Even GPs implementing Cameron’s health reforms have come out against them

Even GPs who are implementing the NHS reforms oppose them - it’s time to drop the legislation and strangle the disastrous health and social care bill.


We are used to David Cameron insisting in the House of Commons, even if bodies that represent NHS professionals such as the CPHVA, RCGP, CSP, UNISON, UNITE, GMB, RCM, RCN, BMA, RCP, RCR, MiP, COT, IHSM and the Faculty of Public Health oppose the health and social care bill, health workers are backing the changes.

His evidence for this is the roll out of GP-led clinical commissioning groups (CCG) across the country, designed to facilitate the external marketisation of the NHS.

He has insisted time and again at Prime Minister’s Questions:

” There are thousands of GPs throughout the country who are not just supporting our reforms, but actually implementing our reforms…

Except the chair of a flagship CCG has come out in opposition.

Pulse reports:

Tower Hamlets CCG in east London, led by former BMA deputy chair Dr Sam Everington, has written to David Cameron asking him to abandon the bill following a wave of opposition from local GPs, and warning him “your rolling restructuring of the NHS compromises our ability to focus on what really counts”.

In a letter obtained by Pulse, the CCG claims the strides already made to improving patient care through clinically-led commissioning show that improvements could be made “without the bureaucracy generated by the bill”.

When even those you tout as great supporters of the bill come out in opposition, it’s time to drop the legislation. 

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