Fox News: Fair and balanced (occasional series)

Republican efforts to kill Obamacare with repeal bills are amounting to nothing, but it's not for want of support from America's most strident news outlet.

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Roger-Ailes-Fox-NewsFox News has always been strong on self-parody. While the Murdoch-owned cable outlet’s aggressively pro-Republican stance has been notorious for years, it has always employed the slogan ‘fair and balanced’, and called on its viewers to “say no to biased media, and yes to fair play and free speech” upon launching a new website in 2009.

Fox’s latest gem is truly worthy of abridged transcription. In the days and weeks after the Supreme Court upheld Barack Obama’s healthcare reforms, the Republican-held House of Representatives has attempted to repeal the legislation on more than thirty occasions, most recently on Wednesday. Since the Democrats hold the Senate, each attempt has come to nought.

Yesterday, Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryanpossibly the closest the GOP has to a policy wonk – appeared on Fox’s early morning show, anchored by Steve Doocy and Gretchen Carlson. Ryan’s goal was to remind viewers that November’s elections represent their last chance to kill ‘Obamacare’.

What followed, with the two anchors competing to out-bias one another, was pure hilarity:

Some highlights:

Responding to Ryan’s contention that “if Congress knew then was Congress knows now, this law would never have passed”, Doocy soliloquied thus:

“Something the President of the United States is not going to talk about out on the stump is his signature achievement, and that’s passing healthcare, because it is wildly unpopular by a majority of people in this country. And instead, since he can’t run on his record, he’s got to throw stuff out like the ‘War on Women’ and the dog stuff…and now, once again, it’s that class warfare thing where he wants to jack up taxes on the most successful people in the country, the small businesses, the job creators, even though he knows there is no chance it’s going to pass.”

Subsequently, Carlson chipped in:

[Obama’s] hoping that voters do not read the fine print when they put out some of these headline statements, and then the retractions come at the bottom of the page a short time later.”


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Ultimately, Doocy took the Krispy Kreme biscuit with this loaded question of loaded questions:

Congressman, do you sometimes feel that you went to Washington to change things, get stuff done, and now you guys are just spinning your wheels, because you pass bills – you repealed Obamacare yesterday – you send it over to Harry Reid, and he’s got a big pile of stuff you already sent him. He’s not going to do a darn thing with it.”

Fox News: Fair and balanced.


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34 Responses to “Fox News: Fair and balanced (occasional series)”

  1. leftlinks

    Left Foot Forward – Fox News: Fair and balanced (occasional series)

  2. Political Planet

    Fox News: Fair and balanced (occasional series): Republican efforts to kill Obamacare with repeal bills are amou…

  3. Ben Phillips

    @ChrisTarquini @TRouse11 The Fox News piece has just gone up – – thanks for the tip-off.

  4. Shamik Das

    Fox News: Fair and balanced (occasional series): by @BenPhillips1989

  5. steven durrant

    Fox News: Fair and balanced (occasional series): by @BenPhillips1989

  6. NewsatLeft

    Fox News: Fair and balanced (occasional series) #MediaIntegrity #fairandbalanced #FoxNews #gretchencarlson #paulryan

  7. NewsatLeft

    Fox News: Fair and balanced (occasional series) #MediaIntegrity #fairandbalanced #FoxNews #gretchencarlson #paulryan

  8. Selohesra

    Everyone knows Fox is outrageously biased in favour of republicans and CBS & ABC are pretty biased against them. The point is everyone knows the agenda of who they are watching and can judge accordingly. The bias at the BBC however
    – anti coalition
    – anti cuts (even before there were any)
    – anti Israel
    – pro Europe/Euro
    – anti any questioning of climate change ‘science’
    – pro Labour pro Democrats or more particularly pro-Obama

    Their bias is covered up and they try to pretend they are impartial – that to me is far more dangerous and insideous

  9. 45 Apples

    RT @leftfootfwd: Fox News: Fair and balanced (occasional series): by @BenPhillips1989 #NewsClub

  10. Anonymous

    How surprising, you use a mention of the media to attack the BBC.

    And of course you think not murdering is evil. Shocker there…

  11. Selohesra

    No mention of murder in my post Botty – I think your problems are getting worse.

  12. BevR

    RT @leftfootfwd: Fox News: Fair and balanced (occasional series)

  13. Anonymous

    Wah, wah, I’m reading all your posts and not taking each one as it’s own separate gem. And that’s right, you keep on trying to silence Incorrect Views.

    Not only did you call for murdering the poor, you attacked science, called for isolationism and tried to say that everyone not Tory was incorrect.

    Your idiotic name trick and your shills in other thread…it’s transparently you.

  14. Selohesra

    You are really very weird Botty

  15. Anonymous

    Yea, the truth is SO strange to a good follower of the Tory’s IngSoc.

  16. Mr. Sensible

    Thank goodness we don’t have that problem in this country. Would sooner take the imparcial BBC any day.

  17. Selohesra

    Don’t take yourself so seriously Botty – nobody else does. And you accuse me of a silly name – why did you give up on Leon Wolfson?

  18. Anonymous

    I didn’t, Disqus did.

    And why wouldn’t I take you seriously, when there are plenty of people quite seriously advancing that kind of view.

  19. Alexander Wallace

    Well, and most left-wingers take the BBC to be
    – pro coalition
    – pro cuts (even before there were any… read ‘efficiency savings’)
    – pro Israel
    – anti Europe/Euro
    – pro any and all questioning of climate change science
    – anti Labour

    I suppose if both sides are accusing them of bias, they must be doing something right…

  20. Extradition Game

    RT @leftfootfwd: Fox News: Fair and balanced (occasional series): by @BenPhillips1989 #NewsClub

  21. Anonymous

    What absolute rot. The BBC’s bias on the Palestinian issue, for example, is well documented.

    They’ve mostly been *useless* on cuts…

  22. Selohesra

    So the BBC of
    – Stephanie “2 Eds” Flanders
    – Trotskyite anti cuts strike leader Paul Mason who opines on the economics of addressing the deficit
    _ Jim ” ” if we win the next election” – to Ed Balls” Naughtie

    Is not left wing enough for you – perhaps not as it depends how off the scale you are – but if you are suggesting they are not all of the left then you must be smoking the same stuff as Newsbot most of the time

  23. Alexander Wallace

    And Andrew Neil? And Nick Robinson? The BBC, as most sensible people admit, encompasses a range of opinion and political colour. Any and every debate and news story is painfully infused with every side – just watch Question Time if you don’t believe me: anyone trying to use that forum to dominate from either left or right is given short shrift. It seems you’re the one intolerant of any opinion other than your own. Get a grip, please.

  24. Alexander Wallace

    Show me the news reports and debates and analyses. I’ve only ever seen the issue presented with equal input from all sides. Maybe I’m watching a different BBC… Or maybe I’m just watching with an unblinkered mind and don’t foam at the mouth whenever an opinion I don’t agree with is given any air time.

  25. Alexander Wallace

    Oh BTW the list goes on and on re right-leaning individuals who work, or have worked, for the BBC – viz Boris Johnson’s spin doctor, for example. Still, carry on – “British Broadcasting Corporation? More like British Broadcasting COMMUNISM!” and so on.

  26. Selohesra

    It’s all in the Balen report which to their eternal shame the BBC have gone to ridiculous length and expense (our expense) to hush up

  27. Selohesra

    Robinson long ago left his young conservative past behind – presumably realised it would harm career at BBC. Neil is harder to tell – I’d say whatever his politics he is always evenhanded with whoever he interviews – unlike the fawning toadying interviews of the shadow cabinet on Today programme by Naughtie, Davies , Montague etc Compare with constant sniping and interrupting of govt spokesman

    Bizarre the you quote Question Time – the most partisan audience cheering the reds and booing the rest at least the BBC admit it is specially selected.

  28. Anonymous

    Oooh, oooh, like the NHS risk report?

  29. Alexander Wallace

    Well because I’ve been in a Question Time audience, and I know how it IS selected actually. What you say is nonsense – no matter what you think you discern on screen, the applause etc is roughly equally distibuted in line with the strict equality between political viewpoints that makes up the audience. Oh and Andrew Neil most certainly is not always evenhanded – he often comes across as outrageously hard on any Labour representative (viz the LIbor scandal; and seriously – if the BBC were such a Pravda-like Labour-supporting institution, why do they keep having Michael Portillo on TW?). It’s just a nonsense – there is no bias at the BBC. All sides are given an airing.

  30. Alexander Wallace

    I don’t want a second-hand report, I want you to show me the news reports, clips etc that prove the BBC’s bias against Israel.

    Start here:

    I’ll wait.

  31. Selohesra

    nothing like the risk reports which Burnham/Labour did not want released when they were in power. One is a devil’s advocate type analysis which you would want to be prepared but not misquoted/abused by lazy opportunistic politicians whatever the colour of opposition. The other a report into the propaganda pushed on us by our state funded broadcaster which was done for the express purpose of determining whether BBC were in breach of their obligations to us.

  32. Selohesra

    Don’t be so quick to dismiss Balen – a BBC commissioned report which they hoped would be a bit of a hitewash over their failure to be impartial. It wasn’t to they hushed it up. Our state broadcaster, funded by us, deceiving the country – it may be what you ant but not me.

    if you want some examples why not visit Some bits a bit wacky but some quite serious examples especially against Isreal

    Appologies if hese seems duplicate – but i replied earlier and it seems to have dropped off – although my onnection has been bit iffy today

  33. Blarg1987

    The most simple and logical way to determine if the BBcis bias is to look at news reports over the history of it and see if they have become bias or not.
    The thing people say is, the BBC has become more bias, no one seems to ask is, as a nation have we become more left wing or right wing on our views that groups like the BBC have stayed where they are?
    So how about people who maon the BBC is left wing or right wing, go through old news items and compare them like for like as well as other media outlets to see if their stance really has changed or if it is just peoples opnion, whcih has been influenced by other media.

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