Take a break from the Olympics

At Left Foot Forward, we are making a fundraising appeal - please donate.

Dear reader,

Yes – we may all think the world has come to a sporting standstill, but to keep us on our political toes, Left Foot Forward is launching a fundraising appeal this summer. As a health campaigner and social justice writer who has been moved and motivated by Left Foot Forward’s work, and continues to be thrilled to be amongst the writing ‘crew’, I wanted to tell you why I’m supporting the appeal.

In the face of a mainstream press which this year has been found wanting again and again, I believe it’s vital excellent evidence-based blogging is supported and consolidated. The small staff team work very long hours to keep the Left Foot Forward site up to date and to include articles which provide accurate analysis of the complex policy issues which impact upon all of us.

Left Foot Forward makes every effort – with considerable success – to ensure subjects which are often avoided are properly addressed, both on the blog and also in conference break-out sessions. This really needs to be applauded and supported.

Left Foot Forward is aiming to raise £3,000 this summer so it can gear up for the government’s return to Westminster and scrutinise the effects of the damaging Health and Social Care Act.

We’re not automatically expecting you to make a donation (unless you want to of course!) but this modest target makes the maths easy. If 100 people give £30 or 200 pop £15 into the kitty or even if it’s only a fiver then the £3,000 can be easily reached. After all, having a good read of Left Foot Forward is absolutely free – you don’t have to break through a paywall every time you want to read an article!

There are now scores of readers making small monthly payments to Left Foot Forward and hundreds making small donations every year.

Can you join them and make a one off donation today to help Left Foot Forward achieve their £3,000 summer fundraising target?

Please, make a small donation today and keep Left Foot Forward successful.

Thanks for your time – let’s see if we can make it over the finish line in record time!

Jos Bell

ps. If you would like to make a more regular contribution to Left Foot Forward, get in touch and ask for a standing order form.

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