Joining A Future that Works – full details of Saturday’s march

Here are the details of the logistical arrangements for anyone wishing to join Saturday’s “A Future that Works” march, by the TUC’s Nigel Stanley.


Here are the details of the logistical arrangements for anyone wishing to join Saturday’s “A Future that Works” march, by the TUC’s Nigel Stanley

The march assembles along Victoria Embankment from 11am. But as it will be big, marchers will still be leaving until around 1:30 or even later so we hope people will stagger their arrival times.

It is bound to be busy so we are asking people to use a range of nearby stations and to aim to join the march at the rear from Blackfriars. Those who try and join at the front from Embankment will be asked to go round to the back via the Strand once the assembly area starts to fill.

The best stations are therefore:

Blackfriars – District line;

Southwark – Jubilee line and a short walk across Blackfriars bridge;

St Paul’s – Central Line and a short stewarded walk down to Blackfriars;

Waterloo – Bakerloo and Northern lines – stewards will be located on Waterloo Bridge to advise on the best bridge to use. That is likely to be Blackfriars Bridge for all but the earliest arrivals.

Temple will almost certainly be closed as it has limited capacity. Westminster is not advised as it will be a long walk to the rear of the march along Whitehall and the Strand – if on the District line use Blackfriars and if on the Jubilee line use Southwark.

Note the Victoria line through central London and the Circle line are closed though either the Hammersmith and City or District lines will cover almost every Circle line station.

There is a short march for those who would find the whole route too much. This will form up in St James’s Street to the south of Piccadilly, near to Green Park tube. People should arrive by noon for this.

The main march will move off around noon and go via Whitehall, Haymarket and Piccadilly to Hyde Park for a rally that will start around 1:30. There will be three blocks of speakers, broken up with some video breaks and a little music. The rally will finish by 4pm to give people a chance to clear the park before it gets dark.

Speakers will include a range of union voices, campaigners and Ed Miliband.

The area of Hyde Park we use is covered in bark, put in after heavy rain during the summer concert season before the Olympics. This has provided excellent resistance to recent rain, but some parts are a bit damp so sensible shoes that you don’t mind getting a bit wet and muddy are advised.

There will be a range of catering concessions in Hyde Park provided by the Park authorities. We have installed extra toilets at the form-up and in Hyde Park. Trafalgar Square also has good public toilets.

As for the form up we are advising people use a range of different stations to get home; Green Park, Bond Street, Edgware Road, Paddington and Victoria are all within walking distance, and are good alternatives to Marble Arch and Hyde Park Corner which are bound to be congested and may be closed.

There is lots more information on the march website.

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  1. Selohesra

    Who pays for the police to cover this march and also for the damage caused once the anarchists inevitably take over?

  2. royswales

    That is the price we all pay for living in a democracy (or would you rather that the public be banned from protesting against policies which are causing them real hardship?) Remember we do not have a legitimate Government in power – they should be relieved that we are demonstrating so peacefully (it isnt like this in every country these days)

  3. Selohesra

    “We don’t have legitimate government” – just about sums up your lack of anything positive to add to the country. You may not like the Tories (I didn’t vote for them either) but they got more votes & bigger % than Labour in 2005 and Labour got less votes and smaller % than Tories in 2005. No-one went around saying Bliar was not legitimate government. Get over it – you lost.

  4. Newsbot9

    He’s a LibDem quisling, he doesn’t believe in democracy.

  5. Newsbot9

    Keep talking about how the Tories are far too moderate for you.

    And the Tories only managed with the help of the Quislings…

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