Lebanese politicians hurl glasses and chairs at each other on live TV

Alex Hern presents a wonderful video from Lebanon.

If, like me, you get a little too heated watching Question Time, you may empathise with these two politicians who let their tempers get the better of them on a Lebanese current affairs programme.

On the left is anti-Assad former MP Mustafa Alloush, and on the right is the head of the Lebanese branch of Syria’s ruling Ba’ath party, Fayez Shukur:

Annoyingly, the subtitles cut out what was said towards the end. I wanted to believe that one of them calls the other “a real Dan Hannan”, and that’s what gets the glass thrown.

A more accurate transcript is below (with quite blue language):

Alloush: “A pathetic, low level informant doesn’t talk to me that way!”

Shukur: “I’m an informant?! My shoe’s worth more than you!”

Alloush: “Eat shit!”

Shukur: “Shut the fuck up! You eat shit!”

Host: “I beg you!”

Alloush: “Son of a bitch!”

Host: “No! No! No! Gentlemen! Gentlemen!”

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