Blunkett admits AV cost claims were “made up”

David Blunkett admits today the No campaign's claims about the cost of the reform were "made up". Vote Yes to AV today to end this kind of politics.

This blog has detailed the lies and deceit of the No campaign for months. On the eve of the AV referendum, leading No campaigner David Blunkett admits that the claims about the cost of the reform were “made up”.

Today’s Times reports (£):

The former Labour Home Secretary described the figure of £250 million, used by the No campaign to define the extra cost of AV, as “made up”.

Mr Blunkett said: “We are in the middle of an election campaign. People in elections use made-up figures. I have never used the £250 million figure. It [AV] would undoubtedly cost more but I have used an extra £90 million.”

Blunkett’s admission corroborates Channel 4 Fact Check‘s conclusion in March that the claim was “decidedly dodgy”. But Full Fact have undermined Blunkett’s claims about the “extra £90 million”. They report that “the referendum itself will cost £82 million, with the cost of voter education ahead of the referendum at £9 million” – both costs of the referendum not of AV itself.

Today’s decision time. Show the No campaign that there’s no place for this kind of politics in Britain by voting Yes to AV.

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