Why are South African police mimicking white supremacists?

The sickening killing of 27 year old Mido Macia in South Africa this week brought to mind the white supremacist murders in the US which amounted to ‘lynchings’. This, together with the recent high profile rape and murder of Anene Booysen - and even the Oscar Pistorius case - point to a latent violence in the country that the government seems reluctant to tackle.

The sickening killing of  27 year old Mido Macia in South Africa this week brought to mind the white supremacist murders in the US which amounted to ‘lynchings’.

James Byrd Jr, a black man, was tied to the back of a pickup truck in Texas in 1998 by three men, two of whom were confirmed white supremacists, and dragged at speed to a gruesome death.

As recently as 2010, Anthony Hill, also a black man, was dragged almost ten miles by a white male after being shot, and the matter is now being investigated as a hate crime.

Such killings are the ultimate demonstration of control, power, contempt and hate for the victim.

But in post-Apartheid South Africa, where the police are black, the world, and the people hoped and perhaps dreamed of better.

Black people, who suffered grievously at the hands of the South African police under Apartheid, have a right to expect better. But sadly the corrupting influence of power seems to have transcended racial solidarity in the killing of Macia.

To see black policemen mimic the racist modus operandi of white supremacists is particularly galling. It also sends a clear message to poor blacks that “we are your masters now“.

The brutal video shows that there is good coordination between the policemen who rapidly tether Macia to their vehicle and are chillingly coordinated in their actions. It does not look like the first time they have done it; they appear much practiced in this form of torture and humiliation.

In South Africa, violence is always bubbling just beneath the surface; and when race, poverty, and power are added to the equation things can quickly boil over, as seen in the massacre of Marikana miners of 2012.

As with that atrocity, an investigation has been announced following public outcry, with remarks of condemnation from Jacob Zuma.

The recent high profile rape and murder of Anene Booysen – and even the Oscar Pistorius case – point to a latent violence in the country that the government seems reluctant to tackle in a systematic way. It is time for South Africa to join the dots and see the bigger picture.

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13 Responses to “Why are South African police mimicking white supremacists?”

  1. Gail

    Interesting perception from the outside
    looking in. Fascist Police States are not the sole preserve of “White
    supremists,” and if the author knew more of our History, they would know
    about Shaka. By today’s standard looking back, Shaka was a
    Fascist Dictator and Shaka’s Rock still stands. Further north Robert
    Mugabe still commits crimes against his own people. And there once was a
    man called Idi Amin, and then there was Charles Taylor. Power mad
    psycopaths come in all shapes, sizes and colours. It is not the sole
    preserve of one race group or another.

  2. Mick

    Quite a revelation to many leftists who only think in terms of ‘rednecks and nazis’ when waffling about the brutal beatings of who we would call minorities. Brutal tyrannies in Africa seem pretty much par for the course but what judders the leftist brain to a standstill is that this happens in South Africa – a place where, doctrine states, the ANC rainbow nation has brought peace and prosperity and equality.

    In fact, crime cripples the nation, along with poverty and scapegoating against whites. Though with Nelson Mandela a Marxist terrorist leader whose wife set fire to political opponents, it looked from the outset a case of one flawed man versus an establishment of other flawed men whilst riding the vehicle of liberation.

    Talk about life under apartheid, eh.


    ANC racism. Yup, heard that right: http://za.news.yahoo.com/anc-most-racist-party-024053065.html


    Nelsy: http://www.netcomuk.co.uk/~springbk/enemy.html

  3. Mick

    Agreed. And i suggest all the celebrities and liberal freedom-lovers who cheered Mandela and teh ANC’s rise now come together to protest the likes of the ANC’s apporval of Mugabe’s racist persecution of white farmers:


    I’ll drink to the Left come that day.

  4. swatantra

    Its the collateral damage of any uprising, conflict or power struggle, regardless of whether morally right or wrong. The collapse of Apartheid, Communism and the Arab Dictatorships were all morally right, but the inevitable fallout and trauma and psychological damage will continue for many many decades to come, and affect everyone.

  5. bluecat

    It would be a mistake to suppose that the South African police force was all white before apartheid. For obvious reasons – you could hardly go undercover in the townships if you were a white officer – and for more subtle ones too, many of the rank and file police were black. The brutality and impunity of the police force seems to have continued under a political system which has not changed that much, although the skin colour of some of those at the top has. I’m not knocking the massive improvement that the end of the apartheid system and all its appalling absurdity has brought, but essentially it is still a capitalist, sexist, violent and extremely unequal country.

  6. Mick

    That’s right. It’s good to see the baddies go. However, totalitarian Islamic dictatorships remain. In fact, they’ve be re-instated in places like Egypt and even fueled by the very Muslim Brotherhood which Obama, of all people, allies with and employs at home.

    We’re not out of the tunnel yet.

  7. Johanna VanDokkum

    Correctly, there is massive outrage when the Daveyton #SAPS draged a Mozambican taxidriver to his death behind a police van — in a clearly #xenophobic hate crime www.http://youtube.com/watch?v=xnLNX_UbuHowever why the deafening silence whenever whites are killed that way? I archive the hatecrimes in SA since 1994 and have many such ‘dragging deaths’ on record: such as this young dad, dragged to his death #Farmer pic.twitter.com/tfCEpkxUaY

  8. Bantu_Education

    Re: the James Byrd dragging case – James Byrd was not an innocent black man as is always implied – he was a criminal who had abused his later executioner in jail. White men in black-majority jails join white racist gangs for their own protection, otherwise they will become the sex-slave and “bitch” of a black. For most black men, prison is no hardship at all – free food, clothing, medical, gym, and the opportunity to attack whites with impunity. They also live longer in jail, just as caged wild animals do. White men don’t. http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/07/14/us-prison-blacks-idUSTRE76D71920110714

  9. Dune

    In South Africa it’s long past the collateral stage.

    If Americans truly know the barbarism going on South Africa would be constant in the news. What is happening in South Africa and the reason for extreme violence is because of the country going through a revolution changing it into a Marxist communist country. Google NDR which stands for national democratic revolution. Google it. Coming to a State near you.

  10. Mick

    Indeed. And I think it’s partly stayed that way because the huge media and political focus on South Africa was eased after the regime ended Apartheid.

    Despite appearances, the new regime has, shall we say, its own deep flaws and prejudices. Give the Left credit, they’re fantastic noise makers but I think they’ll need to be bullied into harassing the ‘right’ oppressors. (Indeed, the tone of this article reads between the lines as ‘Wow, the light and the way brigade are lowering themselves to act like the lowdown whites? Who’d’ve thunk it?’)

  11. Truthis Thenewhate

    ‘lynchings’ were far and few in between, white criminals, black criminals, any criminals begat that fate. The common denominator was the depravity of the crime.

    It was the communities swift justice, black communities as well as white communities exercised that right. It wasn’t until a deviant jew in Atlanta commited a horrific savage rape/murder of a little girl it became a big deal. Despite the inhumane cruelty and overwhelming evidence the jews defended the perp with all they had. Even to the point of prolonged retrials attempting to incite racial hatred trying to pin it on a mentally deficient black man who happened to be a janitor at the scene of the crime.

    The “stupid rednecks” did not buy it, and that jew tactic failed. The final attempt was long delays until the outrage of the crime subsided as they plotted their 30 pieces of silver into a newly financially supported governor’s pen in the form of a pardon.

    The system of fair trial was being usurped leaving the community (black and white) with no alternative but to exercise their right to swift justice. The jewish struggle for the right of the self proclaimed “chosen” to be a minority ruling a majority started the campaign the State ‘has the supreme right against the individual’ removing justice out of the peoples hands firmly into the courts hands. Experience has taught them those hands could be tied, manipulated, and laden with gold subject to their whim.

    They then took a 2 prong attack by first creating and controlling the NAACP, reviving and controlling a perverted version of the old defunct Ku Klux Klan. This enabled their subversive expertise of creating a series of Hegelian dialectics through racial differences into conflicts. Their many leftists organizations were designed to create reactionaries culminating in the left-right paradigm, much easier to control and set the terms of national debate. Hence the pavlov dog reaction to the term lynching, the jew transgressions are absent leaving only a white-black confrontation.

  12. ben

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  13. Fabricio Alves

    Fuck You!

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