Double blow for Osborne: 52% want him sacked, and just 2% of Tories want him as leader

More than half the public want George Osborne removed as chancellor, a poll yesterday revealed, while just 2% of Tories want him as their next leader.

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More than half the public want George Osborne removed as chancellor, a poll yesterday revealed – while just one in 50 Tory members want him to succeed David Cameron as Conservative Party leader.

George-Osborne-corpseThe latest Sunday Times/YouGov poll (pdf) shows:

Just 25% think the government is handling the economy well – the lowest figure YouGov have yet recorded; and

• Only 19% now think Osborne should remain chancellor – as many as 52% want Cameron to replace him – with more than one in four Conservative voters holding this view.

As significantly, the poll further finds:

45% now think ‘the government should change its strategy to concentrate on growth, even if this means the deficit stays longer or gets worse’; and

Just 28% want ‘the government to stick to its current strategy of reducing the deficit, even if this means growth remains slow’;

• The 17-point lead for Plan B over Plan A is the largest YouGov have ever found.

Meanwhile, a survey of Tory members for ConservativeHome shows 0% want Osborne to lead the Tories into the next election – with just 2% wanting him to succeed David Cameron – well behind Boris Johnson, on 32%, and also behind William Hague (24%), Michael Gove (19%), David Davis (12%), Philip Hammond (7%) and Liam Fox (3%). Only omnishambolic home secretary Theresa May is as unpopular.


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It’s not competely dire for Cameron and Osborne, however, with the YouGov poll still placing them ahead of Ed Miliband and Ed Balls on whom people trust more to run the economy – just – by 34% to 31%, a gap considerably narrower than at the time of the budget.


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