Cameron’s ‘green crap’ will take £166 off the average bill by 2020

In other words, in the long-term it will be 'green crap' that brings down the real cost of energy by making homes less wasteful.

According to the front page of today’s Sun, David Cameron has ordered aides to “get rid of all the green crap” that he believes is pushing up families’ energy costs.

Downing Street has rebutted the allegation, but it doesn’t seem particularly far fetched to suppose that Cameron might have said such a thing. He has, after all, spent recent weeks trying to blame the rise in the cost of energy almost entirely on so-called ‘green levies’.

So what exactly is this ‘green crap’ that Cameron is so exercised about?

As it turns out, it’s mostly made up of measures to help low-income households conserve energy, as this helpful graph from the Guardian demonstrates.

Green policies

These green policies add up to a total of £112 a year. However the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) says that measures such as boiler replacement, insulation measures and efficient appliances will be worth around £145 per household by 2020 (the Guardian reckons £166), with more savings potentially available in the 2020s.

In other words, in the long-term it will be ‘green crap’ that brings down bills by making homes less wasteful.

Which is why, by 2020, the average household will be better off as a result of ‘green crap’. Or Perhaps they will be poorer, if it’s really true that Cameron wants to get rid of it.

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8 Responses to “Cameron’s ‘green crap’ will take £166 off the average bill by 2020”

  1. JonathanBagley

    In which category are the costs of building transmission line to bring electricity down from wind farms in the North of Scotland? He’s done his popularity no harm with the comment.

  2. Chris Kitcher

    But Cameron is one of the thicko’s of his party. he is a PR man so enough said.

  3. Seymour

    If the crap is the stupid subsidies for wind turbines that are despoiling the landscape and produce only intermittent power then more strength to his elbow. Then again, how many of the cabinet benefit from those subsidies.
    If it is the carbon tax levied on the actual producers of electricity, gas/oil/coal fired power stations, that will alos be for the good.
    Lots of crappy faux green taxes that can be cut, even if they aren’t called taxes.

  4. Glenn Greenfield

    It can’t be fair that we are paying for the people who can afford to install solar panels to get cheap energy ?

  5. Repeal the Act!

    Energy costs + temperature trend = 31,000 excess winter deaths

  6. Repeal the Act!

    Energy costs + temperature trend = 31,000 excess winter deaths

  7. Franz von Rintelen

    Due to the exponential growth of fuel costs the figures saved by candy green crap will be £200 pa now, £400 in 7 to 10 yrs and twice that by 2026. This govt put me and 10235 others out of work when they lowered the fit and ended the CERT insulation grants. They now threaten our livelihoods again. We help people particularly the elderly insulate their homes and get free boiler replacements which save £100s off their bills. The £47 on all our bills is tiny compared with the N.H.S costs of ill health caused by damp and inadequately or dangerously heated homes. Refer the A Breath of Fresh Air study for example.

    What Cameron, Clegg, Osborne (plus his father in law head of gas and oil) and that Milliband creep are proving is that democracy is failing to control market forces and in conflict democracy like the UK it is very dangerous. This is because democracy is like letting the passengers of a plane vote for their pilot who then hires his own advisors to help him fly. Meritocracy by contrast would replace this by a rule of the best qualified within a much tighter framework. Money will also die eventually since oil is going to uneconomic to harvest by mid century. Read the End of Growth written by the expert on the subject.

  8. HD2

    History shows that civilisations flourish when energy is cheap and plentiful – and wither and perish when the reverse is true.

    ‘Green Crap’ is the most insane form of taxation ever invented.

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