Burglaries, robberies, muggings on the rise… is the downturn to blame?

Shamik Das reports on fears the economic downturn is responsible for the rise in burglaries, robberies and muggings in London, as revealed by The Times this morning.

Ministers fear the global economic downturn is to blame for a rise in burglaries, robberies, muggings and vehicle crime in London in the year since the coalition came to power, reversing years of falling crime. Of perhaps greater concern is that the increase in recorded felony comes before the full effects of the government’s police cuts are felt.

Today’s Times reports (£):

“Robbery, including muggings, pick-pocketing, burglary, shoplifting, theft of bicycles and interfering with motor vehicles increased… Figures show that there were more than one thousand more burglaries last month compared with May last year.

“Robberies in the capital jumped by 15 per cent from 3,257 in May last year to 3,749 this May; house burglaries rose by 18.5 per cent from 4,410 to 5,228; and thefts of and from vehicles by 6 per cent to 9,299.”

The reports says the increase in crime “threatens to undermine the Conservatives’ reputation on law and order”, coming “at a time when the Government is introducing plans to overhaul sentencing with the aim of sending thousands of fewer offenders to jail”, with one minister telling the paper there are indications crime “is about to turn”, adding (£):

“The reason it has not gone up yet is because unemployment has not risen that much.”

On the effects of the downturn on crime, the report concludes (£):

“Although crime is not expected to be rising consistently across the country, senior officers believe that it is an inevitable consequence of the recession. ‘It won’t be an even, upward progress, there will be a ragged line with different patterns in different areas and some crime types shooting up, while others remain level,’ one said.

“Chief constables and criminologists say that there is usually a gap between the worst of the financial crisis and the impact of austerity on the public before the effects are reflected in crime patterns. They believe that crime will rise more dramatically as sections of the public feel the impact of public spending cuts, unemployment and, perhaps most significantly, cuts in benefit payments.”

Recently, the chairman of the Police Federation criticised home secretary Theresa May’s policies, which were seeing the the police “careering towards” possible “metdown”; he said:

“The policing budget has been cut by almost three times that of the Ministry of Defence. And yet you tell us and the communities we service that there will be no effect on the delivery of policing. That is sheer nonsense…

“And now, it is being spun by both and you and many senior police officers that we have to make a choice between job losses and suffering up to a 20 per cent cut in our pay and conditions. No! Home Secretary – you chose to make these cuts.”

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper, meanwhile, claimed last month that the Tories’ “reputation” on law and order “was only ever rhetoric”, while only last week the chair of Barking Conservatives defected to Labour, saying:

“I’m joining Labour because I believe in more police to make our streets safer and support for the NHS. On both of these issues the Conservatives led by David Cameron and Boris Johnson have failed, cutting the number of police officers and neglecting the health services we all rely on.”

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13 Responses to “Burglaries, robberies, muggings on the rise… is the downturn to blame?”

  1. CJA

    Burglaries, robberies, muggings on the rise… is the downturn to blame? http://bit.ly/iBx2jS – @ShamikDas reports

  2. Jason Tipple

    Burglaries, robberies, muggings on the rise… is the downturn to blame? http://bit.ly/iBx2jS – @ShamikDas reports

  3. Clive Burgess

    Burglaries, robberies, muggings on the rise… is the downturn to blame? http://bit.ly/iBx2jS – @ShamikDas reports

  4. Michael

    Burglaries, robberies, muggings on the rise. Is the downturn to blame? I Left Foot Forward – http://j.mp/lb0eBj

  5. nico phillips

    Burglaries, robberies, muggings on the rise… is the downturn to blame? http://t.co/lxNrISV

  6. Robert

    Or of course the Police now telling us the facts and the truth so we do not sacked most of them, because they have stated time and time again under labour that crime was down so much we no longer need that many police officers. Funny because in my area last year crime only went up when the council stated a funding cut and then all of a sudden whoops crime is up…

    Police become politicians.

  7. Kevin Fenning

    Burglaries, robberies, muggings on the rise… is the downturn to blame? http://bit.ly/iBx2jS – @ShamikDas reports

  8. Dave Citizen

    Here’s one for Ken Clarke to grapple with – an overwhelming body of evidence shows a strong and consistent link between levels of inequality and violent crime within societies. The UK has amongst the worst income inequality of the 22 rich OECD countries.

    Looking to the future – a UNICEF 2007 report on child well-being in rich countries placed the UK bottom of 21 countries, scoring lowest in several categories including one covering experience of violence.

  9. Anon E Mouse

    Perhaps if the idiots running the criminal justice system in this country started:

    1. Increasing prison lengths to keep the streets safe. A rapist in prison cannot rape anyone.
    2. Immediately deporting foreign criminals on completion of sentences and hearing appeals from their country of origin only.
    3. Only lock up people that are a threat to people, not TV licence non payers etc.
    4. In fraud cases confiscate property and fine the criminals.
    5. Stop giving drug addicts drugs in prison.

    I hate to say it but I agree with Yvette Cooper about the Tories and crime – the only government that has tried to clamp down on criminals (forgetting the disastrous early release program) has been a Labour one.

    All this nonsense about the Tories being tough on Law and Order is just that – nonsense and I for one do not believe for one minute that the whole fiasco over discounts for pleas of 50% was exclusively Ken Clarkes idea. I think the whole government was up to it’s neck in it and he took the rap…

  10. Cameron stole my pension

    The Tories stole 2 years of my pension when they moved the goal posts – they pinched over £15,00 from women like me – Legal theft !!

    We are setting the stage for a new set of paupers. At one time it was mostly ”the young” – ”the hoodies” who were commiting petty crime. I say watch this space as I suspect older people who are being affected by poverty wages, longer working years, work til you drop, part time peanut wages, or on the dole queue until they are 66 yrs old may get desperate enough to ”forget” to pay for their loaf of bread. Food for thought – excuse pun !

  11. Tony Barton

    @PoliceFedChair Fed Chair quoted in article on police cuts http://t.co/7oCDlOA

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