Here is what some Liberal Democrats used to think about free school meals

The Liberal Democrats have not always been so enthusiastic about free school meals.

It is sometimes said of the Liberal Democrats that they say one thing to voters in the South West and another to voters up North. This is a little unfair: not all Lib Dems behave in that fashion.

Some, however, most certainly do. Yesterday Nick Clegg announced that his party will provide free school meals to 1.5million children aged five to seven. And yet, here is what the Lib Dems in Southwark thought of free school meals until very recently:

Stealing Labour policies, then. An apology is in order, perhaps?

Hat Tip: @GavinEdwards77————————-Update —————————–

It turns out it wasn’t just Southark that the Lib Dems were actively campaigning against free school meals.

In Wales too:

Free school meals 2

And in Hull:

Free school meals 3

And Workington:

Free school meals 4

Anywhere else?


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