Con 2012: Cameron’s speech: What happened to the “greenest government ever”?

The wordle of David Cameron's 2012 conference speech.


Climate, carbon, environment, green… Where did those words disappear??

We’ll report on the corkers in Cameron’s speech shortly on Left Foot Forward; tweet #CamCorker with your suggestions.

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8 Responses to “Con 2012: Cameron’s speech: What happened to the “greenest government ever”?”

  1. Life: Downloaded

    Oh please. It’s actually worth considering what is there. The Coalition and the Tory aspect still have ideas and stances on the environment, but that’s not one of the key issues that concerns the audience or the UK population in general. They key issues are things like the economy, healthcare and the future of children/education. As you can see from the Wordle, ‘people’, ‘money’ and ‘children’ are prominent words. He’s also using nationalistic words and those which relate to foreign policy. This is all good stuff. Obviously, I would want to read the full transcript, but I don’t think Cameron should be criticised for not mentioning something which isn’t a priority.

  2. Newsbot9

    You think being able to afford utilities is trivial?

  3. Life: Downloaded

    I didn’t say it was trivial. I said it was a priority compared to the likes of the economy, healthcare and education. It’s also true that the majority of people in the UK and the people in that audience would be thinking the same thing (or similar at least). I also implied that, while a Wordle can be useful, it’s not perfect. It should only really be used as part of a more complex post.

  4. Newsbot9

    Time to study Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Education is utterly pointless without filling every piece of it, let alone utilities which come in at the bottom of the second tier.

    Healthcare? Way up there too. People are worried about being able to eat, sleep under a roof and have heat for the winter.

    They’re the *priorities*.

  5. Life: Downloaded

    I have studied Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and have been well aware of it for many years. It’s not perfect though. Remember if you have kids, they are important and therefore so is their health and education. The economy and job opportunities are also vital because that allows people to afford decent homes and pay the bills that can house them and their children (if they have any).

  6. Newsbot9

    The problem there being the critical housing shortage and an energy policy which amounts to a price escalator, which the Tories are downright encouraging (not that Labour did nearly enough about it themselves).

  7. Life: Downloaded

    Nice to see that people from a particular political allegiance admit there was fault on both sides of the political spectrum. There are far too many occasions where I notice a large amount of amnesia in politics. I don’t know whether the Tories are encouraging a price escalator as you say, but they could still do better. If there was more funding available to support house building projects, then the country will be much better off.

  8. Newsbot9

    Both sides? No, that would require a party to the left. I’m a left winger, and neither centralist (trending right these days) Labour or the right-wing Coalition have any support from me.

    And yes, the Tories are actively pushing, sadly, with things like their new council house sale schemes. Housing should be cross-party, but even Labour’s plans for house building schemes are side-thoughts, funded not from capital borrowing but from once-off windfalls…

    (Council houses. 100k a year, 5 years, brownfield sites. Combined with rent caps and a tax on empty houses and empty brownfield sites…)

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