Things you could do with £10 million

At some point during the past three years we've all heard the cliche that there's "no money left". Obviously there is - there's never no money left or else the country would grind to a complete halt - but the phrase has become accepted wisdom due in large part to the success of the government in popularising the idea.

At some point during the past three years we’ve all heard the cliche that there’s “no money left”. Obviously there is – there’s never no money left or else the country would grind to a complete halt – but the phrase has become accepted wisdom due in large part to the success of the government in popularising the idea.

Much like those “libertarians” who find themselves calling for censorship when there is a chance the BBC may play a song which might offend their sensibilities, the government’s austerity hawks are able to conjure up reams of cash when they happen to approve of where the money is being spent.

Margaret Thatcher’s funeral tomorrow is expected to cost around £10 million pounds.

Whether one agrees with that or not, it would indicate that there is (at least some) money left. Here are a few other things that £10 million might buy:

  • 177,777 jobseekers’ allowance claims of £56.25 for one week
  • Two years of foreign aid to Iraq
  • 152 MPs’ salaries
  • The upkeep and maintenance of England’s cathedrals for one year
  • 1,999 students’ annual tuition fees
  • 25,773 household electricity and water bills for one year
  • Double the UK’s funding for global human rights projects on sexual violence against women and girls
  • Pay for the monarchy for three months
  • Double the funding designed to boost innovation in offshore wind turbines.
  • 269 paramedics
  • 322 nurses for one year on £31,095 each
  • Buy two tonnes of European white truffles (£2,300 a pound)
  • A mortgage on Dracula’s Castle in Romania (full value £86 million).

Source: Andrew Spooner:

It’s interesting to note that the Taxpayers’ Alliance have been relatively silent about the cost of Lady Thatcher’s funeral on the public purse. I say relatively silent because Matthew Sinclair, the chief executive of the group, will be giving a speech.

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29 Responses to “Things you could do with £10 million”

  1. micklikeariot

    I’d hate the job of having to write these propaganda articles. You must be like the person doing Kim Jong-Un’s press releases. So are you a debt denier? Do you simply think there is no issue? Money is just not a worthwhile concern?
    The government is in debt. We have less income that outgoings. The debt gets bigger.That is unsustainable. Yes – there is money – cashflow. The government receives money and can spend it on all the above you list. But it will have to make a choice. If it does spend it on your list, it will not be paying off the debt. So just to argue “there is money implies there is no problem. There is money – but it comes with caveats, choices and sacrifices. That would be a better article to write.

  2. wouldyoubelieveit

    Pay some rich landowner’s extortionate rent for a few useless wind turbines that don’t actually produce electricity when you need it.

  3. Cole

    So you’re presumably against spending £10 million of our money on Lady T’s elaborate funeral?

  4. micklikeariot


  5. Cole

    Good,. Some of the most enthusiastic slashers of government spending seem to think it’s ok to spend £10 million on the funeral of a highly divisive PM. She ain’t no Winston Churchill.

  6. Deri Jones

    ‘Yes’ you are against spending money on the funeral? Then, what’s your point?

    How is this ‘propaganda’ worse than actually spending £10m superfluously?

  7. Evan Price

    The difference between the major parties over spending is, relatively speaking, tiny – unless you assume that Labour’s apparent opposition to every cut means that they would not cut anything if they were in power – contrary to what they began to do after the recession hit and before they were kicked out of office.

    At the last election, despite the rhetoric, the difference was about £8 bn. The margin of error in Government expenditure that year was about £12 bn … yet the Conservatives are in some way beneath contempt for their plans?

    Now, although I am a Conservative, I do not support some of the things that are being done. I shan’t go into that here – but the truth is that the ‘expenditure’ on the funeral probably includes things that are notional (such as wages for participants that would be paid even if they weren’t participating).

    The reality is that if this funeral did not include any involvement of the public at all, then it would not release £10 million for other things … and so the list above is rather silly – and, in terms of rhetoric or polemic, rather old hat.

  8. micklikeariot

    my point is nothing to do with whether you should or shouldn’t spend money on a funeral. My point is how crap this article is. It implies that as we’re spending money on a funeral there obviously must be money so what’s the problem. It’s a dumb article.There is a problem – irrespective of this funeral. We have a huge debt problem – denying it or playing it down won’t help

  9. micklikeariot

    Good comment. I’m not a Labour or Tory supporter but what is pretty clear from their manifestos at the last election (as you rightly point out) is that they are both pro-cuts, pro-austerity. If you want something different you must look elsewhere.

  10. tangentreality

    Can’t you see the inherent irony in a Leftist blog protesting about public money being spent on something they don’t like? Now you know how Rightists feel. All the time.

    Let’s put this into perspective, shall we? Lady Thatcher was Prime Minister for 11 years. She won 3 consecutive elections, and was the first female head of government in the UK, and in the Western world. She helped bring down the Soviet Union, ending the most murderous ideology in human history. These are, surely, accomplishments that are worth commemorating with a ceremonial funeral?

    Obviously, there will always be a difference in opinion when it comes to some of her policies, but setting those aside, she’s still deserving of the funeral. I would argue that Tony Blair should receive the same honour. The fact that you’re trying to disregard her politically-neutral achievements shows that you’re the one being partisan.

    Finally, even if the bill does go up to £10million (most of which is the cost of providing security, which wouldn’t be as high if certain hardline elements weren’t set on disrupting proceedings), that works out at about 16p per person, as a one-off expense. I think, in terms of reducing expenditure, we’ve got bigger fish to fry.

  11. OldLb

    SO lets see.

    Phillpot has cost 4 million in welfare and service.

    Then another 1-2 million for the trial.

    We’re going to have to pay to jail him. Since he’s on the nonce’s ward, that 100K a year min. I hear that 3 guards have been assigned too him. Over 15 years, that’s a tidy penny. Then no doubt we will be expected to pay for his retirement.

    So 1 funeral, 1 Philpot.

    Since most of the policing cost is for the numpties dancing on Thatcher’s grave, perhaps they should be sent the bill.

  12. OldLb

    Cheaper than a 2.4 billion Olympics that cost 11 billion in the end.

  13. Selohesra

    Would be interested to see the statististics for proportion of income tax paid by ‘rightists’ as opposed to leftists – I bet those banging on abouit the cost here pay relatively little tax but are always keen to find ways to spend my large amounts of tax

  14. jenb

    £10 million would fund 5 more families to not work for 2 generations

  15. jenb

    the ones moaning about it will be public sector workers who’ve never been net taxpayers in their lives

  16. jenb

    the magic money tree?

  17. jenb

    Churchill was a mass murdering, racist, warmonger – more in the mould of Tony Blair than the great Thatch’

  18. jenb

    Philpott was a creation of the Labour government’s vote buying from the non-working class. Maybe Labour voters should foot the bill. Or we could just dock it off their benefits at source

  19. Cole

    Sounds like you don’t know much about history. Ever heard about 1940 and Hitler about to invade?

  20. Cole

    How do you know ‘most’ of the cost was for the policing? Another thing you’ve made up?

  21. OldLb

    Largely because there are lots of them on the streets at the moment. They are being paid.

  22. OldLb

    1 million for the funeral
    2 million for the policing
    7 million as a fee to Tony Blair.

  23. David M

    She helped bring down the Soviet Union? That’s a new one I haven’t heard in a long time, there were many factors pertaining to the fall of the SU and believe me that witch Thatcher was not one of them. And while were talking about murderous ideologies I can tell you something she was responsible for, bringing General Pinochet to power in the name of ‘Democracy’, or more like ‘Corporate America’, resulting in the killing of thousands and torture of 10s of thousands.. all I remember of her legacy here was sending thousands to die in the Falklands just so Britain could flex their muscles to the rest of the world not to mess with us.

  24. Cole

    So you made it up. As is often the case with right wingers.

  25. OldLb

    Tony Blair’s fee for his appearance.

  26. Old Albion

    Think what we could do with £53Million a day. If we stopped giving it to the EU.

  27. Chimes RBE

    There is nothing more pathetic than a tory shill banging on about invisible “scroungers”. Never any mathematical evidence.

  28. Chimes RBE

    Oh,you mean the riot that Boris was expecting?

  29. Guest

    Have you noticed the distinct lack of numbers in the Tory shill comments? That’s how they get voted in. No grasp of mathematics,just soundbites and memes.

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