Infographic: The UK’s low rape conviction rate

The infographic gives an overview of Britain's shockingly low rape conviction rate.

It was reported today that a police unit in London that investigates sex crimes was pressured to drop a rape claim against a man who later went on to murder his two children.

The damning report by the Independent Police Complaints Commission also details how the MET’s Sapphire unit failed to pursue rape allegations properly in order to boost the team’s detection rates.

The UK already has one of the lowest rates of conviction for allegations of rape in Europe. The below info-graphic, put together by Information is Beautiful, gives an overview of how the system is already failing women in light of today’s news. Zoom in twice to get a clear view of the stats.

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11 Responses to “Infographic: The UK’s low rape conviction rate”

  1. LB

    It’s endemic. It’s not just rape, its across the board.

    If we take Roadsafe, the Met Police’s dumping ground used to fob of people reporting traffic issues.

    Nearly 1,100 complaints in 6 months. 5 go to the criminal justice unit. One goes to the CPS. I suspect even that one gets dumped.

    Provide evidence of an assault. To quote. “I’ve not looked at your video yet, but you must have provoked him into assualting you”.

    Hmmm. yes dear. you were wearing a miniskirt and provoked him into raping you.

    It’s still rampant in the police.

    Then you’ve got cover ups like Saville. Nick Clegg investigating (or not) sexual assaults …

  2. Raging Leftie

    This is absolutely sickening, women barely report rape as it is and reports like this show you, well what is the point of reporting rape – they are going to get away with it anyway. Why go through the pain and agony of going to the police, getting treated like you are making it up like you are lying, like you had too much to drink and you were wearing a short skirt and you were asking for it. Then going through the process of accusing a man that you may or may not know. These are vulnerable women which are not getting the support which they deserve. Something needs to be done, proper support needs to be offered to all women who come forward with a complaint about rape and sexual assault, this is a serious issue, yet no one treats it as such or rather no one who has the ability to change things or do something about it treats it seriously enough. This is disgusting but why are more people not angry?

  3. john_zims

    Just like Mid Staffs, New Labour’s target culture,make the numbers look good mirage.

  4. used to be labour

    labour inspired targets chasing – same as the killings in staffs hospital. burnham never wanted an inquiry. tractor production up again. same old socialist crap. i suppose ‘lessons will be learned’. we need to shoot a few of labours old front bench ‘pour encourages les autres’.

  5. Newsbot9

    Of course you do, gotta end democracy outright. Far right nuts like you, who have never been Labour…

  6. LB

    So what have you done about it?

    It’s not just women, its endemic across the book.

    The state is taken people’s money, and not fulfilling its part of the bargain, providing the service.

    In the case of victims, its investigating and prosecuting the offenders. So since they won’t do the work, they are far more keen on hiding the results and clearing the crimes off the books.

    However, they will spend 3 million policing the Equadorian embassy after one man, because its political. Far simpler to take the cops away, let Assange out and them ship him off for his rape trial

  7. Raging Leftie

    What have you done about sir? I don’t believe we are in disagreement. We are both saying that more money and resources need to be diverted into helping/supporting victims (of all crimes) and getting those who have been accused, prosecuted.

  8. LB

    My current one relates to Roadsafe. Go to the police in London and they point you at this site. Report it through there.

    Over a six month period, nearly 1,100 reports get made. 5 go to the CRU. They report just one to the CPS. Haven’t got the information there as to what happened.

    Now lots of these cases involve video evidence. Now the Met took my questions as a complaint – their choice – so I’m going to push it.

    None of these appear on the crime stats. Ho hum, just like the rape cases, I suspect for the same reason.

    It’s down to their priorities. 3 million on Assange, bugger all dealing with a crime issue that’s 12-15 deaths a year in London. 20% of the murder rate.

    The police have their priorities wrong. Rape victims included.

    Here’s part of an earlier message of mine that shows the problem

    Provide evidence of an assault. To quote the police. “I’ve not looked at your video yet, but you must have provoked him into assualting you”.

    Hmmm. yes dear. you were wearing a miniskirt and provoked him into raping you.


  9. Ran

    The real conviction rate for rape is actually over half, 58% – 1% higher than the average conviction rate for crime full stop. See

  10. Tom

    Apparently people who make false rape allegations are not punished severely either. I think they should be punished as much as the people who are guilty of it.

  11. DevOps

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