Watch: Balls mocks Osborne’s u-turning, on fuel duty, flood defences, regional pay…

Ed Balls poked fun at George Osborne's many, many u-turns in his autumn statement response today.


Ed Balls poked fun at George Osborne’s many, many u-turns in his autumn statement response today.

The shadow chancellor said:

“Let me congratulate the chancellor for taking our advice, and stopping January’s fuel duty rise, even though they all voted against it just a month ago. They all voted against it.

“And we welcome the u-turns on flood defences, on regional pay bargaining in the NHS, the u-turn on capital allowances.

After churches, charities, pasties, skips, fuel and caravans, I think it is catching on Mr Speaker, this u-turning, but whatever happened to the plans for the Business Investment Bank?

“And as for yesterday’s announcement on infrastructure spending the extra money for schools is just a fraction of the cuts and the cancellation of Building Schools for the Future.

“And we have been here before, a year ago the prime minister boasted about their national infrastructure plan 12 months on not a single road scheme has even started, Mr Speaker.”

Watch it:

On our Cameron’s Corkers site, we’ve got more on the aforementioned u-turns on fuel duty, flood defences, NHS regional pay, school building, capital allowances, the u-turn on the plans to axe housing benefit for under-25s, and, from the omnishambles budget, those u-turns on charities, pasties and caravans

And we’ll have more on the autumn statement tomorrow on Left Foot Forward.

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2 Responses to “Watch: Balls mocks Osborne’s u-turning, on fuel duty, flood defences, regional pay…”

  1. Sid whathisname

    I thought balls did pretty poorly in his reply, for long periods especially through the Welfare report he and Miliband were pretty silent which is not surprising since it’s mostly labour project.

    The rest of Labours reply had one problem, the Tories only had to say, what would you do Mr Balls.

    Sorry labour has a problem in as much they are scared of saying or maybe they do not know what they would do.

  2. Selohesra

    Even the BBC thought Balls was poor – so he must have been awful. Still Labour had Evan Davis on R4 this morning to parrot the Labour mantra and try and make up for Balls failure yesterday

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