Nearly there

If just 10 people give a donation for £20 today, we’ll smash through our goal of our summer fundraising target of £3,000.

Dear reader,

Thanks to the generous donations of more than 80 readers, we have raised £2,700 towards our summer fundraising target of £3,000. Left Foot Forward is run on a shoestring. With an annual budget of just £35,000 for our office, editor’s salary and the technology we need to run the site, we’re able to reach over 60,000 readers every month with breaking news and cutting analysis on progressive politics and policy in the UK.

Help us reach our summer fundraising target of £3,000 by making a small donation today.

Most of our income comes from advertising revenue or the standing orders that some of our most loyal readers have established. But we still need to top this up by fundraising from our members. On the left we support our causes.

One generous donor has even promised to match every pound that we now raise through this appeal. So if just 10 people give a donation for £20 today, we’ll smash through our goal.

If you value it, support it. Please give a small donation today.

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Will and Shamik

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2 Responses to “Nearly there”

  1. Geoffrey Pollard

    I am truly shocked. I thought you at least put in your own time for free! But you are begging for money to pay the Editor’s wages while you get interns to work for nothing!!!

    I sent you my own hard earned money months back expecting it to be for server hosting, not so you can live it high on the hog.

    Truly beneath contempt.


  2. Gavin Kelley

    Does this blog really need an office? I would have thought it’s an hour work a day for someone to maybe format the free posts and just leave the comments to themselves. They could do that for free couldn’t they?

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