Budget 2011: What to look out for

Ahead of the Budget - here's what to look out for.

Please join us for our Budget Live Webchat starting at noon, giving you real time reaction to the budgets from our experts as it unfolds.

Several of our experts have shared their expectations, hopes and worries about the budget already on Left Foot Forward:

• Shadow pensions minister Rachel Reeves MP is looking for the chancellor to boost the growth needed to reduce the deficit by investing in youth employment, regional development and home building;

• Shadow climate change minister Luciana Berger MP sets out three key climate change tests for the chancellor;

Ed Jacobs, our Devolution Correspondent, is hoping for a budget that will assist the Scottish and Welsh economies as well as families;

Dominic Browne is asking how the government will tackle child poverty, a pledge the Conservatives continued to make after the financial crisis and the deficit began to grow;

David Hilferty writes about the need for a holistic approach to the climate, food and economic crises.

Simon Bullock, senior economics campaigner at Friends of the Earth, calls on the chancellor to wean the nation off its addiction to oil.

Dominic Browne looks at whether the chancellor will sell out the “greenest government ever”.

Will Straw looks at the devil in the detail of Osborne’s supposed giveaway – the raising of the tax threshold – and what it really means for fairness and how much money will be going back in people’s pockets;

Tony Dolphin looks at whether the government will use better than expected tax revenue figures to reduce the deficit further or indulge in giveaways;

Howard Reed writes about why cutting red tape isn’t a strategy for growth; and

Guy Shrubsole calls for the need for a strong Green Bank to bridge the investment gap.

The budget begins at 12:30.

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