Yet again, Tories fawn over the far right

Left Foot Forward’s Alex Hern reports on Finnish fascist Timo Soini’s presence at the Conservative party fringe in Manchester this week.

On Tuesday, Guido Fawkes approvingly posted:

Timo Soini, leader of the True Finns party told the packed European Conservatives and Reformists Group fringe event earlier: “the Euro is our currency, but your problem”. The nail on the head.

Yet again, we find the Conservatives fawning over members of the European far-right. This site has previously covered the True Finns party, and why they are such bad company for any UK politician, but in case you need reminding, this is what Jan Sundberg, Professor of Political Science at Helsinki University, has to say about them:

“The True Finns saw political potential among the neglected people in society. Their political message is two-fold: social-democratic welfare combined with nationalism and xenophobia…

“They believe that a low birth rate is not solved by immigration, as that results in problems and foreigners do not fit into Finnish culture. Instead, young women should study less and spend more time giving birth to pure Finnish children.

That is like a faint echo of Nazi ideology.”

This is not the first time the Conservatives have hosted a European ally of questionable morals at their conference. In 2009, Polish MEP Michal Kaminski attended the same event Soini was at yesterday.

The Guardian diplomatically referred to his presence as “almost as much of a talking point as London mayor Boris Johnson”, but the talk was hardly idle chatter:

“As a local MP, Kaminski played a key role in the campaign questioning the Polish responsibility for the Jedwabne massacre. The campaign had strongly antisemitic overtones,” said Dr Rafal Pankowski, a member of the Never Again Association and author of The Populist Radical Right in Poland.

In a clear message to Cameron, [the Chief Rabbi of Poland, Michael] Schudrich said: “It is clear that Mr Kaminski was a member of NOP, a group that is openly far right and neo-Nazi. Anyone who would want to align himself with a person who was an active member of NOP and the Committee to Defend the Good Name of Jedwabne [which opposed the apology] needs to understand with what and by whom he is being represented.”

To be charitable, it may simply be that Tory Eurosceptics are so monomaniacal they will ally with anyone of any ideology who will advance their cause. Indeed, one must hope so. The alternative is that these Tories know the views of Soini and Kaminski and don’t care – or even agree.

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36 Responses to “Yet again, Tories fawn over the far right”

  1. Dave Sharp

    Yet again, Tories fawn over the far right: reports @AlexHern #CPC11 #ToryCon

  2. Mark Willis

    Yet again, Tories fawn over the far right: reports @AlexHern #CPC11 #ToryCon

  3. John Edginton

    RT @leftfootfwd: Yet again, Tories fawn over the far right: reports @AlexHern #CPC11 #ToryCon

  4. Political Planet

    Yet again, Tories fawn over the far right: Left Foot Forward’s Alex Hern reports on Finnish fascist Timo Soini’s…

  5. Citizen K

    Yet again, Tories fawn over the far right: reports @AlexHern #CPC11 #ToryCon

  6. Michael

    Yet again, Tories fawn over the far right l Left Foot Forward –

  7. The Finns

    Yet again, Tories fawn over the far right – Left Foot Forward

  8. Joseph Burnett

    Yet again, Tories fawn over the far right: reports @AlexHern #CPC11 #ToryCon

  9. John COYB Syme

    Yet again, Tories fawn over the far right: reports @AlexHern #CPC11 #ToryCon

  10. Dovid Katz

    Readers are invited to visit, a website dedicated to tracking (as best we can with minimal resources) the efforts of the new far right in the east of the European Union to ensnare sundry mainstream personalities and institutions throughout the West as ‘partners’ thereby providing a veneer of legitimacy for policies rooted in racism, antisemitism, homophobia and above all (strange as it sounds) an obsession to get the rest of the world to accept their revisionist view of World War II and 20th century history (“Double Genocide” or red-equals-brown, entailing proclamations of belief in the absolute “equality” of Nazi and Soviet crimes). High among the motives is the wish to obfuscate or write out of history altogether massive East European collaboration with the Nazis.

  11. Noxi

    RT @leftfootfwd: Yet again, Tories fawn over the far right: reports @AlexHern #CPC11 #ToryCon

  12. Abby Jones

    Yet again, Tories fawn over the far right: The nail on the head. Yet again, we find the Conservatives fawning ov…

  13. Rob the crip

    Lucky we in Labour would do nothing like that, well locking up children, allowing rendition, lying through teeth to go to war, otherwise we are the party of the? well what are we the party of, oh yes the middle class.

  14. Rob Shorrock

    Rob – so that makes it OK them? In the game of continual moral equivalence you just end up doing nothing but being complicit. Rendition was wrong, locking up children is wrong and appeasing fascists is wrong.

  15. Anon E Mouse

    Rob the crip – Who is moderating this nonsense?

    At one time this blog used to have some integrity despite being delusional at times but to open the Labour Party up to the fair charge of hypocrisy by publishing crazy articles like this really makes one wonder who is in charge.

    Add to that Peter Mandelson going on holiday with Gadaffi’s son…

    Oh and George Galloway a Labour MP at the time sucking up to Saddam Husain…

    Oh and Tony Blair hugging dictators and selling arms to that disgusting regime in Saudi Arabia…

    Oh and the LSE fiddling the system on behalf of another of the Gadiffi’s…

    Oh and shall I go on about some of Labour’s links in Europe (leaving aside Denis McShane)?

  16. Anon E Mouse

    Rob Shorrock – Not only is rank hypocrisy from Labour wrong it is also unattractive to the electorate – you know those people that elect governments.

    (Not that Labour has a snowball in hells chance at the next election as the polls show)

  17. Chris

    And once again, Anon E Bigot fails to attack the far right. What a horrible little racist he is. Bugger off back to the BNP.

  18. Al

    The polls, Anon? Those same polls that have had Labour pretty much consistently AHEAD of the Tories??!

  19. Antti

    Being a social democrat myself, I would like to point out that it is not right to call Timo Soini a fascist. The True Finns as a party sure have their influential xenophobe wing, which is very alarming, but rural anti-European populism is a better political tag for the party leader Soini.

  20. Christian Wilcox

    The Torys and the European Far Right: . Again… #Croydon #Labour

  21. Anon E Mouse

    Chris – And you fail to attack the Labour Party and it’s love for dictators. Whether or not these nutters are left or right wing isn’t the point – they do not affect people’s lives.

    The dictators the Labour Party sucked up to, both Saddam Hussein and Gadiffi, along with the horrible regime in Saudi Arabia, which I notice you don’t criticise, murdered thousands of their own people.

    How many people have the True Finns murdered? How many acts of genocide have the True Finns committed?

    If you really see a moral equivalence between tyrannical murderous dictators and a bunch of idiots who have a different view from the one you hold then the Labour Party is truly finished.

    Shame on you Chris….

  22. Anon E Mouse

    Al – With all the cuts the government should be WAY behind in the polls but they’re not.

    Cameron is also most trusted on the economy (understandable considering the incoherent message Labour are trying to con us with) and Ed Miliband’s personal ratings are a disaster for him.

    In fairness to Labour the party didn’t elect him, neither the PLP or members voted for him and they can excuse that position and blame the union dinosaurs I suppose.

    Tony Blair, Labour’s greatest electoral asset and best leader in their history, was 21% ahead in the polls against John Major who had no unpopular cuts. Miliband is a dud and his brother would have won without the banana republic system in use. The Labour Party members should be livid but they’re not. It’s bonkers.

    Oppositions don’t win elections – governments lose them and without “middle England” who would never vote for Ed Miliband, Labour have bought themselves a long time in opposition.

    Looking at comments like the one from “Chris” above comparing murderers with a political party he doesn’t like speaks volumes about how out of touch Labour are.

    Blogs like this one and unpleasant remarks and articles serve only to remind people that when Labour suffered it’s second worse election defeat ever last year the electorate were right to do it.

    It’s over for Labour and until they accept they lost the last election it will stay over. The polls are a disaster for the party and the polls are correct…

  23. Chris

    This article is about the True Finns, not about anything else. Anon E Bigot’s comments and long list are an off-topic smokescreen. What a pathetic, gutless little racist. Still no word of condemnation for the True Finns – he’s actually defending the fascists. This blog is called LEFT foot forward, not FAR RIGHT foot forward. I don’t think I’m alone in suggesting BNP Mouse take his racism and homophobia elsewhere.

  24. Anon E Mouse

    Chris – I know nothing about the True Fins any more than you do. I do know they are a legitimate political party where people can choose to vote or not vote for them – something not approved of in the current incarnation of Labour if all the diaries published since last year.

    I do know that the Labour Party has spent the last 15 years appeasing right wing fascist dictators and as an ex-party supporter I just wonder why the author here didn’t consider how hypocritical his item is and how badly it reflects on the party.

    And btw Chris, this blog is not called Right Foot Forward and therefore by your tacit support for dictators and murderers is most unwelcome.

    May I suggest you head off to some BNP website and share your views there where I’m sure your support for parties that slavishly follow rabid Republican US Presidents like George Bush and bomb woman and children in Iraq and Afghanistan would be better appreciated.

    I repeat this is NOT Right Foot Forward Chris. Take note of that please…

  25. Leon Wolfson

    The echo is anything BUT faint.

    And Moron E Troll, you still can’t separate left wing from the very different “Labour” can you. Well, when did you last hug LePen?

  26. Anon E Mouse

    Leon Wolfson – I won’t take any lectures from someone who fabricates stories to support his theories as you often do.

    I am perfectly capable of separating left wing views from Labour Party views but it seems you are missing the point deliberately.

    1. The LABOUR party are the official opposition in this country.
    2. This blog is called LEFT FOOT FORWARD.
    3. The article criticises the Conservative Party’s “fawning” over certain European parties.

    That leaves them open to the charge of hypocrisy – especially when one considers their “friends” in Europe. Did you actually read the link to the Guardian above?

    So when articles on this LEFT wing blog condemn the Tories for who they support it is perfectly fair to check on the Labour Party and who they support. Like dictators and murderers.

    What I find worrying is that you don’t condemn Labour yourself considering the way they support murderers and dictators and all the Tories seem to have done is support perfectly legal political parties whose views you don’t share.

    It’s called smearing the messenger….

  27. Anon E Mouse

    Leon Wolfson – To answer this article with evidence, as this fine blog proclaims itself to use, here are a few of the Labour Party’s colleagues in Europe.

    1. Romania’s Social Democratic party – Where their leader dressed as a Nazi (a bit like Ed Balls in his SS costume)

    2. Francis Ross and his IRA links from

    3. The Self Defence of the Republic party who have honorary degrees from an antisemitic organisation with the American white supremacist David Duke as an honorary professor and Lepper himself with numerous convictions for assault…

    4. And then Giulietto Chiesa who is conspiracy theorist claiming the 9/11 attacks were a Jewish conspiracy…

    5. The SMER who who share power with the neo-Nazi Slovak National party, which is open in its admiration for Jozef Tiso, the wartime ruler of fascist Slovakia…

    6. And Sergei Stanishev who is openly homophobic and was involved in throwing petrol bombs at Bulgaria’s first Gay Pride march…

    7. The Hungarian Socialist party, the successor to the Hungarian communists, is led by Ferenc Gyurcsány – an ex communist known for torturing and murdering millions of political activists…

    8. Tony Blair who in collusion with Alistair Campbell openly colluded with Col Gadiffi who is responsible for the Lockerbie terrorist outrage…

    9. Tony Blair who manufactured a dossier than resulted in thousands dead in an overseas war in Iraq based on lies…

    10. Peter Mandelson taking holidays in Corfu with Gadiffi’s son…

    Now if you really want to equate those atrocities with the Tories and this unimportant right wing party that’s up to you but it is straightforward hypocrisy and does the Labour Party no favours.

    Where on earth is Will Straw these days to get a grip on this type of article which is simply making the official opposition in this country less and less electable…

  28. Chris

    And, once again, Facist Mouse refuses to condemn the Nazi-esque True Finns. What a despicable little racist. He goes off topic. Yet again. This article is about the True Finns, nothing else. As I’ve said before, and I think everyone backs me up on this, BNP Mouse should take his hatred, homophobia and bigotry elsewhere. This is called Left Foot Forward – left wing ideas and values, not right wing bile. Bugger off you sad, pathetic nobody.

  29. Anon E Mouse

    Chris – And once again Fascist Dictator supporting Chris refuses to condemn the Nazi-esque Labour Party. The one where Ed Balls wears the uniform of an SS guard for fun. Nice.

    This topic is about political parties supporting other political parties in Europe – like Labour with all those I mention above.

    I haven’t condemned the tories over this because I want to see Labour electable and decent and people with your views are preventing this. By condemning someone for doing something you are doing yourself is simply wrong and something needs to be said.

    Like Polly Toynbee preaching about global warming whilst flying to her Italian villa every week. Or the Guardian preaching about the bankers tax avoidance whilst doing it themselves. It is dishonest and wrong.

    Since I have never voted for any right wing party your (typical) assertions against me are nothing more than smearing in a typical New Labour fashion.

    I’ve told you before Chris – this blog is called LEFT Foot Forward and by not criticising Labour’s support for dictators and Nazi supporting right wing groups in Europe you are missing the point to be deliberately rude here.

    Try this:


    Why doesn’t that annoy you because being from a Labour supporting family it enrages me….

  30. TheCreativeCrip

    Yet again, Tories fawn over the far right: reports @AlexHern #CPC11 #ToryCon

  31. Mabel Horrocks

    Yet again, Tories fawn over the far right: reports @AlexHern #CPC11 #ToryCon

  32. Mike Homfray

    Why should the Tories be way behind in the polls? Those who voted for them are getting exactly what they voted for! Hence they are in much the same position, whereas we have gained at least 10% on the 2010 performance.
    About time people too cowardly to use their own names were ignored.

  33. Anon E Mouse

    Mike Homfray – Where has Labour gained it’s 10%? Which poll has shown that? Even starting from the second worse election results in the party history I cannot see the polls you base your remarks on.

    Perhaps Labour activists would be better off spending their time finessing an argument and challenging a comment they disagree with instead of their obsession with who people are.

    Anyone with any common sense wouldn’t use their own name when the Labour Party acts as dishonourably as it does – ask Peter Watt or Alistair Darling if they approve of Labour smearing them. And that’s their own party FFS.

    Just read any of the auto biographies and it’ll tell you everything you need to know about the dire state of the party.

    As long as Derek Draper and Damian McBride are welcomed at conferences instead of being thrown out of the building with a boot up their arse Labour will remain the party of underhand smear merchants.

    Any party that can jeer and boo the mention of it’s finest electoral asset in history – Tony Blair – needs radical change and blogs like this one and supporters like you are part of the past Mike and you really need to move on.

    Which bit of what I said here was incorrect?

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