generation and possibly for ever.

  5. PeteCW

    How does he square his ‘support’ for Muslims with his work for the Chechnyan Muslim-murdering charmers in the Kremlin? Why don’t the Muslims who believe he has their best interests at heart call him out on this?

    Or am I expecting too much rationality from Mr Galloway’s ‘politics’?

  6. uglyfatbloke

    Mark…what self-respecting camel would ever shag George Galloway?

  7. Roger V

    Galloway is a cynical politician who will say or do anything to remain an MP, with its good salary and expenses.

  8. AlexisWolf

    Interesting article..and then, disappointingly, you gave yourselves away – again – with the utter imperialist BS of ” Syrian President Assad, who makes a point of killing Muslims in his own country” FCS grow up and scratch the surface a little. Syrians are fighting the same enemy that gave us the legacy of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan etc etc, or perhaps you now secretly admire the likes of Blair?.

  9. SonofBoudica

    Which side of Islam does he represent – Sunni or Shia? Just thought I’d ask seeing as each side regularly slaughters followers of the other.

  10. Whitestones

    Galloway is the voice of,,,,,,,,,,,well, Galloway!

  11. Gerry

    what an obnoxious prick that man is.

  12. chrisphillips

    George Galloway is a Muslim extremist.

  13. neilcraig

    Not all Moslems will agree with Galloway. To his considerable credit he opposed NATO’s war to illegally grab Kosovo and hand it over to the NATO armed and organised KLA, formed from Albanian drug lords, gangsters, sex slavers, organleggers and left over SS Nazis. NATO appointed them as “police” and sent them out to engage in genocide, ethnic cleansing, sexual enslavement and the dissection of thousands of living human beings to steal their body organs.

    The “Liberal Democrats” were the single party most enthusiastic participants in these Nazi atrocities.

    So since no ethnic grouping is entirely good or bad we can say that those Moslems who are Nazis or support genocide, child rape, sex slavery and drug crime will not support Galloway.

    They will support the obscene Pseudo-Liberals. Anybody of any other ethnic group who supports them will also be at least favourably inclined to such subhuman behaviour.

  14. Richard Sanderson

    He represents ALL Muslim denominations, for HE is GEORGE GALLOWAY.


  15. george

    George Galloway is the authentic voice of all George Galloway’s everywhere!

  16. Reborn

    There is no “voice of the muslims”.
    Unlike Judaism, Sikhism or Christianity there are no line managers, & muslims can follow any line peddled by the local mosque, whose imam will have his own agenda.
    Since lying to us kuffurs is an islamic requirement, we will never find out what any genuine
    muslim requirements of Westerners are, other than conversion, or at best, colluding in the genocide of Jews & homosexuals.

  17. Reborn

    Don’t forget the relatively peaceful Sufis

  18. RaymondDance

    Sunni or Shia? You got me babe.

  19. RaymondDance

    I suspect most Muslims regard this narcissistic little idiot in the same way the rest of us do.

  20. First L

    George Galloway is getting dangerously close in his ‘Islamic’ declarations to those made by Abu Qatada or Abu Hamza. I actually do hope Scotland becomes independent so we can deport him back there and let Salmond deal with him.

    I will be fair to him, his dissent used to be a good thing, highlighting injustices that Muslims faced. But he really has become a complete loon now. He is actively dangerous. It speaks volumes that the former leader of Respect had to leave the party after Galloway targeted her in a truly vile hate campaign.

    Fortunately, there is one word that can, and must be said to him. And then repeated on a regular and ongoing basis as loud as you possibly can. It’s the only way to stop this man.

    That word is:

  21. Suada

    What a load of horseshit.

  22. neilcraig

    A reasoned and intelligent response 😉

  23. Suada

    I’m not going to waste my time arguing with the likes of you. Contemptuous dismissal is all your comments warrant.

  24. swatnan

    is George Galloway a Muslim? His 4th wife is.

  25. Presidential Puppetry

    Comments below shows why GG is speaking for muslims. These comments below show how hateful, arrogant, and irrational those who wrote them are. They hate muslims because they’re jews and hate Galloway because he speaks for a group of people (muslims) who are poorly represented in western societies and that’s a shame.
    I got one thing to tell you all, muslims are not your enemies. Your enemies are withing, the banking cartels, petro cartels, your own leaders and their rich supporters. So go ahead and hate muslims because you are just too helpless and hopeless to do anything else.

  26. Tax Wall street transaction 1%

    Majority of muslim leaders are western puppets and muslims are very distrustful of them. In the west, G Galloway is probably the only independent voice muslim will have for the time being.

  27. Club Of Rome

    The Club of Rome, Committee of

    These people operate on a global
    They ARE the “one world government”.

    are destroying the middle class.
    The de-industrialization of
    western countries is happening because THEY are executing their
    plans. We are watching them rip countries to shreds, kill millions of
    people, take absolute control of resources, and give us media
    propaganda to engage our anger and direct it to the “enemies”
    they manufacture.

    THEY are the people behind the manufactured
    “enemies” – they instigate infighting; so we focus our
    anger on each other: we hate the muslims, we hate the jews, we hate
    the christians, we hate the democrats, we hate the republicans…. we
    hate each other.

    They remain safe and protected from scrutiny
    because they have created a system to shield them from view. We see
    the David Rockefellers, the Ben Bernankes, the Barack Obamas; we see
    only their minions. Puppets, all.

    But to see behind those
    puppets; to view the real controllers is to violate their carefully
    constructed shield of invisibility. For this you will be called
    ‘paranoid’. This is a psyop: you are being marginalized with
    stigmatizing labels because you are a threat. We are so conditioned
    to herd mentality; we are fearful of being labeled and ostracized. To
    accept that, and remain silent in the face of this threat is to
    surrender to their control.

    These are the real enemies:
    the people controlling the puppets in government, industries
    including pharma, agri-business, defense contractors, non-profit
    ‘humanitarian’ organizations, and the media propaganda machines that
    serve up our daily doses of conditioning to keep us in the dark. To
    keep us fighting amongst ourselves.

    The Club of Rome, The
    Committee of 300, The Bilderberg Group, Council for foreign relations
    The Trilateral Commission. These are some of the groups controlling
    or trying to control the world.

    The next time you think to
    perpetuate the false enemy agenda; to post something that
    fear-mongers about any group of people, think about these ‘clubs’.
    They’ve planted the seeds to grow hatred, and you are providing
    fertilizer every time you spread the hate.


  28. Anti Corporatist

    Why does that matter? Aren’t you prejudice?

  29. Tax Cut Is Corporate Wellfare

    So you’re an islamophobe. I would like to say you’re a ‘brain washed’, but for that, you must have a brain first!

  30. Bank Cartels

    Well right now, jews (israelis) are slaughtering muslims in ME in case you’ve been in your beauty coma for past couple of decades. BTW, Zioinists hate homosexual more than muslims. See how wrong you’re.

  31. Presstitution

    Why? What proof do you have?

  32. They Make Us Hate Each Other

    Why, what did he say or do to make him such in your dismal opinion?

  33. Presstitution


  34. First L

    Seeing as I was in a relationship with a Muslim for 4 years – how about no.

    Maybe you’re just a bigoted fool who can’t see beyond the end of his nose.

  35. Reborn

    There are no more “islamophobes” than there are naziophobes or cancerophobes.

  36. swatnan

    No, I’m a Hindu.

  37. Martha

    I think it is time that George Galloway had a little word with you Carl Packman for your continued slander and hate campaign against him. I don’t know how you can dare to consider yourself on the left You are obviously a Zionist Blairite/Cameron supporter of Western Imperialism in the Middle East. Left Foot Forward is a joke

  38. martha

    Galloway doesn’t have any expenses, he doesn’t agree with them. Check it out for yourself and stop spouting poisonous rubbish that you’ve heard in the right wing press, it’s just plain lazy

  39. Meekness

    thank God for a sane person up here, there is much Islamaphobia in the UK which is stirred up by the BBC and journalists like Carl Packman that it seems normal to the average person to see Muslims as a threat and to hate and fear them

  40. Meekness

    Carl Packman Western Imperialist bigot

  41. Astrid Fernandez

    I have never hated a public figure in Britain more than I hate George Galloway. He is a charlatan, and a very, very nasty one at that.

  42. Right on

    Right now, Muslims are killing Muslims in the ME, and Israel is killing a fraction of that. Also, Zionists do not have homosexuals, as Zionism is nothing more than the desire for Jews to be self governed in their safe haven. Israel, in fact, was one of the first and one of the few to recognize gay marriages in the ME. See how wrong “you’re”?

  43. Right on

    Zionists do not hate* homosexuals

  44. Left or Right Left ?

    LEFT FOOT FORWARD ? MY ASS ! Just a bunch of flag waving serfs who think they are socialists ! FFS 1

  45. Michael

    They have an annual Mardi Gras in Israel. They have same sex marriages. They also have rights for transgenders. Most Muslims are killed by other Muslims. A lot of Isrealis, 2 million in fact are Muslims. See how wrong you are. You’re also a racist.

  46. Lesmond Nyjacks

    you clown, “islamaphobia” does not exist, it is a slur used against anyone who is even mildly critical of islam or muslims. Any mistrust or dislike directed towards muslims is entirely self-inflicted.

  47. Poppi

    I hate him lol

  48. Muhammad Ali Eesaa

    I am a Muslim myself & I agree with some things about him but he is too harsh & agresive how he answers peoples questions & actions & that makes me go off him. Yes there are innocent Muslims being killed which I agree & as a Muslim my heart goes out & we gotta remember that there are innocent Jews being killed & all that is due to the zionist movement & the zionist & the Jews are a different group from each other & there are Jewish Rabbis who appose of what the zionist are doing.

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