Daily Mail columnist says Rihanna’s fashion sense ‘invites rape’

We've already written about the Daily Mail once today. But woe betide me for not expecting to find two items to pull them up on in a single day. This time it's a tad more serious, however. In a spiteful article about Rihanna, Mail columnist Liz Jones writes that the pop star is a "toxic role model" for young fans because she glories in "drugs, guns and sleaze".

We’ve already written about the Daily Mail once today. This time it’s a tad more serious, however.

In a spiteful article about Rihanna, Mail columnist Liz Jones writes that the pop star is a “toxic role model” for young fans because she glories in “drugs, guns and sleaze”.

The killer line comes some way down the piece, however:

“All these qualities pale to nothing when we know she went back to her abusive boyfriend, Chris Brown, who pleaded guilty to assaulting her in 2009; that she promotes drug-taking, drinking and the sort of fashion sense on stage that surely invites rape at worst, disrespect at least.”

Rihanna rape 2

Sorry, what?

What exactly is a fashion sense that “invites rape”?

Ms Jones appears to be saying that there are certain clothes (or lack of) which, if worn, invite (to act so as to bring on or render probable) violent sexual assault.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s rape apologism – the stuff that usually comes out of the mouths of…rapists.

Claiming that dressing a certain way invites rape is about as stupid as saying that being gay “invites” being assaulted by homophobes.

It’s also bizarre considering that conservatives enjoy talking so much about personal responsibility – what about, you know, the responsibility of those who actually rape?

As I wrote last week, the idea that a woman can dress how she pleases without being violently assaulted remains, in some quarters at least, a revolutionary one.

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6 Responses to “Daily Mail columnist says Rihanna’s fashion sense ‘invites rape’”

  1. LordCoryTunt

    Saying you acted in a way that made a crime probable is not to excuse the criminal. Else insurance companies that do not pay out due to negligence leading to burglary would be theft apologists.

    A little strong perhaps, but she is obviously not excusing rape.

  2. MysticYaz

    Potential rapists don’t need an invitation to rape they are predators who abduct little girls and destroy them. Liz Jones is annoying at the best of times, she is a demented old hag and should cut her hair. She is trying to play the little girl with long hair. Cut it and dress your age before making false statements about Rihanna, do the research. She did not return to Chris Brown but she has forgiven him. She is a well brought up decent girl but then again Liz would not know anything about decency working for a paper that blows hot and cold and always instigates trouble. Very anti black and always kisses the Kosher arse.

  3. SadButMadLad

    Leaving your door unlocked in a city is just asking for it. Leaving your door open in small village in the middle of nowhere is pretty safe.

  4. Jacko

    Wow, what would women do without a tolerant, socially-aware, forward-thinking young guy like you to speak up for them, Bloodworth. “Hey, look, I’m like, a really nice guy? Not only do I care passionately about poor people and immigrants but I’m like, really aware of women’s issues and stuff? Not many men are as modern and cool as me.”

  5. Stuart

    You’ve just compared being raped to leaving your door open… Seriously? Nothing ‘invites rape’. It’s exactly as the article says. Christ, if you want to get strong about it, I guess by your logic a rapist is entitled to have a field day if they go to the beach on a summers days… You probably did not mean to excuse rape in any way, but that is precisely what that sort of logic does. That’s real poison.

  6. Ann-cathrine Johansson

    The most stupid Bullshit I ever read.Seek a new jobb,call yourself a wrighter,the years worst joke.

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