Quote of the day: Homosexuals are ‘very good at antiques’

Conservative peer Baroness Knight said that despite her opposition to gay marriage, she recognised that homosexuals had many talents.

Baroness Knight: Homosexuals are “very good at antiques”

Speaking to Nicky Campbell on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning, Conservative peer Baroness Knight said that despite her opposition to gay marriage, she recognised that homosexuals had many good qualities.

“We’ve all got friends who are homosexuals. They’re often extremely clever; very very good at artistic things; very good at things like antiques…”

Listen here:

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12 Responses to “Quote of the day: Homosexuals are ‘very good at antiques’”

  1. Geraint

    I think what is important is that a child has loving parents, or parent, of whatever gender, who cares deeply about them. That is same of a homosexual couple, as of a hetrosexual couple, as of a single parent.

  2. epistimophilia

    I would like to make it clear to everyone I know that I am not very good at antiques, despite being rather good at commitment, companionship, nurturing and love. Alas, it seems Baroness Knight has no use for my kind in the world.

  3. Bill

    A well-mannered bigot is still a bigot.

  4. Jacko

    James Bloodworth is a hypocrite. He makes posts like these, highlighting someone generalising about a large group of people, yet he does exactly the same in an article on these very pages, claiming that English people have lesser aptitude and commitment to work than immigrants.

    You see, in James Bloodworth’s universe, it’s absolutely okay for the Left to apply these double standards because they’re so convinced of their own moral superiority.

  5. Henk Jansen Van Rensburg

    She has friends?

  6. Lucy Johnson


  7. Tony Marcus

    The good thing about this is that this sort of attitude seems to be dying out with this generation. She’s clearly unaware that she’s being intolerant, and seems like a well meaning person, just living in a world that took bigotry for granted.

  8. Jim

    We all know that antiques are what is important in life. Look at Baroness Knight, a great antique herself.

  9. Goldguy

    I am good at IKEA, so not sure how that works with antiques. Perhaps I’m not that gay after all???

  10. ian

    Conservative peers make very good bigots who are hell bent on tying to ensure that equality is made as hard as possible. I would also like to point out I do not have any friends who are bigoted peers.

  11. Mal Ferguson

    “Children as young as 4 or 5 being taught how to do the homosexual act.” What???? No they weren’t, you lying ratbag! Unless by “the homosexual act” you mean interpretative dance, that never happened!

  12. Ed

    I’m really not very good with this kind of antique Tory bigot…

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