“Andrew Lansley greedy, Andrew Lansley tosser…”

The Andrew Lansley rap.

Another day, another Tory promise falling apart, with the IFS saying the government “is sailing perilously close to the wind with respect to honouring” David Cameron’s pledge to raising NHS spending, which, if you’re a regular reader, you’ll already have known

But enough about the IFS, for real evidence-based analysis of the government’s assault on the NHS, see this cracking video by MC NxtGen, socking it to Andrew Lansley:

As MC NxtGen says:

“Andrew Lansley greedy, Andrew Lansley tosser.

“The nhs is not for sale, you grey and manky codger…”

Show Lansley and his chums exactly what you think of them by coming on the March for the Alternative tomorrow and signing the 38 Degrees petition to Save the NHS.

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