Tory Britain: Man sets fire to job centre after not eating for three days

An unemployed man who had not eaten for three days set fire to a job centre in order to get a hot meal in police custody, according to the Manchester Evening News.

An unemployed man who had not eaten for three days because his benefits had been stopped set fire to a job centre in order to get a hot meal in police custody, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Bee O’Brien, 49, set fire to the customer telephones at a jobcentre in Moss side after a row about his benefits.

O’Brien told police he would “commit a crime and get arrested. I need some food”.

According to the Evening News:

‘O’Brien, of Camelford Close, Hulme, admitted criminal damage, attempted arson, and using threatening words and behaviour when he appeared before Manchester magistrates.

 Gina Clayton, defending, said: “His benefits had been stopped for some reason and he hadn’t eaten for three days. He was simply desperate for some food. He went to the job centre to get his payments and lost his temper.

“He was aware that if he was arrested he would have been given food at the police station.”’

O’Brien was given a 12 month community order and ordered to do 40 hours unpaid work.

Last month a disabled man took his own life after worrying about how he would manage once his benefits were stopped.

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128 Responses to “Tory Britain: Man sets fire to job centre after not eating for three days”

  1. Jeremy

    You have no idea how the system works. People get benefits stopped now for up to 13 weeks very often due to DSS mistakes (sending out two letters with two appointments for the same date/time and then penalising the claimant for not attending one of them, for example). They have also stopped the emergency loan system so that claimants are left with the choice of starving, stealing, selling drugs or prostitution. This is why the Red Cross had to intervene.

  2. Dave Cameron

    I thought I was the only one! I would love to burn down the walmgate centre.

  3. Jimbo

    I just had my benefits stopped today, for mixing up my stupid appointments at the job center and missing one. I just received a letter telling me that I owe 3 weeks jsa as well as £432. I phoned up to see what the £432 was for and was told it was an overpayment back in 2001. They didn’t warn me, just started taking money from my claim. Of course, now I have no jsa or housing benefit. I only started claiming a month ago, after redundancy and a failed freelance career, due to employers outsourcing from developing countries. I hope there are more riots like the ones in London, because I want to burn down as many government buildings as possible. We need a revolution before we are all starved to death. It’s all part of the new world order by the zionist bankers and their puppet politicians. There is no point fighting the system – the leaders need to be taken out and the system needs to crash before it can be redesigned. I am hungry right now, but I am gonna be starving in a few days. Then I will have to inform my landlady and become homeless. The world is going into a global financial crisis on a scale never before seen.

  4. Amaterasu

    What about your family, friends ? Foodbanks

  5. Amaterasu

    What about your family, friends ? Foodbanks

  6. Amaterasu

    We’re going back to Victorian Britain.

  7. Amaterasu

    Why is it that both your children are unemployed ? Odd. Are you unemployed too ?

  8. dave hall

    Why don’t you and your do the INTERNET a favour.

  9. dave hall

    Your so right, your better off inside.

  10. dave hall

    I did and failed to win, ruling was, it was reasonable.

  11. dave hall

    Wish i could get 26k

  12. dave hall

    It’s easy for em, targets not achived, set up a few people to meet em.

  13. dave hall

    More to the point, you have to have Net access to claim anything now, that costs.
    interesting that job centers think cars run on air when they send people to jobs, they take no account of travel costs V wage.

  14. John

    Hey, Montgormery, you got a brain? This poor bastard did not eat for 3 days, don’t you have any sense of human respect, i don’t blame him for setting fire to them idiots, you don’t fix the economy by simply starving people, you get some new industries going, something that makes money! We have no jobs because the bloody idiots in governments sold everything off, giving this guy his 70 quid a week is not going to change your life mate, try tackling the billions we blow on unnecessary nuclear bombs and foreign hand outs to sovereign nations who told us 50 years ago they wanted independance but still beg for money!

  15. John

    Hey Erik why dont you go and sell your arse and buy a melon!

  16. John

    How can you walk 20 miles to a job, these people at the job centre are idiots, they stop your money even though you need what bit of money you get to find a job, how on Earth do they think you can change your situation! Digusting bastards!

  17. John

    So you think someone goes without food for 3 days out of choice? I don’t blame him, my Grandfather and his generation went to war against evil pricks like Hitler so people would have rights, this government sold us down the river in the 80’s and now wonder why we have no jobs, instead of picking on folk living on 50 quid a week they want to start nailing these banks and the monarchy and people like Andrew Lloyd Webber who has several billion quid more than he will ever need or spend!

  18. John

    Joe you are a dick! This poor bastard did not eat for 3 days, what the hell is wrong with you, how can you think straight if you can’t even afford to eat? I think he was quite right to make a stand,shows more balls than you with your stupid comment!

  19. John

    No, those riots were about bone idle disrespectful kids wanting to get pairs of trainers without earning them because society is in melt down because of dirty women raising kids to different blokes like cattle! Those scum bags that did those riots should have been shot for bringing shame to our country like that!

  20. John

    Beoulve is not a very British name, maybe you should go home son if you are ashamed of Britain, maybe for the best, your own country can sort you out!

  21. John

    Don’t think Cameron realises what a mess his lot are making you know, this is like 3rd world stuff, don’t he get embarrassed when he meets world leaders and they see stuff like this?

  22. John

    ‘Wake up Britain man!!!” – what? That does not make sense, do you mean ‘Wake up british Men’??????

  23. John

    only following orders eh – even if it means folk starving or killing themselves, come on man, you know some jobs are slimy – traffic wardens, tv licence investigators, job centre staff – all done by pricks who were probably a grass at school who got snot rubbed in their face for being snitches!

  24. Joe

    Clearly you didn’t quite get the sarcasm my comment was laced with? To clarify, I agree precisely with your assessment. Have a nice Christmas! (and for God’s sake #VoteLabour)

  25. I am watching you

    Lester, you are the one with a mental illness, are your views from your own experiences ? Until you have walked in their shoes, keep that big mouth shut, you know nothing about it. Get back to your glossop page, and dictate to them on there. you’r a pathetic keyboard warrior, the benefits are being cut to sick and disabled people, people are dying over these cuts. Stick to what you know best, telling lies about people, slandering people, then phoning the police because you get some stick for it. Your a coward hiding behind your computer.

  26. Danny Beoulve

    Beoulve isn’t my real surname, sir, and seeing that my parents, and their parents, and theirs before them (and for as far back as I care to remember), were all born in, lived and worked in the UK, I’d say that I qualify being British, but being the Brit I am, I will overlook the attempted racial slur. Sorry to disappoint, but maybe you should look less into the name of someone and more into the point they are trying to make. (I realize this is a little late but what’re you gonna do?).

  27. Julie Ashmore

    Public sector workers think they can deny people money to buy food and keep warm..Actually,it’s still a human right in the UK to have these things. I thought this is why we have the welfare state. And why do people flock here from other nations???

    Do they get their benefits,do they get sanctioned?

    This country is up the doodah concerning immigration and its the British public (white,green,black,blue) who are being penalized..Hence the draconian ‘sanctions’ rules which really didn’t exist until the toffs stole the show.

    ‘Public service workers’ Poppy cock..The do not work for the public. They deny the rights of the public by following the draconian ‘made up’ laws off this cesspit shrouded government!

  28. muppet

    If its unchanged I learned a long time ago .. don’t trip yourself up when you agree to jsa contract offer the bare minimum IE work 1 mile distance etc.Agree to bend over and lick your own arse then that’s what they,ll demand or you fk orf.If you agree to work on mars they,ll hold u to that.

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