Poll: Public back Labour’s argument the cuts are “too far and too fast”

The latest Sun/YouGov poll shows more support for Labour's argument on the cuts than the coalition's.


The latest Sun/YouGov poll (pdf) shows more support for Labour’s argument on the cuts than the coalition’s. Forty per cent say the government’s public spending cuts are “too deep”, with 43% saying they are “too quick” – echoing Ed Balls’s “too far and too fast” mantra.

As the charts above show, only 28% and 26%, respectively, think the cuts are “about right” in their pace and depth, with just 12% and 13%, respectively, believing the scale of the cuts is “too slow” and “too shallow”.

The poll also reveals 48% say the government’s deficit reduction programme is “bad for the economy” (v 35% good), and 57% say the cuts are being carried out “unfairly” (v 26% fairly). However, 55% say cuts are “necessary”, with less than half that figure (27%) believing they are unnecessary, and 35% say the last Labour government is “most to blame for the current spending cuts”, with 26% blaming the coalition.

Interesting figures – though for some reason, this poll, commissioned by The Sun, appears not to have been covered by The Sun. Now, why might that be?

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13 Responses to “Poll: Public back Labour’s argument the cuts are “too far and too fast””

  1. Michael Carey

    Even with the leading question…

  2. LB


    Page 4.

    4.7 trillion hidden off the books.

    How about telling the public you’ve spent all their pension money?

    Er, yes. They would lynch you. Better not tell the plebs.

  3. Richard Gadsden

    If you combine “about right” with “too shallow/slow” then you get 40-39 on one question and 43-40 on the other, where the small pluralities favour the Labour view, and the minorities agree either with Osbourne (“about right”) or with the Tory backbenches (“cut harder”). Those leads aren’t that strong, but they’re still a big turnaround from a year or so ago where the public agreed with Osbourne much more strongly.

  4. David Mullen

    Why not make the argument that the cuts are completely unnecessary. The problem with public finances is tax evasion by multi nationals and the super rich.

  5. LB

    So come on.

    4,700 bn of state pension debt with no assets.

    That’s not the banks, because they don’t run the state pension

    That’s no the rich either. It’s multiples of the total tax take.

    That’s politicians running a Ponzi.

    On top all the other debts.

  6. BenM_Kent

    They’re not that hidden if you can keep shouting about it.

  7. Newsbot9

    That’s right. you’re running a ponzi, politician. You’re not going to pay the state pension, etc, because you’d have to pay tax.

  8. Newsbot9

    Shush now, don’t get facts into his copy/pasted shilling.

    And yes, LB, you’re going to manage to get lynched one day by the people you keep spitting on. Disgusting habit.

  9. LB

    Not me, The state. It’s the ONS figures. Personally I know the real debt to be much higher.

    e.g. The Triple lock means at least 0.5% above inflation.

    4.7 on state pension
    1.6 trillion for civil servants
    1.1 trillion for borrowing
    0.4 trillion for PFI

    Income 0.57 trillion.


  10. LB

    Not me running the Ponzi.

    It’s MPs.

    Ben. Yep I’m going to carry on.

    As a question for you.

    Your share is 250,000 with interest on top.

    How are you going to pay your fair share of the mess?

  11. Newsbot9

    Yes, and you’ve said you were an MP.

    And of course you’re going to refuse to accnoledge that the rich should pay anything like a fair share. Let along shouldering a more than “fair” share of the burden, as they can without suffering/

    No, you’ll engage in a murderous war on the 99% instead.

  12. Newsbot9

    Yes, you’re morally and intellectually bankrupt.

    You keep attacking the concept of pensions, of the NHS, of there being a functioning state which YOU, politician, can partake in.

    Keep on demanding the poor pay for your corporate welfare and lavish lifestyle. You “know” that you can abuse your power to leech off your inferiors, crook.

  13. Nemesea

    i think the cuts are unnecessary and dangerous as how many lives will be lost by taking benefits away from people and family’s who’s lives depend on them ???

    because they are unable to work, and even if some came off benefits to work for min wage the price of things nowadays a family of 5+ would still not manage to support its self…..

    and i know this because i am a mother of 3 kids which i love to bit and i am on benefits (hell i would love to work and get out of the house but i know i cant due to been disabled) and my partner cares for me and our kids….

    and at times even on benefits we struggle to make ends meet and many times me and my partner have gone hungry just to be able to make it so the kids have something to eat and i know we get just above min wage so just think of all the children and family’s that will not be able to manage on a min wage and no benefits i know for a fact if i was taken of benefits i wouldn’t be able to keep my family afloat and i know i would starve my self trying to keep it afloat and many other mothers and fathers would and i know there are many other family’s that are even more worse off than what we are….

    and i haven’t even mentioned the elderly and their pensions as i know a few who don’t have their heating on because they cant afford to even when the weather is really cold and i know a few who have died from getting ill due to been cold…..

    so from what i have seen since this government has been in they have lied, blackmailed, ignored problems, and more or less try to kill off people that are not within their high rich class range which would be the elderly, sick/disabled, poor, and the homeless

    also you may not have noticed that most employers are letting people go so finding a job when no one is taking on is quite hard to do

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