Mum-of-three dead from brain tumour three weeks after being told by Atos to find a job

A mother of three has died just three weeks after being told by Atos that she was fit to work.

A mother of three has died just three weeks after being told by Atos that she was fit to work.

Elenore Tatton, 39, from Dedridge in Livingstone, was diagnosed with a brain tumour at 15 and as a consequence had never worked.

But dspite informing Atos of her health issues, she was recently informed that she must start to look for a job. According to the Daily Record, Elenore was then told by doctors shortly afterwards that the tumour had returned and was now terminal.

According to the paper:

Her dad Ian said: “Even though she told the ATOS assessor that she had the brain tumour, they started the process to get her back into work.

“She was going to appeal but then she became unwell and was admitted to the Western General.

“After two weeks we were told there was nothing they could do for her. She died at St Columba’s Hospice.

“Nobody could give us a reason as to why the tumour reappeared. But it seems so coincidental that something like this happened. It was such a shock to her system.”

He added:

“She would take absences where she would just glaze over as if she wasn’t there. It could happen anytime, there was no warning.

“She had epilepsy as well. She was never capable of working.”

This is only the latest controversy that has dogged Atos since the company was awarded the contract to carry out medical assessments to test whether disabled people should continue receiving benefits.

It was recently revealed that Atos Healthcare had broken a series of pledges that helped it win a £184 million disability assessment contract.

A senior doctor from the company has also claimed that medical assessments carried out by the company are designed to incorrectly assess claimants as fit to work.

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21 Responses to “Mum-of-three dead from brain tumour three weeks after being told by Atos to find a job”

  1. Grimly Feendish

    Just what is it that the Tories enjoy the MOST about killing the poor, the sick, the old and the disabled?

  2. Dave Lawrence

    History will see Cameron as the new Ceaucescu – the poor, the sick, the disabled, the homeless, children and women employees all targets of his bestial abuse and sick greed for absolute power over the weak. God help us all . . . . . .

  3. mt

    get a grip. if you actually read the article, at the time of the assessment there was no tumour, it only ‘returned’ afterwards. As such why shouldn’t they assume she could work?

  4. JR

    Atos is operating without effective oversight, and it is clear that the DWP has ‘outsourced’ their dirty work to a private company.

    Given the lack of transparency over how Atos were awarded the contract and the fact that costs are increasing for delivering the service, the Government should be clear about how they are going to get this under control.

    This is another instance of outsourcing without Ministerial understanding or interest of what the ramifications may be for people across the UK.

    An urgent review of how outsourced contracts are handled should take place, with the development of clearer guidelines about when a company is in breach of contract, and what they can be asked to do.

    The DWP should be honest about what they are trying to achieve. If Atos is working as intended, IDS needs to be clear about his plans with the electorate, if they are not then their contract should be terminated.

  5. Jed Keenan

    Sincere commiserations to all the family and friends.

  6. Christos Palmer

    Same old atos, always killing.

  7. Jimb

    the reduced tax rate for high earners

  8. Leon Carter

    Returned big enough to kill her after just 3 weeks?

  9. Eddy Boyband

    atos, labours gift to the sick and disabled.

  10. padster1976

    Another life to be laid at IDS’s feet.

  11. Name

    yes. it happens. all facts are not known.

  12. Leon Carter

    Indeed all facts are not known, my centiment and just because she was given the all clear does not mean the tumour has magically disappeared indeed it could very well still be there but not growing any bigger

  13. sue rogers

    I wish the media would write accurate articles on this subject.
    This is dreadful but again it’s not Atos that devised the awful WCA or made the
    fit for work decision. DWP/Government are the culprits. The rule on terminally
    ill is if you have 6 months or less then you will get into the support group
    otherwise you will be assessed and unless you meet the criteria of the unfit
    for purpose WCA then like this poor woman you will be found fit for work. Atos
    practices are poor when it comes to WCA and their reports farcical- but the
    people to blame ultimately is this government- don’t let them off the hook by always blaming soley Atos

  14. SWEATY betty

    Atos or don’t give A TOSS? you decide

  15. Peter Molyneux

    Lets face they are just like HITLER ONLY HE IS CALLED SMITH get rid of the sick ,disabled .CALL them a burden on the workers. With over 11,000 who have died they will be thinking of all the money they have saved in benefit pay outs and how much they will save in the coming years. Then there is the bedroom tax which sees a council like Wigan talking about knocking down 4 bed council houses. It seems crazy that a family who down size there social housing could end up with more in housing benefit if they move into the private landlord property how mad !!

  16. stniuk

    Truly shameful. ATOS are a disgrace.

  17. treborc1

    Not forgetting is is a Labour policy not a Tory one, the Tories have in fact made the system a bit better if you appeal now instead of going all the way to the court of tribunals the DWP would phone you up or write to your asking for evidence or to explain to them why you think the ATOS doctor was wrong.

    Lets not forget when IB came in during 1983 the medical caused massive problems for people, it was just the same as now then DLA and the PCA people stated they were not getting the right benefits because the medicals were so strict. Then slowly the medical calmed down then they stopped and all you had to do was put in a paper claim and you got the medical this is why so many more people got the benefits.

    I have just had my medical, I’m paraplegic, have no bowel or bladder function no sexual function and suffer chronic pain, and I was told by the ATOS doctor I would be fine, as I was obviously disabled, he said he was giving me 45 points not to worry. Although he said it was down in the end to the DWP to decide not him or ATOS.

    I had the letter which stated you have been placed onto the wrag and have 365 days your benefits would be reduced you would only get it for 365 days and it would stop.

    So I phoned them and asked well what about the points, to be told they were meaningless, yet we are told to be classed as disabled you had to have 15 points, I had 45 and still lost.

    I appealed to be told that from now on the DWP would look again at your claim, they asked me about my bowel and bladder issues, I said If I did not eat a high fibre diet and take medication to make my stool lose I would become seriously constipated and would need to go into hospital, so to make the stool lose I then had problem with messing myself if I was away from the toilet, I would and could do this four or five times a week three to four times a day.

    MY bladder was the same I had no control and doctor had decided that having further intervention was no good as I suffered from repeated bouts of infections including MRSA.

    Six weeks later I had a letter saying I had won my appeal this then means the DWP had to reverse everything including my income tax, but they still have not returned by benefit to British gas which is £130 a year.

    But all this was put in place by a Labour government not a Tory one, yes the Tories could do something about it, but MIliband has stated a number of time if Labour gets back in they would come down hard on welfare.


  18. treborc1

    The contract was put in place in secret by Blair and not IDS, so it was labour that had the meeting, when we asked for an FOI about the meeting between Blair and the Tories we were told these were strictly beyond the scope of the FOI.

    The fact of the matter is Labour and the Tories the DWP and ATOS have worked hard together to bring in these medicals, and the WCA is just not fit for purpose. god help us when PIP’s come in because although I won my claim for DLA and have won it at each medical I’ve had over the years, I’ve no chance of winning pips because pain has been removed from the system . as it has from the WCA.

  19. treborc1

    Yes and a lot of people blame the Tories for all this it’s placed firmly at Blair feet

  20. treborc1

    A tumor may well not be seen but the original tumor left this person with serious problems including having fits, I suspect once she had appealed she would have won, the fact is simple she should not have had the added pressure placed on her by ATOs not doing the job.

  21. treborc1

    Again it was Labour not the Tories.

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