Mum-of-three dead from brain tumour three weeks after being told by Atos to find a job

A mother of three has died just three weeks after being told by Atos that she was fit to work.

A mother of three has died just three weeks after being told by Atos that she was fit to work.

Elenore Tatton, 39, from Dedridge in Livingstone, was diagnosed with a brain tumour at 15 and as a consequence had never worked.

But dspite informing Atos of her health issues, she was recently informed that she must start to look for a job. According to the Daily Record, Elenore was then told by doctors shortly afterwards that the tumour had returned and was now terminal.

According to the paper:

Her dad Ian said: “Even though she told the ATOS assessor that she had the brain tumour, they started the process to get her back into work.

“She was going to appeal but then she became unwell and was admitted to the Western General.

“After two weeks we were told there was nothing they could do for her. She died at St Columba’s Hospice.

“Nobody could give us a reason as to why the tumour reappeared. But it seems so coincidental that something like this happened. It was such a shock to her system.”

He added:

“She would take absences where she would just glaze over as if she wasn’t there. It could happen anytime, there was no warning.

“She had epilepsy as well. She was never capable of working.”

This is only the latest controversy that has dogged Atos since the company was awarded the contract to carry out medical assessments to test whether disabled people should continue receiving benefits.

It was recently revealed that Atos Healthcare had broken a series of pledges that helped it win a £184 million disability assessment contract.

A senior doctor from the company has also claimed that medical assessments carried out by the company are designed to incorrectly assess claimants as fit to work.

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