Cable’s memory problems: 11:07: ‘Growth committee’s never met’… 12:05: ‘It’s met twice’

Vince Cable is quizzed on the cabinet's mysterious Growth Implementation Committee.


Do you suffer from short-term memory loss? Have trouble recalling what you did last month? Last week? Well, you’re not alone, and there’s no limit to what you might achieve – why, one day, you might even be business secretary.

Vince Cable, questioned by the BIS select committee this morning on the cabinet’s mysterious “Growth Implementation Committee”, at first denied it had ever met, and said he would “endeavour” to get to the bottom of the riddle; then, an hour later, he suddenly remembered it did actually exist, and had met twice – last month and last week – and he had been present on both occasions.

Watch his initial response and sudden delayed recollection:

All well and omnishambolic, then, but it still leaves key questions unanswered, like what exactly does the committee do? Who is on it? And why are the Tory Treasury Twits spending so much of their time talking about its existence (without ever taking about what it does)?

As Mark Ferguson says:

If the committee exists, and has met twice, then it should be easy to answer such a simple question. So who is on the growth committee?…

It’s clearly such a crucial committee – and he’s clearly playing such a crucial role – that he couldn’t even remember if it had happened or not. Omnishambles…

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