Young people locked out of property market

Young people are increasingly locked out of the property market due to rising prices.

Young people are increasingly locked out of the property market and it takes a person in their 20s seven years to get the money to put down on a house, a report out today warns.

On average across England, a person in their 20s wanting to purchase the average first time buyer home (£175,265) will have to save a deposit of £35,053.

Even saving 33% of their net income it would take them nearly seven years – 83 months – to get the money.

For potential first time buyers in their twenties saving half of their net income  it will take on average across England more than 10 years to put together a deposit for their first home, and in London an 24 years.

In 2002, it would have taken 2.5 years, the report by the Home Builders Federation found.

The percentage of income required for a deposit has also gone up.

For those aged between 22 and 29 across England, the average deposit is 229% of net annual salary; and in London it is 300%. For thirty-somethings the average deposit is 176% of net annual salary – in London that figure rises to 232%

London mayor Boris Johnson was criticised last year after figures showed a massive 70 per cent drop in the number of affordable houses built compared to 2011.

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38 Responses to “Young people locked out of property market”

  1. LB

    1. Too much demand – Solution cut migration
    2. Too much tax – less available to save
    3. Student loans – less available to save
    4. Destruction of the pension system. People then by property as an alternative
    5. Low interest rates. People will good credit can buy cheaper than new buyers. See point 4.

  2. Newsbot9

    Yes, keep talking up your policies, your pre-meditated debt load you’re putting onto people, and your lashing out at migration, xenophobic isolationism which will do very little to solve a far deeper structural problem with insufficient house building for decades!

    Keep trying VERY hard to make the problem worse.

  3. LB

    Labour policy wonk are we?

    Lets kick out foreigners, yep, you said that.

    Other people are murdering people, but not the NHS.

    There’s no government debt, but we’ve spent all your pension contributions

    Migrants don’t live anywhere, so there can’t be a housing shortage.

    Keep it up. It’s going to be nasty when people don’t get their human rights of a weekly giro.

  4. Newsbot9

    I said kick out serious financial criminals like you, you’re trying to palm off your views onto me again, it’s creepy.

    You keep on spouting your distorted lies about what I’ve said, and keep on trying to genocide the British poor.

  5. LB

    I’m not killing anyone.

    I’m not taking money from the poor.

    That’s what you’re doing. You’re taxing them to buggery to support your lifestyle.

    Keyworkers must have the cash, Labour policy from wonks like you. Doesn’t matter if it comes from the poor, we’ve entitled to it.

    So you’ll carry on taking money from the poor, and when they want their state pension, from the system you run, you’ll turn around and say, bugger off, we’ve spent all you’re money. You mean you trusted us? You’re a bunch of muppets for doing that. You’re too stupid for a pension. PS, we’ve a new scheme for you, its the liverpool care pathway. We’ve been bumping off 40,000 a year. Can I sign you up?

    Sums up the left. Orwell had it right about the state, both left wing socialists and national socialists such as Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco.

  6. Newsbot9

    You’re denying your Jihad, which is the really scary thing. You refuse to acknowledge consequences exist. I also don’t bugger anyone, but neither do I use it as an insult, typical of you.

    You keep claiming it’s SO terrible the poor have state pensions. That YOU are systematically trying to deprive them of. That YOU are calling the poor stupid. That YOU are trying to make death long, drawn out and expensive for the poor, without the NHS.

    And of course you want to murder me. In the tradition of your idealogical heroes, your right wing idols, Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco. The people you are emulating in your Jihad against Britain.

    Orwell was right about YOU. Foreigner, fascist, anti-Semite, criminal. Go back to your homeland and stop trying to drag Britain down.

  7. LB

    The consequences are there. People will be destitute.

    The cause is people like you, taking people’s money and spending it on yourself, and hiding the debts off the books. Section 2, 2006 Fraud act.

    Now, you’re response is to laugh at the poor, accuse them of being stupid because they trusted you, but you stole their money to spend on your pay and perks.

    When I come along and point out the fraud by the state, you’ve got a problem. Hence your anti-semite accusations, the criminal. …

    The foreigner bit, you’ve got wrong, I’m a UK national. So I’m in my homeland, and unlike you, I’m not planing on bailing out. That’s your plan as you’ve posted, taking your money and going.

    So the truth comes out, your a racist Labour wonk.

    You’re responsible for the mess, along with the Tories, and the Lib Dems, Spending other people’s money on yourselves, making people poor

  8. Newsbot9

    Yes, your policies are having consequences, making people destitute. Keep claiming I’m you, it’s more than creepy at this point, it’s nasty.

    You’re the one attacking the poor, treating them as stupid fodder for your grist mills. You’re the thief, I’m a private sector worker, who earns his income.

    You’re the fraud, unable to concept of doing anything in a different way to your fraud. And now you’re fraudulently claiming to be a UK national as well.

    Fraud, fraud, fraud, you’re an expert at committing it. You’re accusing everyone else of your sins again, Tory. Keep on murdering the poor to lower incomes…

  9. LB

    The cause is you, and you’re spending on yourself out of other people’s pension contributions.

    You’re not a private sector worker. You a Labour wonk, living off other people’s money. You’ve seen the writing on the wall, the state is going to, and is defaulting. Hence you know that your comfortable little living as a parasite on other people’s money is coming to an end.

    Here’s the evidence.

    Page 4. 2 years ago, 5,010 bn off the books. At 2.5% that’s now 5,300 bn

    People’s pensions, spent by you on people like you.

    End result, pensioners in destitution.

    Even worse when you look at what they could have got had the money been invested. That state pension is only 20p in the pound back. 430,000 pocketed by the likes of you, out of their savings, for someone on 26K a year. Even someone on min wage gets their money taken by you.

    So unlike you, I’m not escaping with the money looted off the public. It’s people like you.

  10. Newsbot9

    Nope, I’m not you.

    I’m, in reality, nothing to do with a centralist party, you’re making up nonsense to justify your robbery. You’re the leech, living off unearned income.

    You’re advocating not paying pensions, which are paid put of current revenue. The only way this can happen is your REFUSAL to pay! And keep lying about the returns, your attempt to steal even more.

    And no, you’re “just” murdering people until you’re paid. Repeatedly. And making up myths about it being other people.

  11. LB

    You’re advocating not paying pensions, which are paid put of current revenue.


    And, that current revenue is not sufficient to pay the pensions, all because people like you have looted the the contributions.

    You cannot pay 5,300 bn of pensions debts, 1,100 bn of borrowing, when you taxes only come to 550 bn, and you are spending 700 bn.

    [Ignoring the other debts]

    So yep, the NHS is going to murder people left right and center.

    The state is going to screw people over for their pensions.

    Not me. Labour wonks like you. Tory wonks. Lib Dem wonks. They are going to screw and kill people.

    Unlike you, I’m not in any party. I’m not in the pay of the public sector.

  12. Newsbot9

    Except it is. You’re referring to normal spending as “looting”. You’re ignoring the fact that unless you kill them, people will continue to pay in.

    I don’t care about your scam figures,I care about reality. Keep calling for turning the NHS into a death factory (in the tradition of your far right idols, keep bemoaning the low death rate) to suit your genocidal aims, and keep talking about how you plan to hijack the state to pay you rather than pensions for the 99%.

    And keep lying, Tory MP. Your policy is being enacted, REJOICE. Or lie, your choice.

  13. LB

    It’s looting. They are spending people’s pension contibutions, to the extent that they can’t pay out on the 20 p in the pound promise.

    That’s why you need to educate yourself.

    1. What would people have got for their NI, if it had been invested?

    If its more than the state, then the state has looted their money.

    2. The death rate in the NHS. NHS estimates 20-80,000. BMJ puts it at 40,000.

    Stafford, just one hospital needless killed 1,200 people.

    3. As for the Tories, they are lying scum. Same for Labour and Lib Dims.

    Not surprisingly, you don’t want to quantify the looting. Keep people in the dark so you can carry on taking their money.

  14. Newsbot9

    Yes, you’re a looter. You can’t comprehend anything except your theft. The money is there for pensions, you just refuse to pay it.

    1. Less than a third. Therefore, you are a thief.
    2. Less than the people you want to kill for lack of medical care. Thus, you are a murderer
    3. Yes, Tory. You are.

    You are the one blinding people so you can steal them. You are not me. Your sick, twisted, creepy claims to be so are a result of your being a Tory.

  15. LB

    The money is there for pensions, you just refuse to pay it.


    No its not.

    1. Spending greater than taxes. Over 700 bn of spending, on taxes of 550 bn.

    2. Debts of 14 times income (taxes)

    Try getting a mortgage on that multiple. Try getting a mortgage where you tell the lender you’re going to sell the house as soon as you got the loan.

    Nothing to do with me. Everything to do with MPs.

    Now that means people won’t get their pensions. Worst hit will be people like you. State pension gone, civil service pension? What pension? Welfare if you are lucky.

    The scenario is Greece. Where you’re right is the effects, people like you will be shafted. All off the books. All legalised, because MPs will pass laws making their fraud – Section 2, 2006 Fraud act – legal.

    So its Labour wonks like you, Tory wonks, Lib Dem idiots.

    Aiding and abetting the thieves.

    That’s why you don’t want to discuss the numbers. Hides it from people so you can steal them blind.

    You really must be a little more creative. Just pushing back the facts won’t work.

    430,000 stolen from a 26K a year worker, pushing them into poverty in retirement, and then not paying that, because you want your pension at other people’s expense.

  16. Newsbot9

    Of course it is. You’re simply refusing to.

    You, MP, are personally refusing to pay the pensions of the 99%. You are robbing people, criminal. You are indeed trying to turn is into Greece, Tory.

    Keep on accusing me of being what I am not, as you deny being what you are. I don;t need to be creative in my fraud because unlike you I am not a committed scammer and fraudster.

    Of course the facts don’t work on you, keep talking up how terrible it is that people don’t pay more than that for healthcare alone! You keep taking up how you’re personally murdering for cash. It’s always murder with you Tories.

  17. Snertly

    Apparently your rhetorical skills topped out at the PeeWee Herman level.

  18. Newsbot9

    AH yes, so, another LB sock puppet identified. Thanks for that, and no, I am NOT you. Stop claiming it to be so, PeeWee Herman!

  19. LB

    There is a big difference between

    “Should be paid out of tax”

    “Can be paid out of tax”

    I know its lost on you, but 7,000 plus of debts, on taxes of 550 bn, and spending of 700 bn, can’t be be paid. The pensions are linked to increases above inflation.

    I agree you don’t need to be creative. It’s a blatent fraud that the wonks in parliament, and people like you supporting them, and committing on the poor, the middle class and even the rich of this country,.

    Taken other people’s money and enriching yourselves to the detriment of others.

    Hence you want even look at the numbers. I’ve some sympathy for that. If you did you would be shitting bricks as to what the victims of the fraud are going to do to the people who’ve stolen their money.

    They’ve given it to you, and as one of the chosen, you’ve taken it and left them destitute.

    The only solace I draw from it, is that they won’t pay you your pension.

  20. Newsbot9

    Ah yes, because you’re cancelling pensions for the 99%.

    Keep on talking what you have personally done and are personally doing to ensure pensions are not paid. You keep talking up your murderous rampage, your tendency to spout off like the genocidal loon you are.

    You might want to make others shit bricks before you murder them, but I don’t murder at all, so sorry for that.

  21. LB

    I’m not, since I haven’t taken any money. It’s people like you, running the state pension system as a Ponzi.

    End result, you can’t pay, and the result is as you say, people will be killed. Perhaps not as many as the NHS kills, but there will still be deaths.

    However, keep it up, you need your cash now don’t you from those contributions. Have to keep up with the Jones.

  22. LB

    It’s already Greece. Nothing will change it, because you’ve looted the pension contributions so you can have the good live.

    BMJ (British Medical Journal) 40,000 deaths from error and deliberate killing, each year, in the NHS.

  23. Snertly

    Not at all. Just a person made curious by your large output of weak rhetoric. You and the LB here seem to be pretty evenly matched. Seems like you’re a bit better informed about housing in England than the particulars of Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

  24. Newsbot9

    Yes yes, keep whining about the million and more saved, gotta kill them all!

    Keep mixing up your imagination and Britain’s current state too. Keep transposing me and you, Tory MP.

  25. Newsbot9

    You’re transposing me and you again, and mixing up “Jones” and “0.01%”. And keep lying about the 540 billion you boast about looting in other posts, and how YOU refuse to pay a penny back, and boast how it’s terrible how the poor get medical care, and…]

    You’re a broken record, Tory MP.

  26. Newsbot9

    Yes yes, LB. Thanks for standing up and being counted.

    And I see, that’s your next target is it, LB, victim blaming harder?

  27. blarg1987

    Yet you still have not compared it with other countries me notice 😛

  28. LB

    Interestingly, I’ve now had an official response.

    The government definition of a contingent liability, is one where its less than 50% that it will pay out.

    So your civil service pension, less than 50% you get paid. The question is how much below evens are the odds you get paid. Same for the state pension.

    It’s the plan. Don’t pay out. That’s the state for you.

  29. LB

    Where’s the 540 bn?

    Is it the 550 bn the state taxes people?

    Or is it the 5,500 bn debt that’s off the books? For your pension.

    I’m not a doctor, so I’m not responsible for the deaths in the NHS. 40,000 of them, each and every year.

    What have Labour and you to say about it? Lets talk Horse meat.

  30. Snertly

    You have wandered off the beam, though it shouldn’t be surprising. The bulk of your arguments seem to be more aimed at the messenger than the message. The kind of person who argues in that fashion tends not to be overly concerned with specific facts that might get in the way of the rhetorical expression of feelings regarding the subject matter, therefore they tend to make logical errors because organizing things in a logical fashion has a lower priority than simply stirring up an emotional response.

  31. Newsbot9

    Yes, LB, I’m sure you object to the accurate criticism, and keep talking up your disregard for facts, people and logic. Your emotional war on pensions is notable.

  32. Newsbot9

    Yes, you’ve answered yourself. You don’t intend to pay, you’re creating the risk. You’re determined not to pay, in fact. And yes, it’s you – and your determination to kill the poor.

  33. Newsbot9

    Yes, I’m sure cheap horse meat in the food supply is a great idea in your view. And no, you’re just responsible for the attempted murder of a million or more, by denying them care.

    And keep talking up your fraud and conflating it with the state’s.

  34. LB

    Well, you raise the other countries. Can we compete in then “killing patients games”.

    So come on, what’s the comparison? Pre or post the Stafford numbers?

    At least 600 per hospital from this 5.

    Officials would not confirm which other hospitals face inspections, but over the past year a total of 20 trusts have been found to have high death rates. They include Wye Valley, Aintree University Hospitals, Mid Cheshire Hospitals, Northern Lincolnshire and Goole and Hull and East Yorkshire.

    20 trusts (some with multiple hospitals).

    600 * 20 = 12,000 deaths.

  35. LB

    Professor Grocott said doctors at the hospital with the highest death rate would be aware of their poor performance and should be examining the reasons for it. But of even greater concern are hospitals that had not participated. The audit, to be presented to the annual congress of the Association of Anaesthetists today, was conducted among 1,800 patients at 35 hospitals who volunteered to submit data – leaving around 200 which did not.

    “What’s happening in the 200 hospitals that were not interested in collecting their data? One could speculate there may be some who are performing even worse,” Professor Grocott said.

    The 30-day mortality rate following abdominal surgery ranged from 3.6 per cent in the best performing hospital to 41.7 per cent in the worst. The audit was carried out at the request of surgeons and anaesthetists who said there was little data to drive improvement. Professor Grocott said it was possible the worst performing hospital treated older, sicker patients but “the magnitude of the difference is unlikely to be explained by these factors alone”.


    11-12 times the death rate.

    Just why would you want to go into a hospital with a 40% chance of dying, when in the NHS, you could run a 3.6% chance?

    So why is the willy waving, are we better or worse than Mali an issue? Ah yes, its to distract from the UK. The NHS isn’t responsible for the deaths in Mali, or any other country. It carries the can, or it should, for needless deaths in the UK

  36. LB

    How can I deny them care?

    1. I pay taxes
    2. The state doesn’t deliver.

    e.g Next you will be saying its bank customers who are missellling.

  37. Newsbot9

    1. You don’t.
    2. You are trying to make it not.

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