From Argentina to Andorra: Gay marriage around the world

A look at the countries where gay marriage is legal and at those that are on the way to making it legal.

Yesterday marked the first step towards full legal recognition of same-sex marriage in England and Wales.

With this in mind, Left Foot Forward looked around the world at those countries where same-sex marriage is already legal, at the countries where progress is being made towards same-sex marriage, and finally, at those parts of the world where life is harder for the LGBT community.

The pioneers

Eleven countries allow same-sex couples to marry. Those are:

Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Sweden.

Bills legalizing same-sex marriage have been proposed, are pending, or have passed at least one legislative house in 10 countries:

Andorra, Colombia, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Nepal, New Zealand, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and Uruguay.

The hall of shame

Laws against homosexual activity are on the books in at least 78 countries:


1 Algeria
2 Angola
3 Benin
4 Botswana
5 Burundi
6 Cameroon
7 Comoros
8 Egypt
9 Eritrea
10 Ethiopia
11 Gambia
12 Ghana
13 Guinea
14 Kenya
15 Lesotho
16 Liberia
17 Libya
18 Malawi (enforcement of law suspended)
19 Mauritania
20 Mauritius
21 Morocco
22 Mozambique
23 Namibia
24 Nigeria
25 Sao Tome
26 Senegal
27 Seychelles
28 Sierra Leone
29 Somalia
30 South Sudan
31 Sudan
32 Swaziland
33 Tanzania
34 Togo
35 Tunisia
36 Uganda
37 Zambia
38 Zimbabwe

Asia, including the Middle East

39 Afghanistan
40 Bangladesh
41 Bhutan
42 Brunei
43 Iran
44 Kuwait
45 Lebanon
46 Malaysia
47 Maldives
48 Myanmar
49 Oman
50 Pakistan
51 Palestine/Gaza Strip
52 Qatar
53 Saudi Arabia
54 Singapore
55 Sri Lanka
56 Syria
57 Turkmenistan
58 United Arab Emirates
59 Uzbekistan
60 Yemen

In Iraq, there is no law against homosexual acts, but sharia judges have reportedly imposed sentences for homosexual behavior.

In India, enforcement of the law against homosexual activity has been suspended by court action.


61 Antigua & Barbuda
62 Barbados
63 Belize
64 Dominica
65 Grenada
66 Guyana
67 Jamaica
68 St Kitts & Nevis
69 St Lucia
70 St Vincent & the Grenadines
71 Trinidad & Tobago


72 Cook Islands
73 Indonesia (Aceh Province and South Sumatra)
74 Kirbati
75 Nauru
76 Palau
77 Papua New Guinea
78 Samoa
79 Solomon Islands
80 Tonga
81 Tuvalu


82 Northern Cyprus

Yesterday Left Foot Forward looked back at a history of parliamentary anti-gay bigotry in the UK.

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