So, Mr Cameron, why spare Hunt and knife Warsi? (As if we don’t already know…)

David Cameron is referring Baroness Warsi to the adviser on the Ministerial Code; he is not referring Jeremy Hunt... Spot the difference?

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David Cameron is referring Sayeeda Warsi to the adviser on the Ministerial Code. David Cameron is not referring Jeremy Hunt to the adviser on the Ministerial Code.

Spot the difference? (Here’s a picture in case that helps…)

It was a subject that solicited much attention on Twitter yesterday – here are some of the best Tweets on the PM’s double standards, saving “JH” while knifing the Baroness:

“So Cameron orders ministerial probe into Warsi but not Hunt. Is it cos she is black? Or cos she wasn’t in charge of BSkyB bid?” – Alastair Campbell

“Yep, Warsi referred, but Hunt cleared. Asian, Muslim & female, enough to make you A List, but not a real member of the club.” – Henry Bonsu

“Hunt:White, Public School, Male. Warsi: Black, Comprehensive, Female. Tricky call.” – Paddy Briggs

“Jeremy Hunt: son of an Admiral, Charterhouse, Oxford. Warsi: daughter of immigrants, State School, Leeds Uni” – J Fraser

So comprehensive-educated Warsi is investigated but former Head Boy at Charterhouse public school Hunt is in the clear #helooksafterhisown” – John Prescott

“The contrast in the treatment of Hunt (clear breach of ministerial code) and Warsi (nasty tittle-tattle) is terrible for Cameron.” – Stefan Stern

“Warsi v Hunt. Female v male. New v old. Not part of the club v establishment. Sorry – but all inescapable thoughts of obvious Tory bias” – Richard Murphy

“Clearly not all breaches of ministerial code the same. Warsi referred to Sir Alex Allen. Hunt not. Warsi considered disposable, Hunt not?” – Nick Robinson

I appreciate I’m on other side of Atlantic but can’t work out why Cameron has referred Warsi to ministerial code but not Hunt.” – Andrew Neil

“I’m no fan of Baroness Warsi, but she’s entitled to feel angry when Cameron launches investigation into her but not Hunt. Incredible.” – Iain Martin

“Clearly a tory elite stitch-up job.” – James Weston

“BREAKING NEWS: The rest of the Cabinet finally notice that Baroness Warsi hasn’t got a winkle and the suntan’s not fading. #whiteboysclub” – Boris Watch

“Warsi allegedly fiddles £175 and gets referred. Hunt greases the wheels of an £8 billion deal and gets nothing. I see.” – Alex Andreou

Warsi = ethnic woman. Hunt = british bulldog. You scratch tory policies/actions you find racism/sexism. Victorian politics.” – An Owl

“Jeremy Hunt lobbied 4 a £7000000000 monster corp (NewsCorp) that hacked dead peoples’ fones. Warsi didn’t declare rent. Who goes? U decide.” – Dr Éoin Clarke

“Cameron needs to control the fate of Hunt. He’s happy to let others decide on Warsi. The contrast is so unsubtle all 3 are in more trouble.” – Steve Richards

And there will be people (whose votes Tories need), barely follow politics, but clock that wasp guy saved, Asian lady not.” – Rafael Behr

“Sayeeda Warsi faces an inquiry. Jeremy Hunt does not. Is that fair?: David Cameron has asked for an investigatio…” – James Kirkup

“When the Torygraph are asking this you have to wonder what is going on Chez Cameron” – Emma Kennedy


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Once again, as John Prescott observes, we witness an arrogant, out of touch Tory prime minister looking after his own, as witnessed in the budget; if you’re a rich boy, this government will thumb its nose at public opinion and go to the wall to defend you, they’re only “all in it together” with their own, if you’re one of them – and even if you’re a loyal Conservative cabinet minister, you’ll never really be one of them, one of the club, one of the team, one of Team Cameron.

Whether it’s incompetence, expenses or lies, you get the feeling Hell will freeze over before Cameron takes action against one of his public school chums. Dave, Gideon, Jezza and Govey, long to omnishambles over us… Pip pip!


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