Watch: Jon Stewart rips Fox’s election night sewer of unreality

Watch Jon Stewart re-live Fox News's unreal election night displeasure.


One of, if not the highlight of the US election has been Jon Stewart’s nightly chronicling of right-wing media lies and bullsh*t on The Daily Show – and he saved the best till last, re-living Fox News’s election night disaster, meagalolz-ing at the likes of Karl Rove, Bill O’Reilly and Sarah Palin.

As Media-ite’s Josh Feldman notes:

He then turned to Fox News, which was “caught flat-footed” after months of brushing aside the polls and predicting that Mitt Romney would win. And that’s when Stewart got around to the amazing, insane moment of panic on the network that Stewart said, unlike all of humanity, “will… live forever”.

Stewart was amazed that Rove’s insistent denials that Ohio was really a lock for Obama got Megyn Kelly to suggest that Rove was either lying to himself or to the audience in doing his own math. And Stewart actually managed to come up with an alternate slogan to Fox’s “Fair and Balanced”: “Math you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better.”

But of course, Stewart then tracked Kelly’s “voyage” through the halls of Fox News to find out the truth of what really happened in Ohio, going so far as to confront the people at Fox News’ very own election desk. As Stewart phrased it, “there was an avalanche on Bullshit Mountain.”

Stewart ended by tearing into the Fox News personalities who were amazed at how many Americans voted for Obama because they want more entitlements. He mocked them for thinking that they would have won if not for minorities taking the country away from older white people (a.k.a. Fox’s audience).

Watch it in all its glory (from 2:45):

“‘Scientific gobbledygook’, or as we call it, arithmetic”; “misinformation gruel”; “math you do as a Republican to make you feel better”… if you only watch one election 2012 video, make this it.

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  1. Tom Pride

    Thanks for this. Love Jon Stewart. We need something like him on UK TV.

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