EXPOSED: Tory Cllr calls Lawrence Inquiry a “joke” and attacks Hillsborough Report

A Tory councillor has called the Lawrence Inquiry a "joke" & attacked the findings of the Hillsborough Report as "overloaded with politically correct language".


A Tory councillor in West Yorkshire has called the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry a “joke” and attacked the findings of the recent Hillsborough Report as “overloaded with politically correct language”.

Roger Taylor, the Conservative councillor for Northowram and Shelf in Calderdale, says those who sought the truth, the campaigners looking to hold the police to account for the Hillsborough cover-up, are:

“…not fit to tie Sir Norman Bettison’s shoe laces.”

In an email to JUST West Yorkshire, a charity promoting racial justice, civil liberties and human rights, Taylor rants:

“So is your ultra-left organization claiming that the police actually pushed into the terraces and suffocated the victims? Are you telling me that this report is not overloaded with politically correct language rather like the Stephen Lawrence “enquiry” (a joke in itself) was?

“You are not fit to tie Sir Norman Bettison’s shoe laces (I was on the WYPA for nearly three years by the way) so how dare you call for his resignation.

As racist and anti-American Muslims once again rail against the west with their vile language of death to infidels you choose to ignore that and concentrate on Sir Norman. What a bunch you really are.

“If I thought you were getting tax-payers’ money I would be the first to secure its removal!”

Previous emails from Taylor to JUST in recent months include the statements:

Most acts of terrorism are committed by Muslims. I agree there are many minor “terrorist” groups but they don’t worry me just as much.”


We know the vast number of vile and hatred riddled rioters were black or non-white.”

In their reply to him, JUST conclude:

“We consider it a matter of deep regret that someone in your position would deem the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry to be “a joke”. The Macpherson Report made a number of key recommendations to enable our police forces to tackle institutional racism, which has blighted the lives of victims.

“Those recommendations were approved and embraced by police forces nationally as well as endorsed by the Association of Chief Police Officers. Therefore for you to term the inquiry in such terms is disrespectful to the memory of Stephen Lawrence, his family and campaigners who fought for justice over many years.

“We believe that you have breached the code of conduct for Councillors and in the interest of public accountability we are issuing a press and media release. We are also copying our response to the leader of Calderdale Council, the leader of the Conservative Party and the national Party, Chief Whip, Andrew Mitchell MP.

“We are calling for an investigation into your unprofessional conduct and appropriate censure as your behaviour is not befitting of a holder of public office.”

Taylor remains a Conservative Party councillor.

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