Syria: Footage from the frontline

Dominic Browne reports on the brave citizen-reporting from inside Syria which is brining the crimes of Assad's regime to the world's attention.

The Syrian regime, having banned foreign journalists from the country, continues to carry out the brutal repression of its people – even claiming they are close to victory.

The atrocities are, as a result, going under-reported. Domestic bloggers and brave citizen-reporters are becoming indispensable in bringing these human rights violations the international attention they deserve.

The footage below shows tanks taking up positions on the ouskirts of the city of Daraa:

Left Foot Forward has previously reported on the plight of the people of Daraa.

Meanwhile on this channel, you can see footage purportedly showing security forces breaking up a small-scale protest with arrests and assaults, and all the latest footage coming out of the country.

The Syrian Revolution Digest blog, written by Anmar Abdulhamid – a Syrian who lives in exile in America due to his anti-regime activities – has links to many videos, reportedly showing those on the frontline of the protest movement.

He writes:

Perhaps when the Presidential Advisor Bouthaini Shaaban speaks of “gaining the upper-hand” and of “containing the crisis” in the country, she’s simply referring to the recent success of the Assads in tightening their grip on the flow of information from Syria. But the demonstrable truth is that the Assads control doesn’t extend far beyond the shadows of their tanks and security officers.

True, they took control of Deraa City, but they still don’t feel confident enough to allow UN humanitarian mission to pay a visit to the beleaguered place. Meanwhile, all other towns and villages in the Horan province (the Deraa Governorate) remain in a defiant mood with people holding daily protests calling for toppling the regime, and refuting official lies about armed gangs and infiltrators.”

And this video shows a group of protesters reading statements saying they have not invited the security forces to their community and their are no armed ganags, in direct contrast to the official line of the regime:

At this stage in the uprising international pressure and scutiny must not let up. President Bashar al-Assad and his corrupt regime are unlikely to be forced into surrender by sanctions alone. They know they are fighting possibly the biggest existential threat to their regime they have ever seen, and appear to have no humanitarian conscience when it comes to surpressing it.

However, if the people of Syria know that the international community are right behind them, and as the sheer volume of the protests does not let up, a united international stand may be able to tip the balance of power in favour of the people.

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