Lib Dem candidate accused of scamming students

Former Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate Vincent McKee has been exposed for defrauding students out of thousands of pound, an investigation has revealed.

A former Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate has been exposed for defrauding students out of thousands of pound, a Sky News investigation has revealed. Dr Vincent McKee, an unsuccessful candidate in four general elections, is the director of ICUT (Institute of Independent Colleges and University Teachers) in Coventry and offers private tuition for students.

View the moment he is confronted:

One mother of a girl who was a victim of the scam found that what should have been a bill for £380 ended with £3260 being taken from her account. She told Sky News:

“Money started coming out immediately. When I complained, McKee blamed the tutor and said he would sort things out. But a few days later money was being siphoned from my account again.”

Another victim claims that Dr McKee was “rude and intimidating” to her and her sisters when she turned up on his doorstep after being charged £685 for £90 worth of lessons:

“That money was for Christmas presents for my family. I called him several times to ask for my money back but he kept making excuses. My sister and I went to Coventry and turned up on his doorstep and refused to leave. But he yelled at my sister and was rude and intimidating.

“Eventually he wrote me a cheque for £250. But then he ripped it up again. I felt very scared and began crying.”

The Sky News investigator, posing as a father, paid for two lessons for his ficticious son, totaling £60 and cancelled the lessons two days before they were due to take place; however soon after they discovered McKee’s organisation had taken more than £300 from the account. McKee later tried to take another £225 but due to a limit on the account he was unable to do so.

When contacted by the reporter, still posing as a father, McKee explained that he had flu, which according to other victims is a common occurrence when McKee is requested to pay back the money.

Sky got some students to interview Mr McKee to discuss tuition fees before confronting him about the allegations, which he said were “not true”.

A spokesperson for the Lib Dems told Left Foot Forward:

“With the support of the federal party, the regional party is launching an immediate investigation.

“Mr McKee has been suspended from the party, pending the outcome of further investigations. The party will work with all other authorities involved in this matter.”

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