Left Foot Forward welcomes Sonia Klein to the team

Left Foot Forward welcomes Sonia Klein to the team.

We’re very pleased to announce that Sonia Klein has joined Left Foot Forward as CEO.

Returning to London from the US where she was political director for Veterans for National Security and where she also worked for the Obama campaign, Sonia brings over 20 years global commercial experience to Left Foot Forward.

Born in Tower Hamlets and raised in Newham, Sonia has an MBA from George Washington University and has worked on grassroots campaigns in both the UK and the US for the past 25 years.

Sonia will also be taking a role with Political Pixel, the co-operative established to support the UK’s leading progressive blogs.

Left Foot Forward’s founding editor and director Will Straw welcomed her to the team:

“Sonia Klein brings a wealth of private sector and public campaigning experience from both sides of the Atlantic.”

“It’s a fantastic honour to be welcoming someone of Sonia’s calibre to the Left Foot Forward team as we look to build the site towards the 2015 general election.”

3 Responses to “Left Foot Forward welcomes Sonia Klein to the team”

  1. Uwe Barworten

    I’ve always wondered why people from immigrant communities tend to be from the left? Most english people seem to be centre-right which is I suppose why we avoided the madness that enveloped Europe 70 odd years ago

  2. EDL Cunt

    Do you know over 90% UK PMs from immigrant family

  3. Newsbot9

    Keep on making it up. Your poisonous spite is rather pervasive. You’re far from a majority in saying that we were on the wrong side of the “madness” in Europe 70 years ago, and the right is far from a majority in itself.

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