Fox News: Fair and balanced (occasional series)

Republican efforts to kill Obamacare with repeal bills are amounting to nothing, but it's not for want of support from America's most strident news outlet.

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Roger-Ailes-Fox-NewsFox News has always been strong on self-parody. While the Murdoch-owned cable outlet’s aggressively pro-Republican stance has been notorious for years, it has always employed the slogan ‘fair and balanced’, and called on its viewers to “say no to biased media, and yes to fair play and free speech” upon launching a new website in 2009.

Fox’s latest gem is truly worthy of abridged transcription. In the days and weeks after the Supreme Court upheld Barack Obama’s healthcare reforms, the Republican-held House of Representatives has attempted to repeal the legislation on more than thirty occasions, most recently on Wednesday. Since the Democrats hold the Senate, each attempt has come to nought.

Yesterday, Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryanpossibly the closest the GOP has to a policy wonk – appeared on Fox’s early morning show, anchored by Steve Doocy and Gretchen Carlson. Ryan’s goal was to remind viewers that November’s elections represent their last chance to kill ‘Obamacare’.

What followed, with the two anchors competing to out-bias one another, was pure hilarity:

Some highlights:

Responding to Ryan’s contention that “if Congress knew then was Congress knows now, this law would never have passed”, Doocy soliloquied thus:

“Something the President of the United States is not going to talk about out on the stump is his signature achievement, and that’s passing healthcare, because it is wildly unpopular by a majority of people in this country. And instead, since he can’t run on his record, he’s got to throw stuff out like the ‘War on Women’ and the dog stuff…and now, once again, it’s that class warfare thing where he wants to jack up taxes on the most successful people in the country, the small businesses, the job creators, even though he knows there is no chance it’s going to pass.”

Subsequently, Carlson chipped in:

[Obama’s] hoping that voters do not read the fine print when they put out some of these headline statements, and then the retractions come at the bottom of the page a short time later.”


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Ultimately, Doocy took the Krispy Kreme biscuit with this loaded question of loaded questions:

Congressman, do you sometimes feel that you went to Washington to change things, get stuff done, and now you guys are just spinning your wheels, because you pass bills – you repealed Obamacare yesterday – you send it over to Harry Reid, and he’s got a big pile of stuff you already sent him. He’s not going to do a darn thing with it.”

Fox News: Fair and balanced.


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