Guess which front page fails to lead on Leveson?

Would you believe it? The Sun is the only UK national newspaper not to lead on James Murdoch, Jeremy Hunt and the Leveson Inquiry today.

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There’s only one story everyone’s talking about, right? A Cabinet minister under fire, revelations galore, questions of impropriety, surely every newspaper will lead on this story, or at least mention it on their front page?

Not when one of them is the plaything of one R. Murdoch, as the montage below shows:

That’s right, The Sun are leading on the, admittedly (back page) headline news that Fernando Torres finally found the net to send Chelsea into the Champions League Final at Camp Nou (and what a goal!), while every other paper – including fellow News International publication The Times – leads on (or mentions) James Murdoch’s Leveson Inquiry testimony, in which he dropped culture secretary Jeremy Hunt in the stew.

Maybe their final edition will lead on it? Then again, maybe Torres will score the winner at the Allianz Arena three-and-a-half weeks hence…


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Or maybe they’ll lead on Leveson tomorrow following Rupert’s appearance today?!


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