Poll boost for Scots independence campaign

Support for Scottish independence has increased, according to a new poll.

Support for Scottish independence has increased, according to a new poll.

According to the survey, conducted following the publication of the blueprint for Scotland, findings collected by Ipsos Mori for STV show that of those certain to vote, 34 per cent indicated that they would vote yes – an increase of 3 per cent since September. Over the same period, the proportion rejecting independence fell by 2 per cent to 57 per cent.

The findings point also to a high turnout in the referendum due in September, with 79 per cent indicating that they are absolutely certain to vote.

Interestingly, the SNP government’s blueprint for independence seems to have had little discernable impact on the campaign, with 18 per cent of those questioned indicating that it will make them more likely to support independence, 20 per cent saying it will make them more likely to reject it, and 51 per cent saying the proposals will make no difference whatsoever.

Commenting on the findings, director at Ipsos MORI Mark Diffley said:

“Our latest poll for STV News will provide some encouragement for ‘Yes Scotland’ as we enter the most crucial part of the referendum campaign, as it is the first time we have recorded an increase in support for independence in nearly a year.

“However, it should be noted that the ‘No’ campaign retains a healthy lead and would be likely to win the referendum by a significant margin if it were held now. Time will tell whether this represents a short-term spike in support for independence in the aftermath of the White Paper or if we are seeing a more significant shift in attitudes.”

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