The GPU Festival

The Global Peace and Unity Festival.

We recently published an article concerning the forthcoming Global Peace and Unity Conference which stated that a number of MPs and Peers were speaking at the Conference. We did not check with the named persons before publishing the article whether this was accurate. We now understand that none of the named persons had been invited to or intended to speak at the Conference. We apologise for publishing this incorrect information.

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13 Responses to “The GPU Festival”

  1. me

    “So why are our MPs sharing its platform?”

    Because self-hatred runs like a seam through metropolitan lefty thought.

  2. JD

    “proving once again that ex-Muslims are the only group of people in
    Britain about whom it can be said they deserve death with relative
    impunity” But, as your article later acknowledges, these preachers also say the same about gays. The lack of criticism is as much about the identity of the speaker as it is about the target of the threat.

  3. robertcp

    Does accepting an invitation to speak at a conference mean that you agree with the organisers of that conference? Dialogue can be more productive than boycotts.

  4. Sparky

    It’s comfortable, safe, tolerant and cool to attack right wing extremists. But people with brown skin…gee, that’s kind of awkward. I might be accused by my fellow ‘progressives’ of being a horrible racist. So I’ll just keep quiet and wait for the next article about the EDL. I can show how cool I am then.

  5. A.Melongangster

    Reckon any of these folk are interested in starting a dialogue?

  6. swatnan

    So, when is the Muslim Council of Gt Britain, and Muslims in general, going to speak out vehemently against these islamofacists in their midst, and protest and demonstrate and ”excommunicate them, if thats the right word? Or do they have to be forced to leave the religion of their birth because they find the direction it has taken so repugnant, these days.
    I can understand why more and more Muslims will choose to leave, because Islam is no longer a religion of peace and equality, but a religion of war and segregation.

  7. robertcp

    Their views seem very unpleasant but politicians speaking would give people that attend the conference another point of view.

  8. Lamia

    When have such politicians openly repudiated those who hold such ‘unpleasant’ views? Never. They make excuse for them, and they soft-soap them. Objectively they are endorsing them.

  9. Mehrdad

    I’d ask everyone reading this post to ask, “If this were a racist rally, how would we deal with it?”

    We know the answer – look at how the left and anti-fascist movements organised to make sure that organised racism was not allowed to seed and grow. In the days when they still had some integrity.

    We need to publicise this. We need to lobby the ignorant politicians that have agreed to speak. Andrew Slaughter MP, Lord Falconer and Simon Hughes MP. We need to lobby every liberal organisation out there to take a stand. We need to use our networks to give this the maximum publicity.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were able to organise a demonstration of Muslims, ex-Muslims and non-Muslim outside of the venue and try to get the maximum publicity for it?

    I don’t have an organisation or network of friendly pressure groups. Perhaps some of the people reading this do.

    We can no longer rely on the anti-fascist organisations. They’ve lost their way, corrupted by the influence of entryists who hold the sort of views that you exposed ATL.

    We can all go on raising these issues among ourselves as we do or else we can organise and confront this evil head-on.

    We can establish a real anti-fascist group. One with integrity and without double standards that exposes fascism, hate and bigotry wherever it exists, whether it is within the BNP, at the East London Mosque or within the UAF.

    Who’s up for it?

  10. Mehrdad

    The grim reality though is that they never do.

    They’ll make obsequious grandstanding statements to assert their ‘pro-diversity’ credentials and willfully close their eyes to the wickedness being disseminated there for rear of causing ‘offence’.

    Unprincipled, lick-spittle cowards that they are.

  11. swatnan

    ‘Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were able to organise a demonstration of Muslims, ex-Muslims and non-Muslim outside of the venue …’
    You make a very important point. Its about time concerned people took direct action and protested demonstrably against these islamofacists, who don’t represent the average working Muslim. We can’t continue to ignore them any longer and hope they’ll just go away; they won’t. I fear for ordinary decent Muslims who simply want to get on with their lives but have to tolerate these islamofacists destroying good community relations.
    Who’s up for it? Tell us where and when and how we establish that real anti facist group providing real peaceful and responsible demonstrations. Its what I was trying to say on my previous post, deleted by the moderator.

  12. Lamia

    Before you are too apologetic, you might want to look back at past attendees lists for GPU. It seems to be mostly the same bunch, including those who have supposedly shrieked with horror upon being named here and elsewhere as attending this extremist shindig.

    For instance, Andrew Slaughter is huffing and puffing angrily about the supposedly ‘scurrilous’ association of him with GPU 2013, yet he has been listed as a headline speaker at GPU 2010 and on his own blog in December 2007 he describes having been a speaker at the GPU conference. It’s here

    In view of the above I believe Mr Slaughter’s professed outraged is manufactured and hypocritical, and I don’t believe he has a leg to stand on morally or legally.

  13. Gert

    You might want to amend this too:

    “I wrote to Mr Slaughter explaining that I had written the article in good faith and based it on sources that I though reliable in this context, namely an article first published in the Telegraph almost 2 weeks ago written by Toby Young that remains published on the Telegraph website: “Labour’s shadow justice minister to share platform with Muslim hate preachers” and GPU’s own publicity, that clearly showed Mr Slaughter as one of the speakers for GPU 2013.”
    Toby Young’s article has been taken down too.

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