Unofficial figures show 70% on Work Programme still jobless after a year

Ahead of the official publication of Work Programme Outcome Statistics by ONS this morning, ministers have been preparing the ground for low expectations.


Ahead of the official publication of Work Programme Outcome Statistics by ONS this morning, ministers have been preparing the ground for low expectations.

The Telegraph reports unofficial figures showing 70% of participants remain jobless after a year on the scheme:

Unofficial figures released ahead of the government’s own results showed 71 per cent of those who joined the £5 billion Work Programme when it started in June 2011 had not found employment by September this year.

This amounted to about 53,000 individuals. About 22,000, or 29 per cent of those who entered the schemes in June last year, had successfully started work.

Out of the 248,000 long-term unemployed adults who joined the programme in June, July and August 2011, about 180,000 were still out of work in September 2012.

As the New Statesman’s Rafael Behr blogged last night, ministers have been preparing the ground for bad news – with a leaked letter from employment minister Mark Hoban revealing the coalition’s attempts to “move the goalposts”:

It has been hard to judge the effectiveness of the policy because the DWP has prevented providers from publishing their data on how many people have actually been placed in work. We have had data on the number of people referred to the Work Programme which suggest that not enough of the long-term unemployed are even getting help through the scheme.

What he haven’t seen – because ministers have continually delayed publication – is how many people have actually been found jobs and how many are staying in work long enough to trigger the payments on which the providers depend if they are not to go bust. In other words, we have yet to get a clear sense of whether the Work Programme is actually working.

That wait comes to an end tomorrow, when, at last, the DWP will publish the numbers. There are hints already that they won’t be encouraging.

Hoban wrote:

“As the Work Programme supports people for two years or more, it is too early to judge Work Programme performance by Job Outcome and Sustainment Payment data alone.”


“To better explain Work Programme preferences so far, I will also be releasing a number of ad hoc statistics which show how the programme is moving people off benefits and compare what we have spent on the programme with the cost of the previous employment programme, Flexible new Deal. ERSA, the providers’ trade organisation, will also publish information on how the programme is helping people move into jobs.”

The official figures will be released shortly…

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27 Responses to “Unofficial figures show 70% on Work Programme still jobless after a year”

  1. Grimly Feendish

    Let me tell you about my experience of the Work Programme. I was
    told I had to take part in it on 5/10/2012. A letter from TCV, a partner
    of the JHP Group Ltd (Work Programme suppliers) arrived 11/10/2012
    inviting me to an induction on 15/10/2012. Induction took about 1/2 hour
    and I was told I would be contacted by a personal advisor and I would
    meet them. That was the last I heard from them. They have done nothing apart from 1/2 meeting telling me how good they were at finding me work.

  2. Patrick

    Why didn’t you contact them, then? If you really want a job, why weren’t you on the phone chasing them up, pushing for another meeting?

  3. Grimly Feendish

    I often wonder what the Tories enjoy most about killing the poor, sick and disabled.

  4. Patrick

    Answer the question. Why were you sitting around waiting to hear for them for 6 weeks instead of chasing them up?

  5. Steven

    Don’t be so rude and profoundly ignorant. The REAL PROBLEM we have in this country is an utterly failed economy which quite clearly totally fails to create enough real job vacancies for the number of job seekers there are. It is THIS that has to be corrected and THEN well-funded and well-designed employment programmes put in place to guide job seekers to the most appropriate vacancies but I guess,for some people at least, regurgitating prejudice from the Daily Mail is all they are capable of.

  6. Patrick

    It’s not ignorant. It’s well informed. Because Grimly Feendish gave us the information himself. He had a meeting with the work programme and when he didn’t hear anything he didn’t bother to chase them up, he just made a post on here moaning about it. Those are facts. You can hardly blame people for drawing inferences about Feendish from those facts. And when people make those reasonable inferences in individual cases, they start to wonder how many more Mr Feendishes there are out there.

  7. Newsbot9

    Why would someone contact a slave labour company and beg for it?

    Why, he might be doing an actual job search, which you can’t allow!

  8. Newsbot9

    Ah yes, so you think that the most harshly punitive welfare system in the west needs MORE sticks to beat the poor for existing.

  9. Newsbot9

    And about you as well. Why do you support slavery?

  10. Patrick

    Why can’t I allow it?

  11. dani

    people are working 8 hours a day, monday to friday and often more to support people on benefits. the least they can do is spend 8 hours a day searching for a job or increasing their skills to get one. i assume he didn’t post on here by carrier pidgeon so he has access to a computer and the sum of human knowledge at his fingertips.

    if you are just sitting around waiting then you are taking money from sick children, the disabled, and everyone else less needy than you are. you could send an african village to school for the money it costs to pay for someone to sit on their fat, spotty behind waiting for someone to dump the perfect job in their lap.

    if you stopped benefits he’d have a job in days. he would be happier and so would the rest of us.

    It was Gandhi who said you should never give able bodied people money except in return for work, otherwise you demean them and you demean yourself.

  12. Newsbot9

    There’s no suggestion he’s sitting arround. All he’s said is he hasn’t plunged headlong into slave labour, which has been proven, in study after study, to extend the time people spend unemployed.

    If you were serious, you would oppose “Workfare” for that reason. But no, you’d rather further the War On The Poor. You hold up the myth that murdering the poor bv cold and starvation by ending benefits would benefit YOU, because you’re colluding with the people crushing the economy and ending jobs.

    Not to mention the crime wave you’d cause by people trying to stay alive, but hey!

  13. dani

    there is no excuse to be unemployed long term in this country. you can learn a programming language from scratch in the time this workshy scrounger has been waiting for the work programmer to get back to him. laziness pure and simple. and if we didn’t have to pay for the able bodied lazy claimants we could be far more generous to the disabled and those that have genuine problems getting work

  14. amy

    I – along with Gandhi – oppose able bodied people getting any benefits unless it is for a short period in between jobs. you offer money for people to sit at home an lo and behold! several million will take the opportunity

  15. Newsbot9

    That’s right, you ignore an economic situation and mare trying to murder a significant proportion of the population to satisfy your bloodlust.

    Alternatively, you’re proposing throwing women out of jobs so men can have them.

    Jobs are nor magic, you can’t make them appear by wishing it so, when the Government’s economic policy is dedicated to holding down job creation!

  16. Newsbot9

    That’s right, you want to murder the people you throw out of jobs. Only a distinct minority of people can learn to program well enough for professional purposes, and only a distinct minority of people do well at self-directed learning.

    As ever, you know nothing about the person’s situation, and you are simply trying to protest the fact he has not jumped into slave labour.

    If we didn’t have to pay for murder advocates like you this country would also be better off. When are you reporting for slave labour, following your own principles? You’re intellectually lazy, and thus don’t deserve a job by them!

    Because the reality is that Ghandi was talking about employment guarantees, not killing off the unemployed. He was not talking, either, about slavery but real jobs.

  17. dani

    there are 3 jobs advertised in my local B&Q but you won’t find that out by sitting on your fat arse, commenting on ultra left wing blogs or by moaning about how long it takes for the work programme to phone you back.

    problem is we have too many lazy people who won’t pull their weight and the government indulges them

  18. Newsbot9

    We already have one of the least generous and the most punitive benefit system in the West, in reality.

    How DARE someone not run headlong into slavery, or apply for jobs suitable for their level of experience. Why, they might ever earn above minimum level again, or get off benefits more quickly than otherwise! (again, “workfare” extends the time on benefits, in study after study!)

    You’re the ultra, as ever, the radical trying to kill off British people and falsely claiming support from people who dedicated themselves to life, like Ghandi.

    You’re the lazy leech, getting fat off workers.

  19. jack

    your bizarre tirades about mass murder say quite alot about the mind of a labour supporting child stealing/molesting drone.

  20. Newsbot9

    Yes, you keep calling consequences bizarre. I know your wealth insulates you from the repercussions of what you do, but you’re engaged in a war on people’s lives!

    And, no, again, I am NOT you! Stop trying to say everyone does what you do, sheesh!

  21. Patrick

    You come across a complete nutcase.

  22. Newsbot9

    Yes, I have come across you. There we go.

  23. Steven

    I certainly agree with the idea that some unemployed people could benefit from learning new skills but the problem is that due to all of these schemes going back to New Labour’s equally moronic so-called New Deal the unemployed don’t have the time to do that since they HAVE TO attend these things. Anyway, what too many people in this country fail to recognise is that the real problem we have is the lack of demand for labour in our economy ie a shortage of vacancies. You can be as highly-skilled as you like and have a great work ethic but if the jobs are not there then they are not there. It is THIS sad fact about our economy that the government needs to do something about.

  24. Steven

    Exactly. I worry about the fact that so many people in our country APPROVE of ‘something for nothing’ ie state subsidies for poor employers paying poverty wages.

  25. Steven

    Not necessarily. I’m a BNP supporter and I don’t approve of workfare because it is economic illiteracy as well as morally objectionable (sanctions should only be applied to those who continually refuse reasonable actual job offers)

  26. Newsbot9

    That’s not something for nothing, it’s corporatist. Indeed, it’s socialism for the rich.

  27. Chris

    I got redundant last May and went on to Job Seeker’s, for some reason i been forced to go on the Work Programme. I turned up every appointment to find a suitable job and 2 weeks ago i had an interview, but it was on the same day as my appointment. I made the Work Programme aware of this and made a later date for my appointment. Last week i got a letter send through post claiming i failed to turn up my Appointment and got sanctioned for 4 weeks with no income whatsoever, i made an appeal against the decision and the decision maker said it’s not a good enough reason for not turning up. Unbelievable. The Work Programmes are fake trying to find ways to stop you’re benefits and they don’t really care about you getting employment, you just turn up and they say “go on the computer for 3 hours and search”. Clearly the work programme is not working.

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