Watch: Balls mocks Osborne’s u-turning, on fuel duty, flood defences, regional pay…

Ed Balls poked fun at George Osborne's many, many u-turns in his autumn statement response today.


Ed Balls poked fun at George Osborne’s many, many u-turns in his autumn statement response today.

The shadow chancellor said:

“Let me congratulate the chancellor for taking our advice, and stopping January’s fuel duty rise, even though they all voted against it just a month ago. They all voted against it.

“And we welcome the u-turns on flood defences, on regional pay bargaining in the NHS, the u-turn on capital allowances.

After churches, charities, pasties, skips, fuel and caravans, I think it is catching on Mr Speaker, this u-turning, but whatever happened to the plans for the Business Investment Bank?

“And as for yesterday’s announcement on infrastructure spending the extra money for schools is just a fraction of the cuts and the cancellation of Building Schools for the Future.

“And we have been here before, a year ago the prime minister boasted about their national infrastructure plan 12 months on not a single road scheme has even started, Mr Speaker.”

Watch it:

On our Cameron’s Corkers site, we’ve got more on the aforementioned u-turns on fuel duty, flood defences, NHS regional pay, school building, capital allowances, the u-turn on the plans to axe housing benefit for under-25s, and, from the omnishambles budget, those u-turns on charities, pasties and caravans

And we’ll have more on the autumn statement tomorrow on Left Foot Forward.

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