A4e owner Emma Harrison in car crash interview on Channel 4 News


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4 Responses to “A4e owner Emma Harrison in car crash interview on Channel 4 News”

  1. julian

    I thought it was excellent. She’s such a barm-post she can’t even get Krishnan’s name right. If only the shysters had to give back the money…our money….

  2. TristanPriceWilliams

    Awwwww poor wee scone.

  3. Ian Jarvis

    My heart bleeds for this woman that became a millionaire thanks to the tax payer whilst her company provided a joke of a service to the unemployed. The government are also responsible however, and instead of offloading unemployed people to scam artists like Harrison and her ilk they should be helping the unemployed directly.

  4. etonmess

    “I’m not a politician” “all the ‘politics people’ attack me, and ‘I don’t know anything about politics and that'”

    This woman is a joke: she pays herself millions after taking a multi-million pound government contract and then a) pretends she’s some kind of neutral person; b) fakes a kind of ‘I don’t really understand very much about the big bad world of politics and the media’, as though she’s a bit dim (yeah, right) and that the very idea of the media quizzing a businessperson is wrong (which it isn’t) and, finally c) she seems genuinely shocked that a major company taking a contact such as this should be dragged into ‘politics’.

    Well, that’s what politics is. It is, ultimately, a debate about our country. How it is run. How people are affected.

    And if the Emma Harrison and people neo-liberal politicians think that just because something is privatised, it’s beyond criticism or reproach, they are kidding themselves.

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