Poll: Cameron seen as out of touch, out of ideas, weak, indecisive and dislikeable

The latest Sunday Times/YouGov poll shows David Cameron is viewed as dislikeable, indecisive, weak, out of ideas and out of touch.

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Following last week’s Lords reform Hell, and ahead of a semi-renewal of vows with Nick Clegg today, the weekend brought not respite but more gloom for the embattled PM, with the latest Sunday Times/YouGov poll (pdf) revealing a public ever less impressed with the Tory leader.

As Chart 1 illustrates, the latest survey shows his personal ratings in very ill health; he is viewed as dislikeable (44%-42%), indecisive (47%-40%), weak (47%-38%), out of ideas (52%-32%) and, surprise, surprise, monumentally out of touch (66%-23%).

Chart 1:

David Cameron’s net approval rating is -27, Ed Miliband’s is -24, and Nick Clegg’s is -59 – his worst so far. To put Cameron’s fall in context, as Political Betting’s Mike Smithson tweeted, on January 20th he was 50 points ahead of Miliband in the YouGov leadership ratings. Now he is behind.

Sixty per cent think the coalition government is bad “for people like you” (16% say good); 65% think it is managing the economy badly (27% say well); 77% think Britain’s economy is in a bad state at the moment (only 3% say good); and 68% think the Tories and Lib Dems are working together badly (26% say well).


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Amongst the poll’s other findings, 49% think George Osborne should apologise to Ed Balls over his suggestion the shadow chancellor has “questions to answer” over the Libor scandal and was “clearly involved” in it. Only 30% think he shouldn’t apologise.


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