PM visits India while new figures show no UK students studying main Indian language in school

While the prime minister visits India, new figures reveal that not a single UK child has studies Hindi for GCSE or A-Levels in the past year.

No UK pupils are currently studying for a Hindi language GCSE or A Level, despite it being the fourth most widely spoken language in the world, new figures reveal.

While David Cameron begins a three-day visit to India in an attempt to promote a ‘great partnership’ with Britain, a parliamentary written answer to a question by Labour MP Stephen Twigg shows there are currently no pupils studying for a GCSE or A-level in Hindi in the UK.

In response, Twigg said Cameron and education secretary Michael Gove needed to “make sure more young people were studying languages like Hindi and Mandarin so the UK could compete in the modern economy”.

“Hindi is the 4th most commonly spoken language in the world, but no students in the UK study for a GCSE or A Level. This government are presiding over a narrow, backward-looking education system,” he said

“How can we expect to train the entrepreneurs and business leaders of the future if we don’t give them the tools to help with global trade?” he said.

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