Half of Telegraph readers belief climate change a ‘natural phenomenon’. 98% of scientists disagree

On the back of chairman of the Commons Energy and Climate Change committee Tim Yeo's comments that climate change may not be man-made after all, the Telegraph have done a poll asking its readers if they think the same.

On the back of chairman of the Commons Energy and Climate Change committee Tim Yeo’s comments that climate change may not be man-made after all, the Telegraph have done a poll asking readers if they think the same.

After voting in the poll – I voted ‘yes completely’, as you might have guessed – you get the results. And guess what – a whopping 48 per cent of Telegraph readers believe that climate change is a ‘completely natural phenomenon’.

Telegraph poll climate change

Rather than berate readers of the Telegraph for their views myself, I’ll leave the floor to Martin Wolf of the Financial Times (£):

An analysis of abstracts of 11,944 peer-reviewed scientific papers, published between 1991 and 2011 and written by 29,083 authors, concludes that 98.4 per cent of authors who took a position endorsed man-made (anthropogenic) global warming, 1.2 per cent rejected it and 0.4 per cent were uncertain.

Never underestimate the power of self-denial.

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22 Responses to “Half of Telegraph readers belief climate change a ‘natural phenomenon’. 98% of scientists disagree”

  1. Thomas Hobbes

    Humans continue to believe what they see with their own eyes instead of what they’re told to. This fact must fill you with incandescent rage.

  2. Cole

    What enrages me is what morons these people are.

  3. Roger Davies

    Go and look at ths strawberries growing in Greenland this year then. The jetstream has weakened due to melting Arctic ice.

  4. Annabella Blackfox Laws

    Humans are responsible for global POISONING but global warming has been going on since the last ice age ended.

  5. Timothy Heal

    Surely the ‘partial’ answer is the only one that can technically be true. It would be more sensible to put ‘predominantly man made’ and ‘negligibly man made’.

  6. Bp

    Understanding the impacts we’ve had and continue to have on the planet should be second nature to people. It’s unfortunate that with everything around us to remind us of our own mortality and inherent connection to the natural world, so many people have become desensitized to the immutable fact that cause and effect IS reality, and to assume that the likes of who we are and what we do stop in preference to our lifestyles and self-serving bias is short-sighted indeed. Wake up, ya filthy animals.

  7. Eso-Policier

    We need Eco and Eso (Rudolf Steiner, C. G. Jung). Read more

  8. Sparkyboy

    Ah, but what do Telegraph-reading scientists think?

  9. Beyond Prophecy

    So the scientists are sceptical about the many “ages” earth has experienced and continues to do so….?

  10. paul

    Yet of the 29,083 authors – all but 27 were rejected by the software that analyised the abstracts. So the 98.4% figure was based on a mere 27. That sort of ‘science’ we can do without

  11. Freedom Fighter

    Global warming is bunk – as the constant cold weather so clearly reveals!

  12. Jonny Kingham

    No need for science then when you have weather events

  13. Leslie Graham

    Amazing. And just WHAT exactly is this ‘natural phenomenon’ to which they refer?

    Why are they so shy about their incredible discovery. If they were to publish their research that reveals the presense of this ‘natural phenomenon’ that tens of thousands of qualified climate scientists have failed to spot in over a century of research they would be on for the Nobel Prize at the very least.

    What could it be?

    Massive herds of invisible unicorns all farting in unison perhaps?

    I can’t wait to see the published research.

  14. Leslie Graham

    Yes – it’s cold in your back garden – that’s the clincher isn’t it?
    All this nonsense about the loss of 80% of Arctic ice volume affecting the jet stream and bringing Arctic weather south with it? What silliness. These thousands of climate scientists – what do they know about it?
    It’s cold in parts of the UK so that’s it. The science is settled and 115 years of research has been revealed as a hippy hoax.
    And of course the fact that GLOBAL warming has accelerated over the last 15 years according to thirty thousand thermomters and several thousand deep ocean bouys has nothin gto do with it.
    It’s cold in ‘Freedom fighters’ garden and that’s all anyone needs to know about it.

  15. Paul Trembath

    Where do you get that? According to the linked analysis, the papers were evaluated by (1) blind rating by web volunteers; (2) asking the authors themselves.


  16. Paul Trembath

    Of course not. The Earth’s climate has varied significantly many times, often (but not always) slowly over thousands or millions of years, and there is a huge weight of evidence for this. Anthropogenic global warming is (a) happening now, fairly rapidly and (b) substantially caused by combustion of fossil fuels by human beings. There is also a huge weight of evidence for this. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climate_change.

  17. Gubulgaria

    They get this stuff from fossil fuel industry shills, and then repeat it, without attribution, because they’re paranoid conspiracy theorists who’ll believe absolutely anything if it’s on a far-right blog.

    And they call themselves ‘sceptics’.

  18. Lee Roberts

    I have to agree with many others commenting here: the suggestion that climate change is entirely man-made simply cannot be true. It is more appropriate for us, as environmentalists, to instead adopt the narrative that climate change is a natural phenomenon but that human activity is modifying and/or accelerating it. I haven’t personally done the assessment of all the climate papers referred to in the FT piece, but I can’t believe 98% of climate scientists are saying the changes we’re witnessing are totally our fault the way it’s being suggested – my guess is that, the 98% hold the view human activity is definitely impacting climate systems, but not in itself creating them

  19. Co,e


  20. Adey J

    the right answer is actually a compound of the two; pollution contributes to the current natural warming. Also the right answer is that this cycle will end and naturally cooling will swamp the low digit contribution from pollution. I’m not a skeptic, I am a mathematician who can read graphs.

  21. Adey J

    you know the poster was being sarcastic? herr derr

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