Just three EU countries saw bigger drop in living standards than UK in past two years

Just three out of 27 EU countries saw bigger fall in living standards than the UK in past two years since George Osborne's autumn 2010 spending review.

The UK has had the biggest fall in living standards of any EU country bar Greece, Cyprus and the Netherlands in the past two years, according to new figures.

The analysis, commissioned by Labour from the House of Commons library, shows how living standards (measured as real wages – ie wages minus inflation) have changed in every EU country over the last two years since George Osborne’s autumn 2010 spending review.

Labour’s shadow chancellor Ed Balls MP said the figures showed just how far Britain was falling behind the rest of Europe under this government.

“We are losing in the global race with only three out of 27 EU countries suffering bigger falls in living standards than us.

“A flatlining economy under David Cameron and George Osborne over the last two years has made British people worse off, but families, pensioners and businesses cannot afford another two years of falling living standards.”

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38 Responses to “Just three EU countries saw bigger drop in living standards than UK in past two years”

  1. cynicalhighlander

    Since living standards have been falling in the Uk for over 3 decades under both Labour and Tories the future is not bright.

  2. Mick

    Oh Labour Labour Labour, left left left.

    Old Labour glee in producing such figures but the fact remains that they’re celebrating a picked record of life under NEW Labour. And under the last OLD Labour government, the economy was in such an obscene state that this little graph is meaningless.

    So what’s it to be then Labour? Back to success or back to the dark?

  3. Lawrence Roper

    Check your facts, the economy was in growth when the Tories took over in 2010 (try ONS for that fact). We have lost the AAA rating and whilst the ‘deficit’ may have been reduced by 25% the National Debt has quietly increased by £289 billion to reach an eye watering £1.1 trillion in just over two years on top of which we are facing a triple dip recession for the first time ever.
    I fail to see any success in any of that.

    But hey Chairman Cameron said that if we are all really, really good and vote correctly at the next election we might, possibly have a referendum on something EU related at some point in the future. Somehow Mr. and Mrs. Tory Gullible fell for that, but the voters in a certain recent by-election clearly didn’t.

  4. Mick

    Not so much growth but survuving the punch during the biggest slump in 18 years. And some climate for true growth with a credit crunch, rocketting spending and unemployment for a country to grasp. At one point in 2008, Sterling was worth almost the same as the EU’s dummy money and hit $1.47 against the dollar.

  5. Newsbot9

    Success thanks, your darkness – your triple dip and worse – isn’t attractive.
    Thanks for being stuck in the 1970’s, though.

  6. Newsbot9

    That’s right, keep calling a currency which is rising sharply against ours “dummy money”, it says much about your contempt for the pound. And you’ve chosen to smash Britain’s face into the fist repeatedly, using your metaphor, so…

    Why are you so happy with the “credit crunch, rocketting spending and unemployment”. How are you making your cash from the markets on this?

  7. Newsbot9

    Ah yes, another bit of blind hackery which is in Triple-Dip denial. Keep on fighting to not look at financial figures!

    They’ve cherry picked figures, refusing to admit the reality that Latvia is massively down from it’s peak, with very significant structural problems. And that the rest of Europe DIDN’T use austerity, outside the UK – which is also in deep trouble.

  8. hfdkgtthhyy

    Could it be because we have 7 million immigrants that stretch every public resource, no one can afford housing, nhs waiting times are longer then ever, schools where no one speaks English. How can we not expect living standards to fall

    Sign this petition to restrict Bulgarian and Romanians from entering the UK:


    Over 70,000 have signed! At 100,000 it goes to Parliament

  9. hctinsley

    Not so many. Well over 200,000 signed 38 Degrees petition on NHS privatization last week.

  10. hctinsley

    Er, wasn’t there a worldwide economic crisis in 2008? In case you hadn’t noticed, a few other countries apart from the UK had some serious problems.

  11. Newsbot9

    Nope, it couldn’t be. Thanks for being wrong yet again though, they’re broadly cost-neutral and your racism remains that.

    The falling standards are due to the Tory economic death cycle, and you want to make things far worse by isolating us and costing us tens of billions in trade. The housing shortage is because we haven’t built enough houses…

    Keep mindlessly spamming!

  12. Mick

    There certainly was but I was just telling Mr. Labour how it wasn’t a suggestion of a great economy but one scraping by.

  13. Mick

    The Euro is dummy money, only existing because real money was abolished, with countries in the Eurozone struggling with that thing anyway.

    The Euro’s in crisis, something we were told would be a thing of the past if we were in the dummy money. Remember we were booted out of its ERM predecessor because the Germans were a bunch of wankers.

    Some co-operative that all is.

  14. Mick

    Whether they did or didn’t, austerity or otherwise are chosen for their merits, plus half those countries in the Eurozone are f***ed anyhow.

    It’s not about Europe it’s about the recession.

  15. Newsbot9

    Right right, keep on claiming that countries doing better than us are “f**ed”. That’s denial, right there.

    Austerity has crippled Britain, and you’re it’s advocate.

  16. Newsbot9

    That’s right, you deep on denying a currency exists because of your bigotry. And struggling, sure – doing better than the UK, also.

    And no, we failed to keep the rules. Keep on howling when the rules are applied to the UK!

  17. hctinsley

    Of course it wasn’t great, but the Osborne voodoo economics have been a disaster, as the piece above shows. Meanwhile, the mainstream media focuses on sex scandals…

  18. Mick

    Mindlessly spamming? In the same breath as you yourself speak about ‘racism’ and ‘death cycles’.

    And with a housing shortage due to rising immigration flooding the population levels, as the Left themselves admit when they say we have open-door immigration because populations amongst the indigenous have flatlined, it also proves you yourself need to be less hyper and more logical.

  19. Mick

    Oh it does exist alright. I saw the 1999 launch party and thought it premature to be so hubristic.

    And the Germans WERE wankers in 1992. The Germans refused to lower their interest rates to allow ours to breathe. The economy overheated, leading us to the recession Mrs. Thatcher was adamant to avoid and we were booted out.

    The dogmatic plans of the EU (and John Major’s own stubbornness) was the cause of so much needless misery. Labour, remember, then criticised Major, who then had to point out it was Labour, the unions and the general Left who backed our entry into the ERM too.

    So no denial. Just cold fact.

  20. Mick

    You’ve got the graph. Use your eyes.

    And of course, we fall back on people in the Left, be they Labour or whatever, saying the know best but proving themselves impotent.

    Take Labour, who act all-knowing but were, in reality, failures enough to now be in opposition. And take mutualists, your lot. If you’re anything to go by, mutualists snipe and bitch at everything anyone else does…..

    ….But you don’t even know how to get the public behind you, or come into power, or just do anything. You’ve had all this time.

  21. Newsbot9

    Labour are centralist, keep up your denial. And keep talking about your confusing what I support with your fanatics, with your “sniper rifles”.

    Your fanatics haven’t taken over, but John Lewis is doing fine. Keep raging!

  22. Newsbot9

    Yes, your cold facts in your dimension. How dare the Germans not break the rules! Thatcher’s policies caused a depression, and the begging bowl we extended when it went wrong was refused.

    And yes, keep talking up the fact that you got us expelled versus the people who took us in!

  23. Newsbot9

    Nope, you don’t break for me.

    Keep lying about the causes of the housing cycle, with your anti-British economic sabotage. There is no open door, although you’ve managed to creep in somehow.

    When are you leaving, given your fraud when you pretend to be a doctor? Serious crime, that.

  24. Mick

    If I was a doctor, I could probably diagnose Newsbot right away. Spamitis perhaps, or just mutualist! (Oh come on, you asked for that one.)

    If you plan to let all these extra millions onto a comparatively small island, you’d best also plan where to put them. We have enough houses built on reserviors, flood plains and former green belt land as it is.

    And, as you know, there aren’t enough jobs to go round.

  25. Mick

    The Germans weren’t obliged to help us, no, but Major felt hurt about the Kohl government’s callousness after being fed the lies about EU ‘harmony’, etc.

    Newsbot, in comments above, talks about being anti-British, etc. Standing by that is as anti-British as it comes.

  26. Mick

    ‘Thatcher’s policies caused a depression’. No. The markets ran away with themselves, then Major made his blunder five years later.

    And what now, can’t EU leaders take responsibility for their own economies all of a sudden?

  27. Newsbot9

    Yes, keep on calling for others to allways bail out the mistakes of the Tories. You’ll be crying to the IMF soon enough.

    Keep fighting cause and effect. The problem – people like you – is anti-British, not the failure of others to help against their rules.

  28. Newsbot9

    No, your spamming and ideological bigotry is yours.

    Yes, you keep trying to highlight how you are planning crushing jobs for British people via isolationism. Typical UKIP “ages are too high” politics. Keep ignoring, as well, the real cause of the housing shortage. Anything but the real cause!

  29. Newsbot9

    The economies doing better than us? Yes, you keep talking about that! And keep trying to revise away British death-cycle economic politics by blaming the markets. Any excuse for you!

  30. Mick

    Labour people are full of leftists, it came from the left, is PC, it wants ‘socialist’ mansion taxes and crap, and sings the Red Flag at its ‘conferences’.

    And yes, there are co-operative MPs, but headed by Balls who talks nothing but what his name is. Talk about damage and fanatics.

    And yes, John Lewis is a nice shop. But that’s a business model within a capitalist society, not an anarchist creed which has to have the world revolve around it.

  31. Mick

    Well, Britain hasn’t needed to call the IMF. But if it does, Labour would still have no right to crow as Old Labour, headed by Lispy Ed, needed the IMF themselves.

    Ah, anti-British. And when anarchists smash up the towns during riot, they do it to restore Britain do they? (Mutualists are anarchists.)

  32. Newsbot9

    We’re in 2010, not the 1970’s. And no, no anarchists doing that. The right wing in government are indeed driving the cities into ruin. But keep up the incorrect stereotyping and collectivism!

  33. Mick

    Oh I see, so mashing the European job markets in order to have exploited Eastern Europeans plonked in millions of jobs here is the way to go is it? Especially as we know the Polish government resorted to BEGGING the Poles to go back as all the skilled ones were working as shop assistants over here.

    Oh Doctor Newsbot, what have you done?

  34. Mick

    Oh the only thing I paint is poor Mr. Newsbot into a corner.

    And indeed we’re in 2013 actually. Though someone tell the Labour Party, whose union block vote swung the balance for Millipede to win the leadership election. Most members actually wanted to stay New Labour and not drag Britain back to constant strikes and people starving.

    And I wouldn’t crow too loudly about mutualists being anarchists. And to think these nob-cheeses bleat on about Nazi violence: http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,2040403,00.html

    Oh doctor Newsbot, what have you done?

  35. Newsbot9

    Ah yes, of course you try to implicate my in your criminal activity. And keep trying to force parties to select the leaders you want, while you advocate the policies of starving the people without giving them the right to strike.

    And let’s discuss one bomb, where nobody was hurt, and from a very different strand of anarchism, versus the thugs of your friends in Golden Dawn.

  36. Newsbot9

    Nope, your calls to mash people are wrong. And they went back because the Polish economy improved, while ours is thanks to your right failing.

    Keep trying to claim I’m part of your medical fraud.

  37. ConvenienC

    The Dutch are the ‘Crazy Henkie’ of the EU spreading their wealth to Greece and the former Eastern Bloc.

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