Another day, another racist rant from climate sceptic Richard North

Climate sceptic Richard North has gone on another racist rant in a blog post, using the term phrase “jungle bunnies” to refer to people from poorer countries.

Last month we exposed how the formerly influential blogger, Richard North, who played a pivotal role peddling the ‘climategate’ non-scandal into UK mainstream media, was posting racist abuse onto his website – and then trying to cover it up. A few days later we highlighted how North had lost two PCC complaints he made against The Sunday Times and The Guardian for their coverage of climate science.

Well, it seems now he’s finally lost the plot completely. I know the blog Climate Safety pretty comprehensively made the case back in July that North had now destroyed his own professional reputation. But if there was any doubt about it – he has surely confirmed it today.

North has gone on a racist rant on his well read blog, EU Referendum, generously peppering two pieces with the phrase “jungle bunnies” to refer to people from poorer countries.

Surely now we can safely assume he’ll stop getting his mug on the BBC and his copy and by-line into still-respected outlets like The Telegraph?

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