Poll shows widespread sexism; Mail says: “Women declare sexism dead”

The Daily Mail has used a report showing sexism is widespread in UK society to argue sexism is dead; the article is headed "sexism is dead, say most British women".

The Daily Mail has used a report showing sexism is widespread in UK society to argue that sexism is dead. The newspaper’s article is headed: “Sexism is dead, say most British women“, and asserts that:

“It may come as a surprise to those who feel they’ve hit the glass ceiling or heard one too many blonde jokes. Most women do not believe that Britain is a sexist place, a poll has revealed.”

The article is based on a IpsosMori poll commissioned by Equals, a coalition of feminist and civil liberties groups to mark International Women’s Day, today, that includes ActionAid, Amnesty International, the Fawcett Society and Women’s Aid.

The poll actually found that six in ten young women (aged 15-30) have personally experienced sexist remarks or behaviour including being whistled at, having sexist comments directed at them, being touched inappropriately or being discriminated against because of gender.

The Daily Mail appears to have used the finding that 60 per cent of all women have not personally experienced sexist remarks to leap to the illogical conclusion that the same number believe sexism is dead.

Other findings include:

• Forty seven per cent of women do not believe they are treated equally to men, compared to 34 per cent who do;

• Eighty one per cent of people believe that men and women should share childcare responsibilities, with 57 per cent saying women currently have more responsibility than men;

• Sixty four per cent of people say that currently women have more responsibility than men for keeping the home clean, and 75 per cent assert that responsibility for this household activity should be shared equally.

The full tables for the Ipsos-Mori poll can be found here.

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