Syria is bleeding: the UK must step up and help

The international community has so far failed to fulfill its full duties towards the Syrian people. This must change. We will be presenting a petition calling upon the government to support the Syrian people using all possible political, diplomatic and economic means.

Hassan Walid is a member of British Solidarity for Syria

The second anniversary of the Syrian peoples’ struggle for freedom is approaching. Alongside many of my friends, I will be marching in central London this Saturday, 16 March, to support that call for freedom and their quest for a dignified and better future. Hundreds of thousands of others will be joining us in cities across the globe.

Their road so far has been a long one, and the price paid very heavy. But the determination and bravery shown over the past two years has been nothing short of a miracle.

At the beginning of the revolution I was asked by a journalist: ‘Why can’t you wait for the reforms promised by Assad?’ I pointed to an interview Assad had done with the Financial Times prior to the start of the revolution and stated that Syria will need a generation to reform. I then told the journalist: ‘I am 37 now. I don’t want my 10-year-old daughter to have to wait till she is 37 till she gets her country back.’

The ruthless and reckless violence employed by the Assad regime has forced peaceful protesters to take up arms to defend themselves. They and their families are trying to topple an autocratic regime which has been ruling for more than 40 years.

To date, the conflict has claimed around 90,000 lives. Around five million people have been driven from their homes, fleeing the violence to become refugees in neighbouring countries, or internally displaced inside miserable conditions in other parts of Syria.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of detainees are subject to systematic torture and absolutely dire prison conditions. The humanitarian situation the country faces is disastrous, with its infrastructure pounded to ruins by its own government.

The Syrian community here in the UK has been at the heart of the revolution from its very earliest days. We have peacefully protested every week in London, sent vital relief funds and equipment back home, whilst some of our fellow citizens have gone back to provide moral, medical and humanitarian support to their brothers and sisters on the ground.

I helped organise the march last year to mark the first anniversary of the Syrian Revolution. Now I am helping to organise the march to mark its second anniversary. I don’t want to be organising the third March! We need action now.

The international community has so far failed to fulfill its full duties towards the Syrian people. They have been slaughtered day-in, day-out over the past two years – let alone the past 40 years – with international actors mere spectators. Two million children, some of them raped, shot and tortured, face malnutrition, disease, early marriage and severe trauma, becoming innocent victims of a bloody conflict not of their calling.

This must change.

We will be presenting a petition calling upon the government to support the Syrian people using all possible political, diplomatic and economic means. We will call for the following:

1. Isolate the Syrian regime internationally and only engage in political dialogue with its representatives on the conditions of a power transfer back to the Syrian people, and on the dismantling of the security and police state apparatus.

2. Force the Assad regime to provide safe humanitarian corridors to besieged areas by means of a binding UN Security Council resolution.

3. Protect Syria’s unity and territorial integrity against any separatism or division.

4. Recognise the Syrian people’s right to self-defense, including armed resistance.

5. Use all possible means including Security Council resolutions to stop arms supplies from reaching the Syrian regime.

6.Help Syrian refugees meet their basic needs and support neighboring host countries in fulfilling their commitments to those refugees.

 The March for Freedom takes place on Saturday 16 March at 12pm outside the Syrian Embassy

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22 Responses to “Syria is bleeding: the UK must step up and help”

  1. Mick

    Syria – just one of the Islamic nations ‘improved’ by the Islamic Spring. Muslims proved themselves untrustworthy in backing ‘rebel’ forces able to bring them freedom. Their new regimes ended up more Islamic than before.

    Solution: Invade the place with our own forces and don’t let Islamonazis have another try. But not much hope of that when Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood.

    What a bugger’s muddle How very Islamic. ‘Syria Is Bleeding Awful’ more like.


  2. Mick

    ALSO: “4. Recognise the Syrian people’s right to self-defense, including armed resistance.”

    Tell that to many leftists who think America should repeal its second amendment. Same principle.

  3. Newsbot9

    Nonsense. The second amendment, in clear English, is a collective right. Not an individual one.

  4. Newsbot9

    Ah yes, more conspiracy theories from your well of hatred. How dare Arabs have self-determination, there’s no dictator you won’t stand up for!

    And of course you want colonialism and genocide.

  5. Mick

    Ah, so poor little Newsbot fails to see the Second Amendment’s moral superiority.

    In Syria, unstable as it is, the suggestion is there that a man can be more his own private police force. Collective rights, however, carry a responsibility to the collective.

  6. Mick

    Newsbot really should take his tranquilisers, as we covered at the Falklands thread. He’s leaping up and down so much, he practically bangs the ceiling.

    The Arab Spring brought no self-determination. Left to their own devices (and Obama’s aid), chances are it will happen again.

    We should leave well alone.

  7. Newsbot9

    That’s right, you keep demanding forced medication for anyone outside your ideology. And keep on mixing up your frothing hate for mine.

    Keep saying that because they didn’t vote for your right wing, they’re not using “self-determination” as you define it. And of course you don’t want to bother your Dear Leader dictators!

  8. Newsbot9

    Moral superiority? Oh yes, you want your criminals and thugs to have guns.

    And yes, you can’t stand responsibility.

  9. Mick

    More fun from nutty Newsbot. Calm down dear, as I’m quite calm.

    In Libya, another victim of Arab Spring, the people brought in a revolutionary government which forced an even more fierce version of Sharia Law than the one under Gaddaffi, where women can be stoned for adultery, etc.

    The Arabs are your Social Darwinists Newsbot.

  10. ~Mick

    Newsbot can’t stand the responsibility of sanity anyway.

  11. Newsbot9

    Yes, keep saying that only people following your ideology are sane.

  12. Newsbot9

    Yes, of course, that’s why you’re chanting your manta vs reality.

    Keep calling dictators victims. And keep not understanding what Social Darwinism is, as you live it.

  13. Mick

    Well Newsbot’s only jealous that he can’t join the world of the sane. Especially when he calls millions of law-abiding Americans criminals and thugs for owning guns, whilst Syrian Islamo-boneheads get a free pass.

  14. Mick

    The Arab Spring was social Darwinism in action, as the strongest came to power, then tyrannised everyone else.

    That’s how Newsie understands it and that’s how Islamic regimes work.

  15. Newsbot9

    Yes, you keep talking about overthrowing dictators like that. You’re trying to pass off your Social Darwinism off into others as usual. And right, you define democracy as tyranny.
    Then you insist I once more am controlled by you. And immediately launch into another attack on anyone outside your Christian hate sect.

  16. Newsbot9

    Thats right, you keep claiming that I’m “Jealous” of not being thug and a criminal. And of course you think criminals are inoccent, while those who are fighting for their lives against his dictators are “Islamo-boneheads”.

  17. Mick

    The Islamo-boneheads put the dictators in power to start with! And now the equally dumb Leftists can’t work out how turning to Islamofascism didn’t bring freedom!

  18. Mick

    Your hyperbole motor is so ON today Newsbot! Pure poetry, especially when you call me a social Darwinist in a pejorative way, then say I’m ‘controlling’ you when giving you an example of the real thing.

    Perhaps you should go to Syria yourself and be a hero to the other nob-ends with only three brain cells working.

  19. Newsbot9

    Yes, keep trying to reverse your arguments onto me. You keep demanding that you know what I think, sadly for your lies.

    And of course you think anyone who defends themselves from a dictator trying to kill them has “only three brain cells working”. They should lie down and die in your world.

  20. Newsbot9

    Yes, so your buddies put them into power, and of course you’re trying to claim that freedom is slavery and fachism. Jihadii.

  21. Mick

    Poor little Newsbot. He says the exact opposite of the man telling the truth.

    And that’s anarchy.

  22. Mick

    Poor little Newsbot. I think I overestimated the number of brain cells he has working.

    And if Syrian Islamo-cavemen could work out they need LESS Islamofascism, then they would gain MORE freedom. And have a proper democratic government for a change.

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