Anonymous expose Ron Paul’s racist links

Alex Hern writes on the latest email dump from the hacktivist group Anonymous, featuring more revelations about racist Republican Ron Paul.


The amorphous internet collective known as “Anonymous” announced today that they have successfully attacked and overtaken the websites of American white supremacists American Third Position (A3P); in doing so, they have also, they say, uncovered evidence of close links between A3P and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

In a statement on, Anonymous write:

Fellow anons: we are pleased to bring you the dismantling of a major US-based white supremacist network known as the “American Third Position”(A3P). These racist losers have chapters across the US, operate several white power websites, forums and online stores, and are even running a candidate in the 2012 elections

In addition to finding the usual racist rants and interactions with other white power groups, we also found a disturbingly high amount of members who are also involved in campaigning for Ron Paul.

According to these messages, Ron Paul has regularly met with many A3P members, even engaging in conference calls with their board of directors.

Ron Paul’s racist politics and affiliations are already well known, being viciously anti-immigrant, anti-abortion and against gay marriage – not to mention having authored the racist “Ron Paul Papers” and receiving financial support from other white power groups (pictured with Don Black from [A large white-supremacist forum]).

Hard to believe Ron Paul draws some support from the left and the occupation movements, especially now that it is confirmed Ron Paul hangs out with straight up racist hate groups.

Ron Paul’s racism has been noted before.

In December, the Atlantic selected some of the most astonishing quotes from the newsletters he used to send out as a congressman, including:

“Given the inefficiencies of what DC laughingly calls the criminal justice system, I think we can safely assume that 95 percent of the black males in that city are semi-criminal or entirely criminal.”

“We are constantly told that it is evil to be afraid of black men, it is hardly irrational.”

[After the Los Angeles riots] “Order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks.”

[Martin Luther King was] “the world-class philanderer who beat up his paramours” [who] “seduced underage girls and boys.”

When asked on CNN about the newsletters, Paul walked out of an interview, denying he wrote them – although the Washington Post reports that he did indeed sign off on them.

Ron Paul is not, it appears, a particularly nice man; not even for a Republican presidential candidate.

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47 Responses to “Anonymous expose Ron Paul’s racist links”

  1. QEDuh


    Where on are these damning emails? Or is there another source for the emails?

  2. Parkerb51

    What a load of rubbish. IF you are anonmyous, then you’ve lost my support. If you aren’t, sad.


    Proof? Before making assumptions and accusing someone of being a racist, how about provide the evidence, rather than just regurgitating statements from supposed people connected with RP 20 YEARS AGO!

  4. Daniel Hutton Ferris

    "95 percent of the black males in that city are semi-criminal or entirely criminal." Ron Paul

  5. Chris

    Haha, pathetic COINTELPRO – Anonymous is the perfect organization to be co-opted. The fact that half of this statement is riddled with non-factual MSM slander against Paul leads me to believe that this is just another desperate attempt. He didn’t “author” the newsletters, and he certainly did not walk out on the CNN interview… that was debunked like 2 days later.

  6. Anthony

    Yeah, sure. What about the UFOs and bigfoot?

  7. anonymous

    the corrupt shall fall at our hands No Dialogue! No sympathy! Destroy White Supremacy!

  8. Sherryleeis

    Anonymous sucks. 30 years of impeccable, empathetic service to those of all races– he was out of politics and those newsletters were written over the course of 2 years when he was busy being an obstetrician. The higher Paul rises, the more of these vicious attacks will occur.

    although, if anonymous was co-opted, what a brilliant plan on the part of the establishment- get rid of Paul and Anonymous in one shot.

    Won’t end that easy and when this is discredited Paul’s credibility will be even stronger.

  9. kitg

    Sounds like alot of hot air to me. I have pictures of me standing by lots of famous people and of course I shine on nutty people by being nice. However, the Romneys have ties to REAL NAZI’S.

    George Romney worked for Massachusetts Democratic U.S. Senator David I. Walsh during 1929 and 1930 as a staff aide working on tariffs and other legislative matters.

    The New York Post ruined the career of Senator David Walsh with the story that he was involved in a gay Nazi whorehouse full of gay, Nazi, pro-Hitler whores trying to bring down America through extortion.

    It was 1942, and police were tipped off that there was a gay brothel in Massachusetts that was infested with Nazi spies. It wasn’t entirely random — at the risk of propagating a cliche, the brothel was a popular haunt for Navy personnel. So it was a good place to gather military information, if you were an undercover Nazi and willing to bone a sailor in order to get him talking.

    But after city detectives raided the sex club/spy nest, news emerged from somewhere that a U.S. senator had been caught in the sting. Armed with what might very well have been a rumor, the Post handled this insanely juicy gossip with the utmost of professionalism: They sensationalized the shit out of it and stretched out the reveal as long as they could.

    The Post first released the story as just the scandal, then dragged out the affair by hinting that a famous person was involved, then called that person “Senator X” and then finally published Walsh’s name.

    When Walsh was accused of having gay sex with Nazis, the first thing he did was deny it. He then requested a full FBI investigation to prove his innocence. The investigation was conducted, and sure enough, they couldn’t find anything to pin on him except that the brothel owner, Gustave Beekman, swore he saw Walsh fraternizing with the Nazi gigolos, including a notorious spy known as “Mister E.y.

    Although Walsh was exonerated, his career was crippled — it’s speculated that elements of the government who desperately wanted the USA to enter the war were engaged in smearing politicians with isolationist policies, like Walsh.

    Dec 9,1933 – Church News article “Mormonism in The New Germany,” enthusiastically emphasizes parallels “between the LDS Church and some of the ideas and policies of the National Socialists.” First, Nazis have introduced “Fast Sunday.” Second, “it is a very well known fact that Hitler observes a form of living which Mormons term the Word of Wisdom. Finally, due to the importance given to the racial question by Nazis and the almost necessity of proving that one’s grandmother was not a Jewess, there no longer is resistance against genealogical research by German Mormons who now have received letters of encouragement complimenting them for their patriotism.

    George Romney was now an Executive at Alcoa lobbying congress for the next nine years and became very wealthy.

    “Thurman Arnold, as assistant district attorney of the United States, his assistant, Norman Littell, and several Congressional investigations, have produced incontrovertible evidence that some of our biggest monopolies entered into secret agreements with the Nazi cartels and divided the world up among them,” states Seldes in his book, “Facts and Fascism,” published in 1943.

    “Most notorious of all was Alcoa, the Mellon-Davis-Duke monopoly which is largely responsible for the fact America did not have the aluminum with which to build airplanes before and after Pearl Harbor, while Germany had an unlimited supply.”

    Alcoa sabotage of American war production had already cost the U.S. “10,000 fighters or 1,665 bombers,” according to Congressman Pierce of Oregon speaking in May 1941, because of “the effort to protect Alcoa’s monopolistic position.

  10. alrtx

    I agree 100%.

    I would also like to add that anonymous hackers aren’t really the epitomy of morality and trustworthiness…but whatever.

  11. Luke Hebblethwaite

    Anonymous expose Ron Paul’s racist links, reports @AlexHern:

  12. M L

    The supposed file ( with all the data is not even working and the link is down.

    Allegations require proof, which there is NONE to speak. And yet people keep writing articles on websites claiming proof when all they have is hearsay. It’s pathetic and childish to assert things without the proof to back it up

    Guilt by Association is a tactic of the weak and desperate, and in itself is an ad hominem fallacy.

    To suggest that because a candidate is supported by a group of people who associate with an ideology make said candidate complicit is wrong and dishonest.

    The message of Freedom and Liberty, protected by a Constitutionally Bound Republic, resonates with all peoples. And no one group supports Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul, because his message brings all walks of life together.

    Anyone with real understanding of Liberty also has faith in their neighbor, friends and family. We understand and believe in the notion that people when left to make their own decisions with their future can do great things.

    We recognize and understand that in spite of it all, people are people and that no person should be punished for the benefit of the few. And that no person should be fined or imprisoned for the food or substances they have chosen to consume.

    We recognize that freedom can manifest in all walks of life, and we have faith in ourselves and others to make their own choices on how to express it. As long as a person does no harm to others, expressions of freedom are healthy and empowering.

    People can differ in this perspective, and groups will always want to impose it’s will upon another. But in a truly free society groups do not have rights. Only individuals do.

    But this tactic we see in this article is the opposite of this ideology, for they themselves have declared themselves the moral compass for the masses. But they themselves have become a tool of oppression by breaking the law to fulfill their political agenda.

    When a group of people have to resort to hate and violation of the law to promote their cause, they have become like the very monster they believe they are fighting.

  13. Anonymous

    The material in this statement is pure bunk. Anonymous should be campaigning for Ron Paul.

  14. Tyler Brennan

    F*** anon if this is what they’re going to do. Ron Paul has no control over those individuals who support him — if Anon wasn’t retarded they’d figure that out.

  15. Mark

    Keep Trying Mainstream media
    Anti immigrant ? No anti abortion and gay marriage ? Well those are moral personal decisions based on what you believe is right and wrong
    Calling someone anti abortion is not really a reason not to vote for someone
    Ron Paul would end the racist war in drugs

  16. Clare A

    Ron Paul is not, it appears, a particularly nice man; not even for a Republican presidential candidate. (LOL) #racist

  17. cullen stalin

    .@tanehisi i mentioned @RonPaul + #ThirdPosition a few days ago. #Anonymous claims its exposed direct ties to that mvmt

  18. Josh brueggen

    Did it ever occur to anyone that someone who was not racist would be a supporter of A3P? I took a look at their website after reading the story, and it is a bit over the top white centric, but there are also a lot of good conservative/libertarian positions there. I don’t see why what they are pushing is any more racist than say…a congressional BLACK caucus, or a congressional HISPANIC caucus with which the Democrats and Republicans in general have no problem associating. Let me be frank here, there are interest groups for every ethnicity, and orientation, why is it that all are OK except white centric groups. Maybe next Anonymous will hack the black panthers, and expose their government connections……or not.

  19. fisheads

    I would like to believe that this will burst the Paul bubble (the oddest flowering of political enthusiasm among young people since Cleggmania), but I don’t think, sadly, it won’t encourage the almost cultish followers of DOCTORONPAUL to seriously look at their candidate. I particularly love the irony of the defenders of a man whose whole creed is founded on strong personal responsibility for not reading the articles which were published in his own newsletter.

  20. fisheads


  21. Thomas Hodges

    Wow, could you cherry-pick even more? Just because racists support a candidate does not make him racist. Not to mention that his so called “racist policies” are either based on principle fundamentals of Libertarianism (such as private business owners being able to make their own policies without government intervention) or are just made up. Plus completely skipping the fact that Ron Paul isn’t “anti-immigrant” (he’s against illegal immigration), he would leave abortion laws up to the states (per the Constitution), and has even said that even though he believes marriage is between a man and a woman, he opposes government regulation of marriage and that everyone is entitled to their own definition as long as they don’t force it on anyone else. I used to like Anonymous, back when they were exposing the Church of Scientology, but now they’re just hypocritical social liberal jerks.

  22. carlton

    We’ll all get hacked just for being here.

  23. Anonops_USA

    Anonymous had no part in this

  24. Speakeasy

    Anonymous had no part in this

  25. Dawn Blush

    I am reporting all of the news outlets running this story to the United States Federal Government so they can investigate which of you had contact with the terrorist group.
    You should be ashamed to base a story on a bunch of words typed on a blog and if you had ANY contact with the terrorists in question then go read the NDAA.

  26. Anonymous

    Presumably you’ve missed the rest of the comments on this blog post? No one else commenting seems to believe it. Seems like Left Foot Forward are desperate to discredit him just because he holds PERSONAL views about gay marriage, etc. that they don’t agree with. He would ensure that people can make their own adult, consensual, personal choices where it doesn’t hurt other people. Surely that’s the kind of President that anyone who wants a liberal democracy should be backing?

    On the race issue, he would sort out the criminal justice system which he says is prejudiced against ethnic minorities, abolishing federal capital punishment, and would end the drugs war, which he says is also prejudiced against ethnic minorities.

    He’s also not afraid to be honest even when his views are unpopular, which is a commendable characteristic in any politician.

  27. Anonymous

    Interestingly enough, the ones who seem to be in denial about this are the authors of these forum posts (they are not emails which is being widely reported). I’ve been researching the topic and came across some white supremacy forums where the members of A3P have been quite actively denying the claims of these posts…

    Here is an interesting article published by Scott McConnell yesterday which very astutely sums up Ron Paul’s political history, including the allegations of racism, and discusses what the motivation and strategy is behind these allegations. They seem to be the main thrust of credible criticisms against Ron Paul although they certainly cannot be said to be anywhere near the heart of his political platform:

  28. Anonymous

    The Vancouver Observer has picked up on this and is reporting that the main people denying any support for or connection to Ron Paul are the very white supremacists whom are being cited in these emails (on second page of web article):

    Furthermore, the official Anonymous hacker group is denying that they conducted this hacking and it is not a part of their official Operation Blitzkrieg:

    As the VO summarizes, this appears to not be a legitimate hack by Anonymous exposing Ron Paul, but rather an effort by a group claiming to be Anonymous putting out false information in an attempt to discredit Ron Paul. Which somewhat makes sense: If you do a little research you can find that most of the individuals supposedly claiming to “campaigners” for Ron Paul aren’t even affiliated with his campaign much less any of the grassroots organizations or Meetup groups in the areas these individuals claim to be working from. It all goes back to that article from the American Conservative – there is a very well coordinated effort from the GOP establishment to discredit Ron Paul as a racist in order to remove his signature positions, particularly his nonintervention foreign policy position, from being seriously discussed among the party:

  29. Darcy Sykes

    Where. Is. THE PROOF?

  30. Joseph Terranella

    .@tanehisi i mentioned @RonPaul + #ThirdPosition a few days ago. #Anonymous claims its exposed direct ties to that mvmt

  31. Michelle Back

    Go to the link at the top and read the emails yourself. Unless you’re afraid to find out the truth.
    Ron Paul is a racist. It’s there in black and white.

  32. Charles Bivona

    #Anonymous expose #RonPaul #racist links RT @leftfootfwd

  33. Arč Horitani

    #Anonymous expose #RonPaul #racist links RT @leftfootfwd

  34. pirate_larry

    #Anonymous expose #RonPaul #racist links RT @leftfootfwd

  35. Blue Collar Mamma

    #Anonymous expose #RonPaul #racist links RT @leftfootfwd

  36. Zen Green

    “Anonymous” uncovrd evidnce of close links btwn American white supremacists American Third Position (A3P) and Ron Paul

  37. Heart in Portland

    “Anonymous” uncovrd evidnce of close links btwn American white supremacists American Third Position (A3P) and Ron Paul

  38. speakeasy

    Anonymous, as it happens, do support Ron Paul, the entire contents of this article are fabricated. Could you please take this article down within the next three hours, or this site may vanish from the face of the internet for an extended period of time. I expect that you will disregard this warning, so if at any point you want to contact me to beg for your site to be allowed back online, just send me an email.

    Lots of Love,

  39. Blue Rose Ⓥ

    @ChrisHeather172 @Kyrina @Rand__alThor

  40. Anonymous


  41. Nick Somerset

    Well,well, how unpredictable, not. That as soon as someone gets Accused of racism, the dreg are quick to step in with their denial. But when drooling bigoted hate is spewed under every immigrant and every other minority article, instead you see a bunch of plus marks next to the most hateful and prejudiced comments, but no protest! F-in hypocrites. But yea, let’s just say this is ‘all’ made up. Ron Paul does stand with the extremist tea baggers, who’re white supremacists, on undocumented Mexicans, which anyone with an ounce of honesty knows are whom 99% think of in relation to the subject.
    The f-in tea baggers defend the pilgrims, seek to downplay slavery, and obsess about the Mexican “invasion”. Yet they’re just ‘regular’ folks, my butt…

    You could almost say that soon as a white person reacts strongly against being called a racist, he/she Is probably a racist (being on the defensive for one), it’s become such a trend by white supremacists to deny any and all racism, just like some devil would have someone. Even neo nazis can be heard denying their racism, as they rail against border crossers. The worn out ‘pro-law’ argument is almost synonymous with ‘white power’, it’s come to ring that hollow. That is why even neo nazis feel safe to hide behind it.

    Finally, I’m not a Ron Paul Basher. In fact I’ve found some of his views to be spot on, especially regarding foreign policy, and pretty uniquely so among all running candidates. But if Republicans can go back centuries just to make the inane point that Republicans freed the slaves, therefore it’s Democrats who’re the ‘racist’, (utterly inane,if not insane btw), then why can’t someone point out racist links to someone in Current time without mass protests?

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